Aviary - Creation on the fly

Aviary - Creation on the fly
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We heart it / Visual bookmark for everyone Flauntr flauntR flauntR is a free online suite of digital photoediting tools that provides a range of features that are typically only been available in expensive photoediting software. RIA Application build on Adobe Flex The FlauntR RIA (Rich Internet Application) application has been widely cited as an example of intuitive user interface design and use of cutting edge technology. font-family - font's available for CSS (most common) This is a legacy document, and retained on the site in order to avoid link rot. The content is likely no longer (a) accurate, (b) representative of the views and philosophies of current site management, or (c) up to date. Font-family A question often asked is for a definitive list of fonts available on either Mac or pc. No such list is possible.

FancyZoom 1.0 Update: Version 1.1 released 2/8/08. Good bug fixes + Opera compatibility! ...so I fought back the charging Guanaco, immediately hopped on my paraglider, and basically caught the first flight out of Chile — but not without dealing with some cantankerous customs inspectors while drinking a cool glass of chicha. Really sorry it took so long! Pixenate 10 Web Typography Rules Every Designer Should Know When someone visits a website you’ve designed, the odds are that they don’t care much about the colors, images or sounds, they’re immediately looking at the text. No matter how many bells and whistles you’ve built into a website, everyone relies on text to accomplish whatever they’re visiting the site to do. That alone should make typography, the art of arranging type, a priority for any web designer. In this article we take a look at 10 easy rules to keep in mind when designing your next web project.

200 Mind-Blowing Nature Wallpapers When it comes to the nature, we can’t resist its beauty. The beauty of nature always comes with pleasant and mind-refreshing look. Even though we’re in the middle of our stressing work, we still can withstand it with the help of pleasant scenery of nature. However, we won’t be able to leave our workplace for taking a walk all the time. That’s where nice nature wallpapers come in rescue. Luckily, there are a lot of amazing and remarkable nature wallpapers showcased around the web.

Phixr Free Dingbats for free at (520 fonts / 31 pages) Free Fonts FlamerDate added: 5/28/2010 | Downloads: 4072 JI BelfryDate added: 5/28/2010 | Downloads: 3413