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Vad är en digital ämnesportal? Du kanske hittills mest har använt böcker i din undervisning, och ibland en och annan pdf med begränsade interaktiva funktioner. Det vi erbjuder däremot, är något helt nytt i läromedelsvärlden. Uppdateras enkeltMed våra digitala ämnesportaler löser vi problemet med gamla böcker – portalerna hänger med när omvärlden förändras. Nya länder på kartan? Underlättar planeringClio Onlines digitala ämnesportaler innehåller även kompletta läsårs- och lektionsplaneringar, så att du som lärare får tid att fokusera på det som verkligen betyder något – din undervisning. Fyllda med funktionerLåt dina elever öka sin läsförståelse genom funktioner som högläsning av vissa ord, valda stycken eller hela texter i portalerna. Lär dig mer om ämnesportalernas smarta funktioner och om hur undervisningen kan bli lättare för dig och roligare för dina elever, i videon nedan.

BBC Learning English - Learning English American Accents - Test Your Listening Comprehension American Accents - Test Your Listening Comprehension Test your American English comprehension by listening to these videos of various American accents! I urge you - don't just listen, shadow! If you hear an accent had by your client, listen, stop the video and mimic it! Here's another video of a North Carolina accent. Amy Walker on YouTube is really good at changing accents. For me, this collage of accents is not complete without the Boston accent. The Long Island accent. Last, but not least is my accent. Thank you for spending time on my site. Teacher’s Area « Tune Into English Worksheets - over 300 downloadable lesson plans using pop songs Newsletter - sign up for Tune’s monthly update Our Theory - an extensive collection of articles Team Up in English - the ideal course for the lower secondary school Teacher Training - in conference Phonetic Chart - with online font Links - more resources

National Geographic Learning - ELT & PreK-12 Education IELTS for 115 Leading Sources for Teaching & Learning ESL – Masters in ESL English is one of the most widely spoken languages on Earth, and is widely considered the international language of business. Knowing at least some English is essential for success in many careers, and it is estimated that nearly 400 million people have learned English as their second language. Learning English opens up opportunities in a way unrivaled by other languages, and people who choose to teach English as a second language (ESL) are providing a great service to their students. Learning and teaching ESL cannot be confined to a classroom. Immersion is the best way to truly absorb any second language. The sites compiled here offer free tools and paid lessons, general tips and specific exercises, and much more information to make teaching and learning ESL as fun and easy as possible, inside and outside the classroom. These sites covering all angles of ESL teaching and learning are a good place to start for anyone who is interested in ESL, but not sure how to begin. Back to Top

Collocation:Meaning and List of Collocations A collocation is a combination of words that are commonly used together; the simplest way of describing collocations is to say that they ‘just sound right’ to native English speakers. Other combinations that may mean the same thing would seem ‘ unnatural’. Collocations include noun phrases like ‘ stiff wind’ and‘weapons of mass destruction’, phrasal verbs such as‘to get together’ and other stock phrases such as‘the rich and famous’ It is important to learn collocations, because they are important for the naturalisation of one’s speech. Besides, they broaden one’s scope for expression. Here is a list of collocations to help you get started: Collocations starting with the verb ‘do’ Do me a favour Do the cooking Do the housework Do the shopping Do the washing up Do your best Do your hair Collocations with the verb ‘have’ Have a good time Have a bath Have a drink Have a haircut Have a holiday Have a problem Have a relationship Have lunch Have sympathy Collocations with the verb ‘break’ Take a break

English Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation Exercises for ESL Teachers and Students The best free cultural & educational media on the web Vocabulary Games, English Vocabulary Word Games ESL Did you click on a BrainPOP ESL link from your My BrainPOP Timeline? Please use your computer to go to BrainPOP ESL. Make BrainPOP ESL’s brand new app part of your students’ day – in the classroom, at home, or on the go! Your students can access the BrainPOP ESL app from the Windows App Store (Windows 8), Google Play (Android) and the iTunes App Store (iOS). The BrainPOP ESL app delivers animated movies modeling conversational English right to your students’ handheld device. Alongside the movies are engaging, interactive features to support learning: Flash Words - Flip flashcards to see thematic vocabulary on one side and pictures on the other. Leveled movies and related features build on each other to reinforce vocabulary, grammar, and language usage, giving students the confidence they need to read and speak English. We also encourage you to visit BrainPOP Educators for best practices, lesson plans, and other teaching resources.