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The Production Kitchen

The Production Kitchen

Tilda Swinton's The Maybe - Who, What, Why Who? Tilda Swinton – as living art. When visiting MoMa, one might chance upon her asleep in a glass vitrine. In the past few weeks Swinton has slept in the museum’s main lobby, Rodin's monumental Balzác watching over her, in the half-light of Douglas Gordon's video installation "Play Dead" and on the Bauhaus staircase next to a Calder mobile. She lies bare-faced, in old, indistinct clothes and sneakers with clumps of mud stuck to the soles. What? Whilst Swinton has never discussed her experience of being inside the vitrine, she has spoken about the conception of the piece a number of times. "The performance can be read as a 'memento mori' – a performative monument to fragility, to our mortality and to collective mourning" Later, an email from Swinton to the author of the book provides some further insight. Why? Much has changed since 1995, including Swinton’s public profile; her fame now as much a material of the piece as the metal and glass that surrounds her. Text by Caroline Lever

Lifestyle Federation Jess & Russ Your Future Depends on Your Creative Mind Your future, and your children's future, depends on your being able to add value where computer software cannot. This means that you and your children need to be creative thinkers and, even more importantly, recognise the potential value of creative ideas. The biggest threat to your job and your working future is not outsourcing to China or India. It is not reckless bankers. A Brief History of Technological Advancement For the past 200 years, technology has been replacing jobs. Of course, technology also improved the efficiency of factories. As long as productivity generally grows along with technological development, this works just fine. To put it in a nutshell, technology has been replacing jobs relentlessly for two centuries. The the jobs replaced by technology have not been intellectually demanding, so that labourers, who typically do not have higher educations, can quickly learn new tasks. Let us face facts: this is not going to happen. Where Is It All Going? What do you think?

Discover Bagigia - The Bag C2-MTL Commerce + Creativity James Bond 007 Cars Evolution | Evans Halshaw <div class="no-js-warning">This site is better with JavaScript turned on!</div> Licence to drive Everyone has a favourite Bond - and a favourite Bond girl - but what's your favourite Bond car? Scroll through time to find out 62 Sunbeam Alpine The Alpine was the first James Bond car and had no alterations by Q's lab. Embed To embed this page as an infographic image, simply copy and paste this embed code. Download a desktop wallpaper of your favourite Bond car! Wallpaper Share