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leçon de choses - magali arbib Pour un achat merci de contacter leçons de choses avec la référence et le coloris Tapis ty and die taupe et rouge,taupe et bleu,crème et curry et crème et kaki 140x80cm Laine 100% fait main . 250 euros tapis biche 100% laine fait main avec incrustation de maille pull recyclée 289 euros tapis biche 100%laine fait main avec incrustation de maille pull recyclée 140x80cm 289 euros Tapis lapin ,existe en bleu,taupe et jaune curryOURS uniquement en crème 100% coton 190 euros tapis jean 140x80cmen jean recyclé 100% cotonfait main 195 euros Tapis multico 140x80 100%coton recyclé fait main 160 euros tapis forme deux coloris 100%polyester80x100cmfait main35 euros tapis crochet gris anthracite100%laine confort et douce100x80cmfait main 245 euros Tapis boule de crochet 100%laine doux et confortable 90 de diamètre 342 euros tapis ours ty and die 100%laine fait main crème et gris très épais et doux 195 euros assiette à soupe bébé en céramique fait main en France pièces numérotées l' enfant mange sa soupe et trouve le petit lapin

Redecorating by Repurposing Ladders and Suitcases! This summer is going to be ALL about thrifting! Garage Sales, Estate Sales, Flea Markets… here I come! Here are a few things I’ve found via blog hopping and Pinterest That have completely inspired me. Ready, Set, Scroll! I’ve seen these shelf ladders in all the big home décor stores!! I need this suitcase dresser! A space to hang your laundry, that doesn’t take up space. An animal bed. This step stool turned side table is a must-do project! A scrappers paradise! Hang a vintage step stool for instant shelving! This is my favorite! Ladder turned Wine Rack w/ Chalkboard. Suitcase turned storage table! Pots & Pans in hands reach @ all times?! Suitcase turned Vanity?? Are you inspired yet?? # kristanlynn xoxo

10 Italian Design Images & Interior Design Ideas from Best Interior Designers NYC Italy is one of the most beautiful countries. Its architecture is increadible and below you will see how designers worked on inner look. The most vivid features of their styles are: soft tones and simplicity. Curtains on the ceiling are good for bedrooms. italian design modern room Here is a set of lightning and nothing more. modern design This style is futuristic due to lightning. modern interior design Wise use of patterns and colors creates sunny and modern room. italian villa design Simple design that may be boring but this is not the case. italian design lightning italian designer furniture black modern interior Ebay a Hassle? Check Out This Platform for Secondhand Fashion The Spark of Genius Series highlights a unique feature of startups and is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. Name: Threadflip Quick Pitch: Buy and sell pre-owned clothing and accessories. Genius Idea: More convenient and personal than selling on eBay. Copious, 99dresses, Fashionlend, Nearly Newlywed, Poshmark: there’s been a proliferation of web and mobile-based channels for selling pre-owned clothing and accessories as of late. Threadflip, a San Francisco-based company that launched with $1.6 million in seed funding last month, is among the latest of these. Like its competitors, Threadflip lets you buy and sell secondhand fashion goods. You’ll be charged a 15% transaction fee if you do your own listing. Threadflip has done a good job of making the site feel human and personal. What’s next? Series Supported by Microsoft BizSpark

Décoration et Ameublement d'intérieur | Westwing Home & Living sengtai Unsimple Living Perhaps I should begin this post by introducing you to my mom, also known as Her Ladyship Craftiness…er, Her Royal Craftiness? I’m still working on the title. Regardless, she’s the coolest, most creative and talented woman I know. She can make pretty much anything. At least once during high school, I borrowed a friend’s purse, brought it home to Mom, and she whipped one up just like it for me. Yes, I probably abused the power of being Her Ladyship’s daughter, and I no longer steal my friends’ purses, but the point is: my mom is awesome. If you follow Young House Love, Bower Power, Making a House a Home, or Style by Emily Henderson you know how timely her visit was, as today is the big reveal for the Pinterest Challenge. The supplies were pretty simple: canvas, crayons, and hot glue. The next step was to peel off the paper labels from all 60 crayons. It worked like a charm. What do you think of our masterpiece? Total money spent: $9.60 Total time spent: about 1½ hours Like this:

yu kwang soo: speaker furniture first image 'compound body 1' of the 'box project' 'the box project' by korean designer yu kwang soo consists of a series of speaker systems integrated into wooden furniture pieces. the designs are made compatible for portable music players such as the ipod touch but also gives users the options of a playing CDs as seen in his cabinet titled 'compound body 1'. 'compound body 2' image © designboom image © designboom detail image © designboom 'compound body 2' can be collapsed into a portable strap on speaker system. in continuation of his series, the 'sound writing desk' is a work table featuring an embedded stereo system. complete with control knobs at the front of the desk, the music player of users can be tucked away in the small pull out drawer. yu kwang soo's 'box project' was showcased during DMY international design festival berlin 2010 .

Possible ou impossible ? Mettre une maison en jeu à la loterie - Sous un autre angle Une famille hennuyère de Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont est la première en Belgique à mettre en jeu une maison à une loterie. Pour à peine 4,99 euros, vous pouvez devenir le propriétaire d’une splendide maison avec un beau morceau de terrain. Fantastique, pensez-vous ? Il y a cependant anguille sous roche et ce, sous la forme du fisc. Johan Cleppe (30) et son amie Carmelina en ont un peu assez de la vie en Belgique et veulent commencer une nouvelle vie ailleurs. “Je veux parcourir le monde et découvrir de nouvelles cultures”, explique cet indépendant qui souhaite également commencer une nouvelle affaire dans la destination de ses rêves. Et que vous pouvez gagner en ne dépensant que 4,99 euros. Que dit la loi ? Le couple créatif a l’honneur d’être le premier en Belgique à mettre une maison en jeu. Que dit le notaire ? Jusqu’ici pas de problème, mais il reste une sérieuse anguille sous roche. Possible ou impossible ?

alittlemarket - Sacs à main, Trousses, Porte-monnaie, portefeuilles Quelle bagagerie sac et autre accessoire de sac fait main allez-vous découvrir ? Toujours à la pointe de la mode, il vous faut plusieurs sacs à mains. Pour aller avec toute votre garde-robe, un sac cuir noir ou en toile noire….Et pour faire des envieuses, pourquoi pas un beau sac cuir rouge ? Il y a également le sac cabas. Un portefeuille ou sac original à emmener avec soi ! Vous ne pourrez plus vous en passer pour ranger vos bijoux, vos produits de maquillage et vos petites affaires que vous ne voulez pas égarer ! Quelles sont les matières que vous rencontrerez ? Tout un vaste choix de matières est décliné à l’infini.

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