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DIY Light Up Headboard

DIY Light Up Headboard
Today we are teaming up with Valspar and their Love Your Color Guarantee to share our latest addition to Elsie’s guest bedroom: a light up headboard! We wanted to create something unique and playful for this room in her home. We were inspired by marquee signs and wanted to create that feeling but in our own homemade way. We’re not exactly master craftsmen, so we kept our design simple and enlisted a little help from our dad. First we built a headboard. Next we used a projector to trace the word onto the bedframe. Next we planned where to add all the holes for the lights to shine through. Now drill your holes. Once you have drilled all the holes sand and clean off the surface of the headboard. Once your paint is dry, it’s time to add the lights! We just love how this headboard project turned out! SAFETY TIPS: We spoke with our local fire department to double check the safety of this project. -Replace any string of lights with worn or broken cords, or loose/broken lights. Related:  crafting

30 Thirty-Minute Craft Projects Feeling like getting your craft on, but you don't want to spend a week on just one project? Yeah. We've been there too. Here are thirty projects you could create with around thirty minutes of active crafting time. You're welcome! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. Just kidding. But seriously, why not make your own chalkboard paint (in any color!). 1.

Bedside Table DIY For some reason I was having the hardest time picking out bedside tables for our bedroom. Do you ever get a mental block about something? Why was finding the perfect bedside tables turning out to be so hard? Bed Side Table tools and supplies: 1.5" Kreg screws (fine thread) you won't have to pre-drill with these screws.75" wood screws3/4" hardwood sheet of hardwood plywood 4' by 8'drillwood gluesandpaper (50 and 220 grit)straight edgetape measurepencilskill sawOptional:stainpolyurethane Steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Jeremy and I absolutely LOVE how the tables turned out! 41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius DIY Shelving Unit: 2 Ways Sometimes you need a little extra storage in a room. Going vertical can help maximize space but it can be hard to find a bookshelf or cart in the specific dimensions your space requires. My favorite solution is to build something myself! I built my cart knowing I'd probably use it in a few different rooms in the future, because we tend to move a lot. 1. I love a touch of industrial in every space to toughen up the girly vibe that I lean towards. I chose Krylon Italian Olive for my shelf, because I love the industrial look paired with an industrial color. My favorite kind of furniture is versatile, so I'm really happy with how this turned out.

Learn How To Transfer A Photo Onto Wood, Easy and Astonishing! For today we have one interesting amazing tutorial that will impress you. Yes we will tell you one easy and super creative way to transfer a photo onto wood. It is a fun, easy, and affordable DIY that anyone can do with just a few key supplies. You will need -A piece of wood -A laser printed copy of your photo on copier paper, the copy should be the mirror image of how you would like it to appear on the wood. source: YouTube channel Crystal Hethcote

DIY Tree Stump Side Tables I have always loved seeing tree stumps that people have spruced up to become a part of their homes. They always looks so stunning! I've seen ones that were painted solid gold or silver, I've seen them half painted or just the tops, and I've seen quite a few where folks simply stained the wood so that you could still see the beautiful grain. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with my tree stumps, but I definitely wanted to give this project a try. First step: locating stumps. After getting my stumps I started looking around for information about drying them out. Once the tree stumps are dried out (or mostly dried out) the bark will be much easier to remove. I highly recommend using a hand sander or belt sander to remove any remaining bark and to get your tree stump looking smooth. Now apply wood filler to any large cracks or holes. After much thought (probably too much) I decided I wanted to stain the wood instead of paint. Next I added wheels (casters) to the bottom of my stumps.

6 More Ways to Use a Magnetic Knife Strip Around the Kitchen — Organizing Ideas from The Kitchn Last week we all geeked out a little over Regina's brilliant appliance cabinet makeover. To solve the pesky problem of where and how to store food processor blades, she hung a magnetic knife rack in the back of the cabinet, popped the blades on there, and presto! A genius idea was born. It just proves that those magnetic holders can be used for so much more than just storing knives. 1. As I mentioned above, we just really admire this smart idea for keeping blades safe and out of the way of fingers in cabinets. 2. If we're talking about pesky problems in the kitchen, pot lid storage has got to be near the top of the list. 3. It's easy to forget that a magnetic holder can hold, well, anything that's magnetic, including items like stainless steel spoons, ladles, and other utensils. 4. We spotted this setup in Eva Katz's kitchen, and had another epiphany. 5. 6. So smart! Do you have clever ways you use a magnetic knife strip around your kitchen?

DIY Brass Side Tables Trey and I have been wanting a side table (or two) for next to an over sized chair in our living room. Often one of us (or both, if we're feeling snugly) will sit in this chair while eating dinner and watching the Daily Show. The problem? There's nowhere to set a cup or your plate temporarily when your done. We have three dogs (three!) so not having a place off the ground for your drinking glass or empty plate can be a dangerous thing. :) We used to have these DIY tree stump tables next to the chair. These are heavily modeled after this Jonathan Adler table. 1.) 2.) 3.) 4. 5.) 6.) *I had originally planned to use J.B. Once your wood dries you are good to go. Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman.

How To Replace a Kitchen Faucet — Home Hacks Previous image Next image Earlier this week we asked you if you had ever considered replacing the faucet in a rental kitchen. We realized this could be a simple way to upgrade our kitchen, and this week we did it as our Kitchen Cure special project! It was remarkably easy and straightforward, and we can't believe we didn't do this sooner. First of all, full disclosure: Price-Pfister offered to send us a new faucet to try out, and we accepted. This design is a little more traditional than our preferred style; we would normally choose a brushed nickel finish or something a little sleeker. • More info on the faucet: Price Pfister Ashfield 4-Hole Kitchen Faucet, Rustic Bronze, $159.95 at Amazon So, having said all that, obviously the first step in the process of replacing a faucet is choosing a new one. After you decide what you want, shop around at Amazon, Overstock, and your local home improvement store to find a style you like with functionality that you need. OK, so faucet is in hand!

Make Your Own Eye Mask! Any other "light sleepers" out there?? If so, don't cheer too loudly, one of our fellow LS may be trying to take a nap. I didn't realize that I was a light sleeper, until I got to college and found out how difficult it can be to sleep in a dorm with lots of other people nearby. Supplies: Download the pattern (right click/ctrl + click on Mac and select "Save file/link as"), two patterns of cotton fabric, quilt batting (to add some thickness to the mask), elastic, fabric glue, felt, seude fringe, fabric scissors. 1. These turned out so cute (and were easy to make!) Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman

10 Expert Tips for Making the Most of a Tiny New York Kitchen - June 21, 2013 New York may have some of the best restaurants in the world, and yes, you can get delivery 24 hours a day. But that doesn’t mean New Yorkers never cook at home. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you likely won’t be getting a “chef’s kitchen” with miles of counter space and a walk-in pantry. Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan in her 45-square-foot Manhattan kitchen (Photo: Mary-Louise Price Foss) First rule: No setsBuying kitchen items in sets may make sense financially, but before you buy that big box of Tupperware, really look at what’s included. Forget sentimentality If you are known as someone who likes to cook, chances are you will get a lot of kitchen items as gifts. Gillingham-Ryan recommends using hotel pans from a restaurant supply store to maximize the space above the fridge (Photo: Mary-Louise Price Foss) Shop like a pro The city’s restaurants have tiny kitchens, too, and commercial restaurant supply stores are really great sources for items that maximize space.

Build a Rotating Teen Storage Unit PDF version This plan is based on the PB Teen Display-It Storage Mirror. My 13-year-old saw it and wants to build it, so I'm producing plans for it! I'm going to call the project "intermediate" skill level because of the swivel base part, but the rest of it should be "beginner"! My version uses 1/2" thick MDF plus, if you want, crown molding and furring strips for decorative purposes. Handmade from this plan >> Dimensions Dimensions: 21" x 21' x 70" Materials and Tools Shopping List: 3 sheets 1/2" thick 49x97 MDF Crown Molding, if desired 1x2 Furring Strips for framing mirror and cork board, if desired Cork Board Roll 58 3/4"L x 17 3/4" Floor Mirror Hanging Pegs or Hardware or 3M hooks Lazy Susan, 12", 5/16" Thick Capacity 1000 lbs. 1 1/4 inch screws wood glue wood filler 120 grit sandpaper primer wood conditioner paint paint brush Tools: square drill sander countersink drill bit Cut List Cut List: Sheet #1 2 @ 21" x 64" 2 @ 21" x 21" Sheet #2 1 @ 21" x 64" 1 @ 21" x 20" 2 @ 19 1/2" x 19 1/2" 2 @ 21" x 20" Step 1 Step 2

DIY Photobooth Wall Ruffled This may be the ultimate DIY project for weddings this season. Specially if I tell you that Laura and her fiancé made this photobooth wall for only $80. Using vintage wallpaper, a frame found at a thrift store and some plywood they made a free standing wall to be used for their photobooth. Now, on to the details: From Laura:This was a fantastic way to get my fiance involved. What you’ll need: - Plywood (all wood and tools from Home Depot) - (2) 2’x3’ Wood beams - Sawhorse - Ruler/Measuring tape - Hammer and nails - Wood screws - Handheld jigsaw - Handheld drill - Mod Podge - Paintbrush - Waterproof sealant - Vintage picture frame (I got mine at a thrift store) - Vintage wallpaper (eBay) - Floor molding (optional) Instructions: Step 1: The plywood usually comes in a 4’x8’ sized sheet. Step 2: Lay your plywood flat on the sawhorse. Step 3: Use a drill bit large enough to make a hole the width of the jigsaw blade in all corners of your measurements on the plywood.

Make a DIY Knock-Off Orb Chandelier!! <div class="greet_block wpgb_cornered wpgb_shadowed"><div class="greet_text"><div class="greet_image"><img class="enable-pib-img-under" src=" alt="WP Greet Box icon" data-recalc-dims="1"/></div>Thanks for coming by! I try to feature a new creative tutorial every day -- and I'd love to have you follow along: <a href=" rel="nofollow"><strong>subscribe to my email updates</strong></a> or <a href=" rel="nofollow">come follow along on Facebook</a>.<div style="clear:both"></div></div></div> Have you seen those Orb Chandeliers at all of the high-end stores?? I love their shape and modern look. And we thought how fun would it be if we each made one and then shared our tutorials on the same day?? Projects are always so much more fun when you do them with a friend! What a great friend! So Shelley came over one day and we worked on it. Notes on design: