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30 Resources to Find the Data You Need

30 Resources to Find the Data You Need
Let's say you have this idea for a visualization or application, or you're just curious about some trend. But you have a problem. You can't find the data, and without the data, you can't even start. Universities Being a graduate student, I always look to the library for books and resources. Data and Story Library - An online library of datafiles and stories that illustrate the use of basic statistics methods, from Carnegie MellonBerkeley Data Lab - Part of the UC Berkeley library system. News Sources I'm sure you've seen a graphic in the paper or I guess more likely, on a news site, and wondered about another aspect of the data. Geographic Data Got some mapping software, but no geographic data? TIGER - From the US Census Bureau, detailed data about roads, railroads, rivers, and zipcodes. Sports America loves its sports, and thus, has decades of sports data. World Government and Politics General Sources Freebase - Free data and a community effort. Get it From an API Scrape the Data Related:  Social engineeringdata

Find People's email, address, phone number, background & more... - a database of people who have changed surname (mostly women who married). Relies on people like you and me to volunteer information. If you have a former surname, let them know your new details, so old friends can find you... Old School Friends - There are many USA organizations like School News or Class Reunion Search that help you reconnect with high school and college buddies / friends / pals / mates / lovers. Also try Friends Reunited (UK), MyOldMate (UK), School Friends (Australia & NZ) The Sikh Directory - Small directory, provides information of Sikh people and businesses Jewhoo! Who? Fund Race - look up the names and addresses of Americans who donated to politicians US Gov't Files - powered by Carroll Publishing. US Surname Distribution - from the US census / Geoff's Google Gender Guesser - determines the sex of a first name Biography Find - lists 25,000 short bios of personalities Directories of information about Celebrities - from Open Directory Biblical Characters

Le database journalism pour nous sauver du « frogboiling » « Dat Ou pourquoi le database journalism s’oppose au journalisme traditionnel Pour ce quatrième post, il me semble plus que temps d’esquisser une définition de mon sujet d’étude : en une phrase, le database journalism, ou journalisme de données, consiste à exploiter des bases de données pour en extraire de l’information compréhensible par tous. Actuellement, les médias traditionnels traitent l’actualité par le récit (stories), ils racontent des histoires. A l’opposé, le database journalism initie un traitement de l’actualité par les données (data). Autrement dit : un dessin vaut mieux qu’un long discours. Pour ceux qui ne verraient pas d’emblée l’attrait des données par rapport aux récits, je vous renvoie au vibrant plaidoyer de Nicolas Vanbremeersch (aka Versac) sur (Pour un journalisme de données). L’homme fait une montée record, et, le lendemain, dans la presse, rien d’autre que du commentaire. Journalisme traditionnel et journalisme de données reposent sur deux modèles opposés.

Significant Failure The US Office of Management and Budget issued new reporting guidelines this week for recipients of the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and the normally polite geek watchdog organization the Sunlight Foundation has come out swinging. "...[A]bsent from the new instruction is a requirement to make raw data public," Sunlight's co-founder and Executive Director, Ellen Miller, wrote this morning. "By not including raw data at, transparency is dramatically reduced. Sunlight has argued strongly for raw data in machine readable formats as the starting point for The site might surprise us and end up offering the data it collects in raw bulk formats, but without making preparation for that a requirement in reporting from recipients it seems unlikely to be done well, if at all. Why would the Obama Administration not offer raw bulk data as part of its much celebrated transparency?

OER Grants Skip Navigation Jump to navigation OER Home Page Search NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts Hot Topics This page last updated on September 25, 2015 Technical Issues: E-mail OER Webmaster Social Media Links Page Footer National Institutes of Health (NIH), 9000 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, Maryland 20892 NIH…Turning Discovery Into Health Data360 Homepage 15 Websites to Find People On The Internet In an era of booming social networks, it’s easier to find lost friends and colleagues than it ever was before. The Positive Impact of Social Networking Sites on Society The Positive Impact of Social Networking Sites on Society Social networking isn't for everyone, but it's now such a massive part of all our lives, whether we embrace or reject the notion, that it can no longer be ignored. But are social networking sites... Read More The private world of yesterday is now an online world. Everyone with a search engine has an open access to social networks, government databases, and public records. If you’re looking for a long-lost friend, or maybe want to do a background check on someone, consider the following free resources to find people on the internet. Crawl the Internet The internet is essentially a giant database, overflowing with data points about individuals. Create a new profile anywhere and reveal an additional data point about you. 1. I did a deep search on myself. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Vos questions sur le journalisme de données - Atelier des medias Il y a quelques mois, le scandale des notes de frais des députés britanniques révélé par le Daily Telegraph a donné une visibilité particulière à ce que les spécialistes appellent le journalisme de données. Nous allons parler de ces nouvelles techniques journalistiques pour analyser des quantités importantes de données dans l'Atelier des médias cette semaine. Nous verrons également avec nos invités que l'accès aux données publiques reste un combat en France Invités: Vous pouvez adresser vos questions et faire part de vos réflexions dans les commentaires de ce billet. Pour en savoir plus:

20 Essential Infographics & Data Visualization Blogs In the tradition of Inspired Mag’s huge lists, here goes a new one – all the blogs with cool data visualization eye candy in the same place! Enjoy and leave some comments with suggestions, questions and so on. Information is Beautiful Visual Compelxity Flowing Data Indexed Cool Infographics Chart Porn EagerEyes Simple Compelxity Data Visualization Well Formed Sankey Diagrams Cartogrammar Wall Stats Accuracy & Aesthetics iGraphics Explained Junk Charts Many Eyes Juice Analytics Good Magazine Learn the best designing practices with PMI-002 online web designing course.

MBAdmitWiki Use this dashboard, featuring leading MBA programs in the U.S. and abroad, as you navigate the MBA application process. We encourage you to bookmark this page as the launch pad for your business school research; it is the starting point for surfing our site for program-specific information. Visit the MBA Admissions Mashup for the latest from MBA student, applicant and program blogs, Twitter and popular forums. Had an interview recently? United States Berkeley / Haas Current State - 04/17/2014 Round 2 applicants learned of final admissions decisions on Mar... U. Current State - 04/9/2014 Booth’s Round 2 final admissions decisions were rendered o... CMU / Tepper Current State - 04/9/2014 Tepper’s Round 2 applicants received final admissions deci... Columbia Current State - 04/9/2014 Columbia’s Regular Decision deadline is on April 9, 2014. ... Cornell / Johnson Current State - 04/9/2014 Round 3 applicants received final admissions decisions on March ... Dartmouth / Tuck Duke / Fuqua Michigan / Ross

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Ten Ways You Can Use the Web to Find People Tracking down someone you might have lost contact with is one of the most popular activities on the Web all over the world, and with good reason: the vast amounts of free information available online make finding people easier than ever before in history. The following tools and websites are all free and easy to use. According to reader reviews and feedback, these selections deliver consistently reliable results with the least amount of work. A couple of things to keep in mind while reading this article, and before you start using any of the resources listed here: Be patient.

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