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Free Digital Camera Enhancer Free Digital Camera Enhancer "The whole process is so easy it's almost idiot proof." Jumbo! Program of the Day Note: Free DCE is a young (and free) brother of our commercial automatic enhancer and batch processor DCE AutoEnhance.

4 Alternatives to Online Photo Editor Picnik We're bummed that Google, which bought awesome online photo editor Picnik, plans to shut it down. Picnik, a web-based service, helped out many a journalist and blogger who needed to make simple photo edits on deadline that didn't merit firing up Photoshop. (Silver lining: until it closes April 19, Picnik's premium services - which include cool special effects plus a ton of touch-up features - are now free for everyone.) Here are four sites to try when you need a quick online photo fix. Fotoflexer This site offers a similar web-based photo editor with much of the same options as Picnik, though nowhere near as snappy to load. Advanced features include blemish fix and some easy-to-use layer functions; the web interface is available in 22 languages.

Crowdmap Crowdmap allows you to set up your own deployment of the Ushahidi Platform without having to install it on your own web server. Crowdmap is the fastest, simplest installation of the Ushahidi platform. Within minutes you'll be up and running with your own installation, mapping reports events and visualizing information. Things You Can Do With Crowdmap Resize, convert, split your images online - Jimpl Image Splitter Google Chrome user? Install our Google Chrome Web App for fast uploading images from any Web page to ImageSplitter.net by right-click. Install now Upload From Computer Eat Sheep Sheep were bred at record rates in the early 60′s after a direct relationship was realized between getting a good night sleep and the amount of sheep in the world. With the ability to count sheep into the thousands people were getting more sleep then they could ever dream of. So many sheep were bred and bred strong. Many sheep had to survive in the desert, winter tundra, and even on the moon (with space helmets of course). Basically anywhere there was room, sheep were bred.

15 Free Awesome Drawing and Painting Tools for Teachers and Students Drawing is an important skill in education . Some studies have shown that painting and drawing can improve complex reasoning,writing, and reading readiness, partly because the critical and creative faculties required to generate and appreciate drawing transfer cognitively to future learning experiences, and partly because drawing and art in general make learning fun : A student personally invested in his or her work will be far more likely to stick with it. "The observational skills needed to draw a careful sketch of a leaf, are the same skills you need to figure out scientifically what's going on in a pond, which are the same skills you need to 'read' your classmates," ( Peter Dillon : Principal at New York City `s Heritage School )

Life After Picnik I have just about got over the shock that Picnik will be closing (or technically moving over to Google+ but losing a few bits) and I have managed to look at some other photo editing websites without feeling like a traitor. After all Picnik doesn't close until April 19th so there is still plenty of time. In the meantime there is a Brucie bonus, all features are now free, and *wipes brow* if you have paid for an upgrade you will get a full refund even if you only have 1 day left on your membership. I have read a couple of other posts about alternatives which I have played around with tried and tested for you. While doing this tough job, I also found a couple of other sites which I thought you might like to consider.

Mind Mapping Hand-drawn and computer-drawn variations of a mind map. Mind maps can be drawn by hand, either as "rough notes" during a lecture or meeting, for example, or as higher quality pictures when more time is available. An example of a rough mind map is illustrated. Mind maps are considered to be a type of spider diagram.[2] A similar concept in the 1970s was "idea sun bursting".[3] Origins[edit] How to enlarge images with no pixellization and minimal quality degradation (using free software) Have you experienced a situation where an image you are interested in using is smaller than you would like it to be, whether it might be for printing purposes or for use in illustration projects or even for usage on the web, etc? Typically, straight-enlarging of an image comes with too much of a degradation in quality, with visible pixellization and undesirable artifacts, and a general loss of detail. This post will describe a process that can lead a different outcome. To be clear, the steps described here will not magically produce a perfect image out of a source which (by definition) is far from optimal.

It's using HTML 5, according to the site. I like it a lot more than CloudCanvas at the moment. by doc_crawford Jan 19

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