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Starfall: Learn to Read with Phonics, Learn Mathematics

Starfall: Learn to Read with Phonics, Learn Mathematics opened in September of 2002 as a free public service to teach children to read with phonics. Our systematic phonics approach, in conjunction with phonemic awareness practice, is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, special education, homeschool, and English language development (ELD, ELL, ESL). Starfall is an educational alternative to other entertainment choices for children. In May of 2009, we released the Starfall Kindergarten Reading and Language Arts Curriculum. Our method of instruction motivates children in an atmosphere of imagination and enthusiasm, provides opportunities for child-directed instruction, and supports English language learners and struggling readers learning alongside their peers. Please visit The Starfall Store for other low-cost phonics journals and books paralleling this website.

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1st Grade Games – Fun, Free, Online Games for 1st Graders 1st Grade Games If you are on the lookout for fun games for 1st graders, search no more! Check out Knowledge Adventure's collection of exciting 1st grade games. Play Free 1st Grade Games Online 1st grade games are designed taking into account the developmental characteristics of 7 - 8-year-olds.

We Give Books Read The Biggest and Brightest Light For Ages: 4-7 Brian Marriott's I See Sam Homepage I am proud to introduce . . . The original 1972 I See Sam, early reader books now available online for viewing, download, and printing.(Click here for printing instructions.) Books 1-9--Books 10-19. Dolch Sight Vocabulary Words « Mrs. Perkins Dolch Word Lists Note: Please read "What are Dolch Words?" for background information on these lists. Below are the Dolch word lists, the 220 most common words and 95 additional nouns in children's reading books, in alphabetical order. Dolch words, or sight words, provide an excellent base for reading at an early age.

Editable PowerPoint Newspapers PowerPoint Template Views 925,852 Filed under Educational , Editor's pick, english, newspaper, resource, school We have just updated our popular editable PowerPoint newspapers. With these you can create your own news headlines, articles and insert your own pictures. Reading Games - PrimaryGames - Play Free Online Games Eat the letters in the correct order to spell each word. Match the words to the pictures. Drag and drop each word label onto the matching picture. Look at the picture very carefully and find the hidden letters. Click on all letters and complete the puzzle.

CBeebies Summary Watch and listen as the CBeebies presenters tell a story. Often retelling traditional stories and fairytales, the presenters read aloud from a picture book. Children can sit back and listen as well as follow the pictures on screen. Phonics by The Book: Beginning Reader Bible Curriculum - This Reading Mama What is Phonics by The Book? Phonics by The Book is a phonics and sight word curriculum based on God’s Word. It begins on an end of K level and progresses, introducing new phonics skills and sight words. The stories start in the book of Genesis (with creation) and will continue, with various Bible stories, throughout the entire Bible. (Units 1 and 2 will be from the Old Testament while Units 3 and 4 will be from the New Testament.)

Great resource for elementary & special education students! Over the years, I have become a paid subscription member & I highly recommend it - best money I have invested! by phcastillo May 23

Simple but fun games. The repetitive quality of the activities is good for younger learners. by mandomtz Nov 8

A lot of free resources for parents and teachers, activities for kids about sound and reading. The site is designed to be engaging for children and has many resources. It is free. by jezzri Oct 30

Activities which build words and focus on sounds of letters. Then books which students can read aloud with predictable word sounds. Even videos for short instruction. Overall sequential and easy for students to follow in many beginning grades. by kristiweber5 Oct 25

Starfall is a popular site that offers activities for the emergent reader. It follows a natural reading skills progression that is fun and engaging for students. There are spinoffs of this free site that offer pre-k and Kinder curriculum at a cost. by lisabishop Jul 24

This is a great free resource for young children as well as special education students. The activities are fun and engaging and a great way for children to learn phonics. There are different levels of activities as well from letter sounds to read-a-long books. by ccasas5 Jul 17

This is a great free resource that offers different games and activities that can help students with phonics. Many of the activities are focused on grades K-2 and special education. by jkor Jul 11

A staple in our school's computer lab, this site is a favorite with students as it makes learning fun. There are very basic skills - learning letters and building from there to reading. by amayberry1 Jul 2

I love Starfall. The activities that they have are fun for the students and are great for phonics. It is free and can also be used at home, which is always a plus. by britto Jun 14

This site has cool videos the young students can watch and listen to while learning the different sounds of letters. This follows Phonemic Awareness and is filled with lots of fun for the students. by rgriffin7 Jun 12

Lots of fun in this website that little ones will love! Games and reading activities will help guild them and they will think it's just FUN, not learning! BUT, learning IS FUN! by sblowers Jun 6

For Pre-k- kindergarten activities work with phonemic awareness and many activities addressing phonics.It is fun and interactive. I love that it allows the students to click on activities and that it is audio as well. by sandrapollock Apr 3

For Pre-k- kindergarten activities work with phonemic awareness and many activities addressing phonics.It is fun and interactive. I love that it allows the students to click on activities and that it is audio as well. by sandrapollock Apr 3

Starfall activities seem like they would be a great way supplement phonics assignments. In the game that reviewed, went through the sounds, then the word that was the focus, and finally would allow children to read a sentence with the word and add things to the picture of the word. by tgil Mar 10

This is a very useful website that helps student to read use phonics. This site is very well designed and it is very attractive for the kids. They have wonderful songs to remember the sound of the letters, by mlopezflores Mar 10

Starfall's Learning to Read is a free section of its website that teaches children to read with phonics. Engaging phonics games and online interactive books for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. by mcussen Feb 24

This website offers many free online games and activities that are geared toward phonemic awareness. The website explains how its activities are aligned with 1st grade common core standards. by lois1955 Nov 11

This site has interactive games and learning activites for teaching kids phonics, vowels, sounds, etc. As the homepage states, it is a great alternative to other types of entertainment as an educational tool that kids can be involved in. by kbeck07 Nov 4

This website has lots of games on it and reading activites. Students k-2 really enjoy "playing" on this. They don't see it as work but they are learning about phonemic awareness. by trrockford Nov 3

Starfalls's Kinder and pre-K activities work with phonemic awareness and many activities address phonics. The interactive books such as Zac the Rat emphasize short vowel sounds. by bmahieu Oct 28

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