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Design Milk: Design Blog with Interior Design, Modern Furniture, & Art

Design Milk: Design Blog with Interior Design, Modern Furniture, & Art

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New exhibition showcases the work of Swiss architect Gion A Caminada The timber and stone buildings of Gion A Caminada, a cult figure in Swiss architecture, will feature in an exhibition opening next month at the House of Art in the Czech city of České Budějovice (+ slideshow). Hailing from Graubünden, the same Swiss canton as fellow architect Peter Zumthor, Gion A Caminada has built little outside of his native region and instead focussed much of his life's work on the village of Vrin, where he established his studio in the late 1970s. Both the population and the economy of the village were in serious decline, so Caminada set about providing infrastructure that would help it to thrive again. These projects include the Klosterhof Salaplauna farming facility and the Mehrzweckhalle public sports hall. Initally trained as a carpenter and cabinet-maker, the architect also designed a series of houses aimed at combining traditional constructions with modern detailing. "I pose a question to myself what those old architectural systems may give us," he continued.

Ben O'Brien's Portfolio A brief portfolio to summarise my illustration work to potential clients.Advertising, Digital Art, Illustration2012 Quirky characters and landscape illustrations for Candy Land packagingCharacter Design, Illustration, Packaging2014 Sneaker-inspired art prints and mini-zine! A collection of my 'Twisted Fifties' style artworkAdvertising, Digital Art, Illustration2013

Abandoned Places: 10 Creepy, Beautiful Modern Ruins Abandoned Places: 10 Creepy, Beautiful Modern Ruins Abandoned Places | We humans are explorers by nature. The quest for discovery, both old and new, is part of what separates us from rest of the animal kingdom. Since the world we live in has been largely mapped and plotted, we urban adventurers turn our sights toward the relics of old and the ruins of the recent past. art deco console & sofa tables Art Deco Period Banker's Table Bronze Banker's Lamp also available Circa 1930's, American Wonderful large, American Art Deco Banker's table, with bronze base, feet, fluted Bronze trim, paper slots and (black) painted steel legs. From 'back in the day' when banks were elegantly customized and outfitted by metal artisans.

EMP Museum Monorail tracks going through the EMP building EMP Museum is a nonprofit museum, dedicated to contemporary popular culture. EMP Museum was founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 2000. Since that time EMP has organized dozens of exhibits, 17 of which have toured across the US and internationally. Dwell Prefab Experience Prefab Construction: Design, Cost-Effectiveness, and Sustainability. Since 2005, Joel Turkel and Turkel Design have been Dwell’s lead architectural partners in creating prefabricated homes that embody Dwell’s vision of modern design. To celebrate the partnership's tenth year, we are pleased to announce a new exclusive collaboration: Dwell Prefab. This group of homes, the Axiom Series, offers a panelized system celebrating smart design, resource conservation, energy efficiency, and a predictable building process.

It's All In Your Head Berlin’s Magma Architecture won several awards for its entry in the JETZT | NOW series of temporary installations at the Berlinische Galerie, Museum for Contemporary Art, Photography and Architecture. Magma’s installation, 11th in the series, was called fittingly “head-in | im kopf” and its concept is based on exploring the properties of materials, form, color and light. The main feature of the installation is an alarmingly orange flexible fabric (polyamide-elastan mix) stretched between the walls, ceiling and floor. The fabric is the most visible part of the exhibit, yet it is also the tool with which the viewers can focus on smaller details. Perspective (visual) The development of new forms of geometric projection in the construction of perspective corresponds with the invention of novel pictorial art forms of visual representation in the Italian Renaissance, since the fourteenth century and up till the end of the sixteenth century, and specifically within the circles of architectural and artistic experimentation and design. Treatises were composed on perspective by eminent theorists of art and architecture, including figures like Leon Battista Alberti, Lorenzo Ghiberti, and Piero della Francesca, also aided by experimental uses of optical devices through the installations of Filippo Brunelleschi. According to the book Practice of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture, Lisa Cartwright and Marita Sturken state, "Perspective refers to a set of systems or mechanisms used to produce representations of objects in space as if seen by an observer through a window or frame. Railway tracks appear to meet at a distant point.

Ruhlmann, Art Deco Museum, Quality Furniture Pollaro, French Furniture Ruhlmann, Furniture European Furniture European, Furniture, Chests, European Beds, Pollaro Furniture, French Antique Furniture, High-End Furnishings, Ruhlmann Designs, Art Deco Designs The furniture shown within this area of the site was obtained from various sources. Each piece was selected because of the high quality of the image. Please take notice of the fine details that set Ruhlmann apart from his peers of the time. First and perhaps most important is his attention to scale. Followed by his eye for delicate lines and almost imperceptible curves. The way in which the wood grain plays as background to subtle embellishment and form is classic Ruhlmann.

5 organic wine-of-the-month clubs to try Organic wines — made from grapes and other ingredients grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides — are ideal for oenophiles concerned about their health and the planet. But what if your wine store doesn’t carry organic brands? One way to expand your palate is by joining an organic wine-of-the-month club. By subscribing to an organic wine-of-the-month club, you will regularly receive a specified number of chemical-free offerings selected from vineyards around the globe.

Volume 85 Issue 3 (May/June 2015) - Architectural Design Around the world, a new architectural form is emerging. In public places a progressive architecture is being commissioned to promote open-ended, undetermined, lightly programmed or un-programmed interactions between people. This new phenomenon of architectural form – Pavilions, Pop-Ups and Parasols – is presaged by rapidly changing social relationships flowing from social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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