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Did You Know 4.0

Did You Know 4.0

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Peartrees: Multi-dimensional Curation A few weeks ago now, I posted an opinion piece on Technorati titled, 'Why Social Media Curation Matters'. Following this I received quite a lot of feedback and it’s thanks to one of these comments – posted by on my blog – that I was led to Pearltrees. In addition to this, I was also motivated to re-evaluate my position on the subject of curation and take a closer look at what I perceived that to be.

Empower the Crowd! The barrier for getting started with social media is low, it’s dependent on your involvement level, objectives and goals. The facilitators of the message, our tools, are the key components that make it all work. They are the tools in our digital toolkit that every strategist, marketer and PR professional should already be learning and using. The sole purpose of these tools are to; create, manage and distribute content, build awareness, drive traffic, connect with our customers and hopefully turn a lead into a prospective sale. Tools for your social media toolkit can be broken down into the following categories: Your Black Box – The flight data recorder for the Web August 2012 This is the second post in a series documenting my investigation into data models for pervasive interoperability on the Internet of Things. Here I'm looking into the information architecture inside the data model. Previously, I mentioned that many sensors and devices already have the ability to connect to the internet.

Is Social Media Scary For Your Business? : Bizzia - Business New With some many options that are available for social media websites, does it scare you? Have you been pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to make it work for you and your business? Are you starting to feel overwhelmed by all the many options that are available? Iamge: Fear not because when you really look at social media, all you have to do is assess what is being used in your industry and then determine what will work for your business. Color Correspondences Use color correspondences to help choose the colors of your candles, altar decorations and more when planning a spell or act of worship. Colors can also be used in home decor and clothing choices to bring their energies into your everyday life. It is important to note that colors have the potential to have deep symbolic meaning.

15 Free Tools for Web-based Collaboration By Jacob Gube No man (or woman) is an island – and this statement can’t be any truer if you’re a designer or developer. Though paid/subscription services like Basecamp and Zimbra are great, individuals strapped for cash have a ton of alternatives that provide similar (if not better) features.

The platform vs. the eyeballs This might be the most subtle yet important shift that marketers face as they deal with the reality of new media. Marketers aren't renters, now they own. For generations, marketers were trained to buy (actually rent) eyeballs. A media company assembled a large amount of attention. A TV network or a magazine or even a billboard company found a place you can put an ad, and they sold you a shot at reaching their audience.

Connecting the Internet of Things We are pleased to inform our readers that the Real-Time Cloud blog is now a part of Skkynet Cloud Systems, Inc. You can find the content for this blog here. Skkynet Cloud Systems, Inc. is a business that has evolved out of Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc., an established industrial middleware vendor that has introduced a number of innovations to their real-time data product including a high-speed redundancy facility and a web-based user interface providing immersive, desktop-quality graphics. Cogent has developed new, patent-pending technology that solves the data transmission problems of data rate, latency, redundancy and security in cloud-based systems with a unique “push + pull” solution that insulates both a facility and a remote user from opening their firewalls to the Internet.

Four Quadrants of Collaboration - Meta Collab [Not sure what the right place for this article is -- the 4QoC is definitely a Collaborative Tool, but has aspects that are important to consider as part of the General theory of collaboration... What do y'all think?] What are the components of collaboration? Ann Hyland - Cosmic Yogi - Classes events Events = Events, Classes, Workshops, Parties, Retreats. I like to have fun and I tell it like it is in my classes, workshops, parties and retreats. I share inspirations, real life experiences and offer ways for you to find new observations about yourself so that you can break yourself down so that you can integrate yourself back up. Classes are generally one hour long. Workshops, Parties and Retreats vary from 1 hour to several hours.

The End Of The Destination Web And The Revival Of The Information Economy In recent weeks journalism and the future of all media have once again gone under the knife. Experts on either side of new media debated whether or not Twitter's CNN moment truly was indicative of the future of journalism. Twitter's role in the spread of online dialogue speculating the death of Osama Bin Laden was studied at great depths to better understand when and where news actually surfaces, how it's validated, and how news travels across the Web and in real life. Perhaps nothing visualized the power of a single Tweet with such dramatic effect as the network graph developed by SocialFlow. Twitter is becoming a veritable human seismograph as it measures and records events as they unfold. But for this discussion, I'd like to focus not on the future of journalism, but instead on human behavior and the reality of the social effect.

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