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Mini bag tutorial

Mini bag tutorial
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Boules de Noël bonbons! Origami! Patron gratuit et tutoriel vidéo! - Bricolages - Trucs et Bricolages Publié le 22 novembre 2014 Elles ont l'air de bonbons!!! C'est beau! Un beau projet pour les plus vieux! Téléchargez celle-ci! Source: DIY: Decoupage Also known as DIY Mod Podge **Update - Click here to see our VIDEO tutorial and get to know us a little better :) Don't you guys love Pinterest? Here's a great way to save some money on your craft addictions; make you own Decoupage! You need.... A jar Elmers Glue Water Empty the glue into a jar. Add Water. Shake shake shake And you are done!! I know it works because i used it to paste this paper label onto the jar :) It could make a great gift for your crafting buddies Do you have QUESTIONS about this? Don't you guys love Pinterest?

How to make gift bags from newspaper | How About Orange When I bought something at a store recently, the clerk handed me my purchase in a bag made from a newspaper. I liked it very much and had to make some more—thus today's DIY recycled newspaper project: gift bags made from the Wall Street Journal. You can vary the dimensions, of course, but here's what I used to create a bag that's 5" tall, 4.5" wide, and 3" deep. Stack two sheets of newspaper on top of each other. Cut out a rectangle that's 15.5" wide and 8.25" tall. Fold a flap 1.25" down from the top. Cut two pieces of cardstock or chipboard to 4.25" x 1", then glue them on the widest two panels just under the top fold. Put glue on the outside of the 0.5" tab and bring the left-most panel over to form the body of the bag, aligning the cut edge of the panel with the folded edge of the flap. Upend the bag so the 2" flap is now up. Put glue on both flaps and fold them inward to form the bottom of the bag.

Boites en origami Boites en origami Des idées de boites en origami. Le pliage origami permet d'ovtenir toutes sortes de boites et pochettes origami 2.92 sur 5 note basée sur 66 évaluations. Pliages origami pour faire des boites Des idées de boites en origami. Des infos, des conseils, des activités... Boîte à pompon Une idée de bricolage pour confectionner une jolie boite en papier imitation cuir pour ranger des petits objets et décorer la maison. Cette ... Boite haute en Origami Voici une petite boite simple et astucieuse réalisée en origami. Panier origami en dentelle Un cadeau très simple et rapide à faire avec les enfants. Scrap Happens Here: Tutorial - How to Make Paper Look Olde Worlde This is a tutorial on how to make your paper look and feel really old. I start with plain copy paper... the sort you put in the printer. (I tend to do a batch of 10 sheets in a session and keep them for when I want to use them). I do the process in my kitchen on the counter and cover the worktop with waxed paper. Mix up my witches brew of three or four large teaspoons of coffee into a cup and a paintbrush. Paint the coffee over the surface of the papers... Dry them with my hair dryer... Turn the papers over and paint the coffee onto the other side. You can see what happens to the wax sheet below the papers... it gets sort of wrinkled and rippled... and it is soaked in coffee so when you place your dry sheets onto it you get a wonderful aged effect staining your pages. See how the marks add to the effect? By now you should also be noticing the other wonderful effect you are getting when you dry the papers... yep, they are stiff and crinkly and feel olde worlde... NB 1. NB 2.

The 10-Minute DIY Felt iPad Sleeve Jan 30 Sibylle Roessler Make your own unique iPad sleeve with this sim­ple tuto­r­ial! You might even have the mate­ri­als you’ll need on hand already, which would make this a fab­u­lous zero-dollar, 10-minute DIY craft project. What You Need Felt place­mat, about 1/4-inch thickNeon silk threadScis­sorsSewing machine Instruc­tions I’m using a place mat I bought at the local depart­ment store. Fin­ish­ing Touch Use a piece of neon silk thread to sew both ends to the sleeve. That’s all there is to it!

Boîte origami en papier, Tuto pour fabriquer cookie barclose This website makes use of cookies to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality. None of this data can or will be used to identify or contact you. By clicking Allow cookies you give your permission to this website to store small bits of data on your device. By clicking Disallow cookies, or by scrolling the page, you deny your consent to store any cookies and localStorage data for this website, eventually deleting already stored cookies (some parts of the site may stop working properly). To learn more about cookies and localStorage, visit Information Commissioner's Office. To disable all cookies through the browser, click on the corresponding icon and follow the instructions:

Guessing Game: Time to Reveal Steampunk'd Items and Winners If you missed my last post, we were having a little guessing game to figure out what everyday items I made some costume bullets out of. Big THANK YOU to everyone who participated. So many answers were so very close. Now to find out what they really are!..... If you said pen parts, you were correct, but only partially. It was the caps that made up the cylinder portion. Bic pens are truly fabulously well designed and crafty pens. Here's how it was accomplished... First, we cut the open ends off shorter. For the simplest version, we just crammed the spaghetti beads into the top. For the longer bullet, I used the tip joint part thingy. Then, I tried various paint. One last minute clever thing I discovered using all the assorted pen parts, is that you can make the bullets into tiny containers! Now for winners... With so many similar answers, we decided we'd pick two winning guesses as well as one random winner. Kudos to Creepy Creations, our highest scorer! That should wrap this up.

The Bugbytes: Twine Flowers Hi, this is Michelle from Lady of Leisure Ink - thank you Pam for letting me come and play at your blog. Last year I did a twine exchange with a group of crafty friends here in Colorado, and ended up with some beautiful twine. We all chose a colour and dyed our own twine and enough for everyone else. You really don't need any special equipment to do this, if you have twine then I pretty sure you can find the rest of the items in your stash. Chipboard or card from cereal boxes, a circle punch (mine is 1 3/4"), a pencil, a ruler, adhesive, dressmakers pins, a large darning type needle and twine. First punch out your circles from the chipboard, take you ruler and pencil and mark one of the circles like this. I usually draw 6 lines on mine to divide it up as you would for a clock-face. Take your twine and start wrapping it around your 'loom'. When you have been around the 'loom' once, go around again - each pin should have two loops of twine around it, and should look something like this.

Boîte avec couvercle en origami (tuto facile) - Idées et conseils Origami Étapes de fabrication pour Boîte avec couvercle en origami (tuto facile) b Cliquer pour ouvrir/fermer Fournitures et préparation Pour faire cette petite boîte en origami, il vous faudra :- 2 feuilles de papier origami- 1 règle- 1 crayon- 1 paire de ciseaux à papier Pour une boîte de 3,5 cm de côté, découper un carré de 15 cm pour la boîte et un carré de 9 cm pour le couvercle. Veillez à ajuster ces dimensions en fonction de la taille que vous souhaitez obtenir pour votre boîte. Fabrication du corps de la boîte #1 Pliez en 2 votre papier dans le sens de la longueur et de la largeur. Votre papier est maintenant divisé en 4 parties égales. Fabrication du corps de la boîte #2 Prenez votre papier côté envers visible. Pliez un coin de votre papier vers le centre. Faîtes de même pour les 3 autres coins : vous obtenez à nouveau un carré. Fabrication du corps de la boîte #3 Pliez votre carré en 3 parties égales dans le sens de la hauteur. Astuce : Vous pouvez utiliser une règle pour vous aider.

5 minute bookbinding - The House That Lars Built I’m attending 2 conferences this week and I needed some last minute notebooks for my note taking so my stellar intern, Trisha Zemp, came up with this genius notebook idea from a brown paper bag that will take you 5 minutes. You probably already have everything you need to do it. Materials: brown bag, scissors, white office paper, thread (embroidery or book binding), awl (or safety pin), watercolors to decorate, ruler Step 1: Take 5 pieces of white office paper.Step 2: Rip it in half with a ruler.Step 3: Fold those in half.Step 4: Cut out a piece of brown paper bag to fit the exact shape of the folded paper. Step 5: Fit the office paper in the brown bag.Step 6: Measure 5 holes evenly across the middle crease of the paper.Step 7: Poke it with an awl or safety pin.Step 8: Thread a needle and start binding by entering from the inside to outside of the middle hole. Leave about 2″ extra in the inside cover. Step 9: I hope these drawings make sense below. styling and crafting by Brittany Jepsen