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Rockstar diaries

Rockstar diaries
hi! i’d love to share some of our favorite books right now, ones that eleanor and samson seem to ask to have read to them over and over again each day. i wanted to start with these three books, because they are not only so great for both their ages, but they are interactive! which i love! i think reading to your little ones is one of the greatest things we can do for our children, especially in a world where technology seems to be taking over everything. i admit we use the iPad just as much as the next family might, and there are wonderful apps and tools for little ones that teach and encourage their young minds, but books are still the best option in my opinion, and i’m so thankful my littles ask for “more” and “more” reading every day. 1. lines that wiggle by candice whitman. we’ve been borrowing this interactive book from our neighbor, who is a schoolteacher in harlem and couldn’t believe we didn’t know of it!

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BLEUBIRD VINTAGE OFFICIAL BLOG happy holidays! we had a lovely christmas break over here. i can't believe how quickly it came and went. on christmas eve we invited some friends over and had a relaxing dinner. artichoke dip, honey roasted ham, beer cheese soup, along with plenty of christmas cookies and a giant present shaped cake that our friends so thoughtfully made for us. after opening up our christmas jammies and watching christmas movies, we tucked the kids into bed and popped a bottle of champagne for santa duty. the next morning the kids were up by 6:30 and rushing down the stairs to see if santa had come. good news... he did. i made a delicious soup inspired by the big kids grandmother. she makes a ham and bean soup with the leftover ham from the night before. i made a few changes, but it was easy and delicious. this is what i did... you will need:

A tribute to her hero, Dr. Jane Goodall Some time ago I wrote about the importance of giving our children real heroes to look up to, specially if we have daughters. In this post I shared the panel of real heroes that the girls made for our corridor, and I talked about why I think these panels matter. In it you can see that one of my daughter’s heroes is Dr. Jane Goodall. Arrow & Apple - Arrow & Apple - Photography and Design Blog Hey guys! We have a pretty incredible announcement to make today. From this point on, I am no longer booking any more weddings, or I guess anything, for that matter! I've accepted a full-time position with two of my favorite ladies (and both former brides of mine!), Elsie + Emma, to do photography and videography full-time on their blog, A Beautiful Mess, as well as for future books of theirs and even projects beyond that!

Skunkboy Creatures No, no... I do not have a baby on the way. Let's just make that VERY clear. I love my baby to pieces, but no more babies for Katie. A Beautiful Mess I love using cloth napkins to dress up our dinner table, and through the years I've grown even more fond of their sustainability and cost effectiveness. Though, I'm not sure how cost effective it is if you keep buying more and more cloth napkins each year! This holiday season I thought it would be fun to look at how I could dress up the napkins I already own to give them an extra festive vibe. Check out three simple ways you can give new life to your table linens. And hey!

Photo by Geri » custom portrait and wedding photography Meet one of my favorite little families—they’re super rad. Adrienne is the brains and beauty behind Dingbat Press, Brian’s family has been the Teton Valley Lodge fly fishing outfitters for generations, and they all work together as advocates for research in finding a cure for Diabetes in behalf of their sweet boy. Talk about some incredible peeps! We met up while they were vacationing in Palm Springs for a family photo shoot a while ago. The desert was being its beautiful show-offy self, these guys were just as awesome as ever—it was the perfect day for making some great photos! SouleMama Yay! The Pool Shirt is done. I used the fabulous Munki Munki Pool Party print--so adorable. The pattern was a bit more of a bear than I expected--particularly the collar. Originally, I had a plan to make one for Steve and Ezra too, but now I'm not so sure!

elephantine Enjoy any good books lately? Here's four I've recently read and would recommend: a dystopian novel, a strange and luminous collection of short stories, and two books for writers: the first because it contains a superb collection of excerpts, and the second for all of its advice from great writers. Snippets from the four books:

Blog - Collage CollageCollage Collage Some artists have an incredible way of capturing the essence of childhood, I find this is especially endearing in children’s books. The way a child stands, or the excitement and delight in play, Cale Atkinson is one of those artists. The first time I picked up a copy of To The Sea, I was hooked. The dark colours set the tone for a moody picture book, a hint of sadness, yet offset with beautiful bright orange. Set in a rainy city by the sea, here in Vancouver we know a lot about rain. clever nettle - vintage & fashion in portland, oregon A few misc film images that I like as a group. Organic shapes, petals, creatures, and some good colors. I – A double exposure of Sydney from a Yo Vintage shoot, maybe even two years ago, at the old Fieldwork Flowers HQ.

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