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PHP scripts - download free PHP scripts Php weby - Free web software, Free PHP scripts, tutorials PHP Programming PHP is a scripting language designed to fill the gap between SSI (Server Side Includes) and Perl, intended for the web environment. Its principal application is the implementation of web pages having dynamic content. PHP has gained quite a following in recent times, and it is one of the frontrunners in the Open Source software movement. If you've ever been to a website that prompts you to login, you've probably encountered a server-side scripting language. Basically, PHP allows a static webpage to become dynamic. Before you embark on the wonderful journey of Server Side Processing, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of the HyperText Markup Language. Setup and Installation Note: Before contributing, check out the discussion page. Learning the Language The Basics This section is about things that are important for any type of PHP development. Start a PHP Beginner TutorialBeginning with "Hello World!" Advanced PHP Data Structures Data Structures Templating Libraries Frameworks

Script Library Free Scripts. Download Free Scripts. Submit Scripts Free: Powershell, VBScript, PHP, Rexx, Kixtart, ASP, ASP.Net, SQL, Batch, Jscript, Perl, Python. Practical PHP Programming 10 Rare HTML Tags You Really Should Know Web developers these days are often expected to know and work in multiple languages. As a result, it's tricky to learn everything a language has to offer and easy to find yourself not utilizing the full potential of some more specialized but very useful tags. Unfortunately we haven't been tapping into the full potential of these more obscure HTML tags as of late. But it's never too late to get back into the game and start writing code that taps into the power of some under-used tags. Here are ten of some of the most underused and misunderstood tags in HTML. 1. All of us will be familiar with the <blockquote> tag, but did you know about <blockquote>'s little brother <cite>? The <cite> tag is really useful for citing bibliographic and other site references. David Allen's breakthrough organization book Getting Things Done has taken the web by storm. 2. The <optgroup> tag is a great way to add a little definition between groups of options inside a select box. Live demo: 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Sgt.

Software Quality, or How do you Know a Software is Good! Software Quality is a term coming from Software Engineering. It means how high the quality of our software is? Of course the quality of software can not be determined by only one single factor. There are numerous factors that must be taken into account. All the factors can be divided into two distinct categories: internal factors and external factors. Software Quality is a term coming from Software Engineering. External factors: external to the software. Internal factors: internal to the softwa re. The final user only cares about the external factors. Correctness – the software ability to perform its exact tasks as defined by its specifications (external).