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Welcome to CogTool | CogTool - minimal wireframing tool - for free 34 Free & Beautiful xHTML/CSS Templates NOTE: This post was originally posted on January 12th 2011. However, I still receive requests for quality xhtml templates and these templates remain great quality. Whilst WordPress is hugely prevalent, many designers and amateurs still regularly need a simple html template for their work. Enjoy! 34 Free & Beautiful xHTML/CSS Templates Nowdays, more and more designers and developers start selling their work for money, and as time goes by less free xhtml/css templates are being released. Small Business Small Business is a beautiful, elegant and simple but very useful template for persons looking for a free, but awesome xhtml/css template. Market Leader Market Leader is a nice-looking, high-quality free xhtml/css template with a simple but usable jquery slider placed on the center and a great use of “soft colors”. Out Liers Outliers is a dark, stunning and well-designed free xhtml/css template with a great jquery slider, and nice effects for the navigation buttons. Classic Luxury Mondays Acallia

Best tools for creating website wireframes Gui Prototyping Tools Here is an alphabetical list of tools helping with drawing screen mock-ups. 10screens create and share clickable rich prototypes online, Now free as of July 2012 Allows multi-level drill-down of workflows to screens. Use VB for the demo. I think MS has some "crippled" versions for free. VB may suck in many ways, but for throwing a GUI up quick, it is hard to beat. - Try to populate tables with data in VB. You just have to be a programmer to do this. I've been doing simple prototyping in html before, to get a view of the application structure. Kudos to the WikiGnome that sortificated the list! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've used Qt Designer (part of the LGPL Qt SDK) for prototyping desktop apps before. The following is a large spreadsheet comparing all the UX / IXD tools I could find - Everything from Wireframing to Prototyping, on the Mac, PC, and Web. RealBasic works.

Home - Pencil Project Home - Pencil Project WP-Cumulus 2.0 is finally in development (again) I’ve been promising a new version of WP-Cumulus for a long time. I’ve tried working with more experienced PHP developers, but it’s been hard to find a really good one who’s able to devote time to the project. I still think a plugin like this should be a team effort, but for now I’m going to kick things back into motion again myself. What’s ready at this point is a much cleaner rewrite of the plugin files, with the display logic in a neat little class that port authors will hopefully be able to reuse. I’ve also got a Flash movie that uses a user-defined system font, as a result is much smaller, and supports unicode tags. Burning bridges I’ve decided to bump the required WordPress version to 2.8 or 2.9. Another thing I consider a bad idea in hindsight is the “compatibility mode”. Lastly, to support unicode, your blog’s visitors will need Flash Player 10. Security Now that I have the main two parts (plugin and Flash movie), I need to hook the two up to each other.

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