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8 ideas para usar el cómic en el aula y apps para crearlos

8 ideas para usar el cómic en el aula y apps para crearlos

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7 Great iPad Apps to Promote Visual Thinking Today while I was looking for a citation from " Making Thinking Visible: How to Promote Engagement, Understanding, and Independence for All Learners " , it dawned on me to compile a list of the popular iPad apps that promote visual thinking. Making Thinking Visible is by all means a must read for those of you interested in knowing how thinking can be made visible at any grade level and across all subject areas through the use of effective questioning, listening, documentation, and facilitative structures called thinking routines. Another book I have in my shelf and which is more or less similar to the one cited above is " Blah Blah Blah: What To Do When Words Don't Work " in which Dan walks his readers through the different practices of making thinking vivid with less words.

Jeux éducatifs pour apprendre l'espagnol cookie barclose This website makes use of cookies to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality. None of this data can or will be used to identify or contact you. This website makes use of third party cookies, see the details in the privacy policy. Geography and Science - Cross over apps There are a number of apps that are being released that give us direct and instant access to real time data to events and happenings around the world. These apps allow the students in the classroom to have the same data and information that authorities, scientists and researcher have. This is important form the students point of view as it makes the learning more real. Other apps have been designed to get students to think about their own environment and how their decision have an impact not only on the environment now but into the future.

Apple design veteran launches Storehouse, an iPad app for creating beautiful photo and video stories Apple’s former user experience evangelist and UI designer Mark Kawano has launched Storehouse, an impressive iPad app that lets you quickly lay out and publish photo, video and text as shareable stories. Kawano’s design and UX credentials, which include iPhoto, Aperture and Photoshop, are evident in Storehouse. The app is minimalist, intuitive and relies heavily on gestures. Storehouse is full of the kinds of little details that make an app feel polished. When looking at the cover video for a post, for instance, it will keep playing even while you pinch, twirl and throw it. After you release, it naturally shrinks or swells back to fill the screen.

Editing Video on your iPad Making movies on the iPad is one of those activities that I often see in schools. I love to watch how quickly even very young students can produce a professional looking movie. It is a great way for them to illustrate what they have learnt. 30 iPad Apps for Music Teachers February, 2014 I just noticed that it has been a year since my last list of iPad apps for teaching music. Several new interesting music apps have seen the light since then and therefore I decided to create another more comprehensive list of some of the best iPad apps for teaching music to give music teachers more options to choose from. 1- Garage Band GarageBand turns your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio — so you can make music anywhere you go. Use Multi-Touch gestures to play a piano, organ, guitar, and drums. 2- forScore

A Dead-Simple App For Drawing Cartoon GIFs Do you remember Paper? A lot of drawing apps had come to the iPad before it, but Paper featured tightly curated controls, with a focus on making the most important aspects of drawing perfect (and just as many automated). If you do know Paper, maybe you’ll understand this statement: Loop is like Paper for animation. So now, you may be wondering, what is Loop? Loop is an iPad app by Universal Everything--the animation studio you might know best for arting Coldplay concerts and Samsung installations. Word Clouds on the iPad I love word clouds. It is the best way to deconstruct a piece of text with students. It lets you start that conversation about language, text types, literacy and the power of the written word. It is also a great way to do a text analysis. Marco Torres talks about using them to compare two political speeches to analyse the types of words each of the candidates use but this idea would work just as easily with characters in a book, types of poems or even a series of artists you are studying.