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Vintage Logos : un album

Vintage Logos : un album

72 Creative And Smart Typographic Logo Inspiration | Graphic and If we are starting to go crazy in typography style, then let’s continue with typographic and smart logo designs, shall we? Here you’ll find 72 beautiful logos created by talented designers. This showcase just proves the point how much can one/two words, icons tell using correctly white, negative, positive spacing, colors, accents creating interesting associations. Explore and get creative as I did! 1. Who killed letter i? 2. Really smart logo! 3. Typeface: word-play: face from the type and letter T. 4. Just loving this logo, great stylization! 5. Very popular logo already, but thought I still share it in typography section. Author’s comment: “Logo was made for a bold creative team consisting of two people. 6. Just smart logo, which rings the bell! 7. Author’s comment: “Gizzy bear is how a little kid might say grizzly bear. Just genius! 8. Simple, artistic and very clever – all in one place! 9. Very good logo – yes, sticky! 10. Oh, snap – logo with very clear message. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

I S O 5 0 - The Visual Work of Scott Hansen slogan collection The Ultimate List of the Top Best Logo Design Resources Posted on 02'08 Dec Posted on December 2, 2008 along with 259 JUST™ Creative Comments Below are the best logo design resources you will find on the web. Period. You can click on the links below to quickly go to that section. You can find graphic design resources here. Logo Design Inspiration & Galleries Below you will find galleries of logo designs for logo design inspiration. Logo Design Articles Below you will find some great logo design articles. Why Logo Design Does Not Cost $5.00 An article explaining why logo design is so critical in our day ‘n’ age and reasons why you should invest in a professional logo designer.The Secret Logo Design Process Of Top Logo DesignersAn article detailing the design process that all top logo designers use when creating a logo. Logo Design Interviews & Discussions Below you will find some great logo discussions & interviews on the subject of logo design. Logo Design Tips Below you will find some great logo design tips to help you become a better logo designer.

Bzzz on Packaging of the World Natural Armenian Honey designed by Backbone Creative, Armenia. Share This Article 40 Sexy And Creative Typographic Logo Designs I have always loved looking at well-designed logos and I like it even more when they feature great typography (hey, after all typography is sexy!) So, lately I’ve been looking for some inspiration for a new project and thought I’d check out some logo galleries to get those creative juices flowing. I hope you enjoy this post! Ant ↓ Dash ↓ Killed Productions ↓ 365 Design ↓ Neck & Body ↓ Foot ↓ DJ Loop ↓ Ripple ↓ Typies ↓ Bio ↓ Seolution ↓ Wrong / Right ↓ Vuzum ↓ Big Shift ↓ Hole ↓ Open Box ↓ Umbrella Prints ↓ Wave ↓ Look ↓ MonKey ↓ Get Wired ↓ Spry ↓ Fhoke ↓ Half ↓ eHome ↓ Cloud Corner ↓ Crown ↓ Seven Sparrows ↓ XMas ↓ Code Maus ↓ Dense ↓ Ecofood ↓ Code Fish ↓ La Femme ↓ Hero ↓ 5 Locks ↓ Chat Noir ↓ Up ↓ Bar Code ↓ Dark Bird ↓ Your Turn To Talk So, which ones are your favorites? If you are aspirating to achieve CISSP certification to mark up your position then join testking 350-030 online training formulated to help you prepare for 642-901.

Estudiamos a un grande del branding: Otl Aicher Por: Julián Herrero / (8) Comentarios / 08/01/2013 Otl Aicher , también conocido como Otto Aicher , fue uno de los más importantes e influyentes diseñadores gráficos del S. XX. En 1946 junto con Max Bill y un grupo de intelectuales crean la Hochschule für Gestaltung (Escuela de Ulm) que se consagró a la función y a la inserción del diseño como factor fundamental en el mundo industrial . Según Otl, la función hace la forma y la belleza viene dada por la excelencia funcional de los objetos. Entre sus creaciones se cuentan las imágenes corporativas de Braun , Lufthansa , ERCO y de los Juegos Olímpicos de Múnich . " El diseño ilustra la filosofía técnica y económica de una empresa, y la imagen de la empresa revela el carácter de la misma, define su mentalidad. " Una imagen corporativa diferenciadora tiene la ventaja de producir hacia fuera un efecto enérgico, sin necesidad de recurrir a la autoalabanza verbal " (El mundo como proyecto) (Munich 1972) (Tokio 1964) (Munich 72) (Montreal 76)

Blog Archive » Evolution of Car Logos This article should come in handy for the next time you're stuck in traffic: have you ever wondered why the Audi in front of you has a logo of four interlocked rings? Did you know that the Cadillac emblem was inspired by a family crest of a nobleman who later turned out to be a fraud? Or that Volkswagen was Hitler's idea? We took a look at the evolution of tech logos before. Today, let's take a look at the fascinating stories behind the logos of some of the most popular cars in the world: Alfa Romeo Source: Cartype Surprise! Alfa Romeo's distinctive logo was created in 1910 by a draftsman named Romano Cattaneo. The Romeo part came in 1916 when Neapolitan businessman Nicola Romeo bought the company and converted its factories to produce munitions and machineries for World War I. Aston Martin In 1913, Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford founded a company that later would become Aston Martin. We can't talk about Aston Martin without mentioning James Bond. Audi Source: Motorcycle Source: Cartype Fiat

Kohl's Market Square (Student Work) on Packaging of the World Designed by Li Wang, Yashayu Qi, Sarah Howard, studying at the Academy of Arts University, United States. Kohl’s current tag line is “Expect Great Things.” The package designs will focus on the expectation of what the customer is buying and also add unexpected elements to make the packaging more interactive and fun. Share This Article

Logo Design Love Camper, un ejemplo de Identidad Corporativa | 'Por Hache o por B' Comunicación Corporativa En la siguiente entrada vamos a analizar los aspectos fundamentales de la Identidad Corporativa que ofrece la empresa ‘Camper’, a través de su página web, mediante un listado de valores, clasificados como puntos fuertes y puntos débiles, o memorables, de la misma. Una vez realizado dicho análisis reflexionaremos sobre la adecuación de esa identidad con la componente visual que se comunica en esta web, no solo la estructura y diseño de la interfaz sino también la coherencia y factores visuales en los diferentes enlaces que contiene, como conjunto que define la corporación como articulaciones de un sistema de comunicación integrado de su identidad. Listado de valores positivos y mejorables de Camper: 1. Innovación e imaginación en el diseño: El máximo exponente de la identidad de Camper es el diseño (zapatos, cajas, tiendas, hoteles, restaurantes). 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Reflexión sobre la adecuación de esa identidad con la componente visual que se comunica en la web.

Favicon - How To Create A Favicon.ico Try before you buy. Download any Adobe product for a free 30 day trial. Try Adobe Stock Free for One Month - Ends Soon! Here's a great deal from Adobe that will last until only the end of November — Get 10 Free Adobe Stock Images. Offer ends November 30th. Mysteries Of The Favicon.ico — How To Create A Favicon In Photoshop A Favicon is a little custom icon that appears next to a website's URL in the address bar of a web browser. All you need to add a Favicon to your site is a Windows Icon (.ico) file usually called favicon.ico that you upload to the main directory of your website. Download The Plugin You'll need the Windows Icon (ICO) file format Photoshop Plugin to export to the .ico file format. Let's Begin Because 16 x 16 is such a small canvas area, it can be very difficult to be creative. The Design If you already have a logo you should reduce it to the 16 x 16 size to see if it holds up. When you're ready to test the design select Image>Image Size menu and enter 16 x 16. 1. For the Love of Logos: Tips, Resources, and More - Noupe Design Blog Jan 12 2011 When it comes to design projects, logo designs tend to be some of the trickiest to work with, simply because of their purpose. All design tends to be conveying a message, this is true, but most designs get to use so much more to make their points accessible to the viewer. Not to mention that the message being conveyed through most design gets to be a bit more focused or general as well. This is not always true with a logo. Logos usually have much more to convey with a much simpler vehicle to make their message land. It is with that in mind that this post came to be. We also thought that we would go ahead and drop some tips into the mix as well to share a few of the pearls that have always stuck out and stayed true with us in this arena of choice: logo design! The Basics Now in most conversations that we’ve had on logo design, there are a few standard bits of advice that tend to get tossed at the reader, so we thought that would be a good place to start. Less is More The Scaling

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