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5 common computer problems you can fix yourself / Jeremy A. Kaplan Dec. 22, 2012: Citing violent video games such as "Kindergarten Killers," seen on a screen over his shoulder, NRA chief Wayne LaPierre addresses the nation following a massacre in Computers always act up at the worst times. You're in the middle of a major report or playing your best game ever and -- pffft. Often, users get so frustrated that they needlessly go out and buy a new computer or pay for a computer repair. 1. Computers slow down over time -- that's normal. If your PC is fairly new and it's slow, remove the pre-installed programs, or bloatware, that came with it. To give an older PC a speed boost, break out the CCleaner. Grab Duplicate Cleaner to remove duplicate files that might be clogging up the system. In your cleaning process, you might find programs you no longer need. 2. Thankfully, Windows' dreaded "Blue Screen of Death" is getting to be a rare event, but it still occurs. 3. 4. This is one for the Mac people. 5.

Hyperlink How to jailbreak iOS 6 (with Cydia) for iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G The Northern Hemisphere autumn is usually a slow time for jailbreaking. Apple releases new iOS firmware, along with a shiny new iPhone – and both typically need time before they can be hacked. The members of the iPhone Dev Team, however, have given us a pre-Halloween surprise: they updated the jailbreak tool redsn0w to simplify the hacking of A4 iOS devices. View all That means that owners of the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, and iPhone 3GS (pre-A4) are in luck. The instructions below will help you to break down the walled garden of iOS 6, and install the jailbreak app hub Cydia. Update your device to iOS 6 The first (obvious) step is to be running iOS 6 If you aren't yet on iOS 6, this is the first step. Download Redsn0w Redsn0w 0.9.15b1 is available at the following links for Mac OS X and Windows. Follow the instructions redsn0w's instructions are straightforward and clear The directions in redsn0w are straightforward, so make sure your device is connected, open the app, and follow along. Booting

Stagefright (bug) Logo of the Stagefright library Android version history – a list and descriptions of the released versions of AndroidPhishing – the attempt to acquire sensitive information by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication Intercepter-NG - Wifi Packet Sniffer Android App Intercepter-NG is probably the best Wifi Packet Sniffer Android App around and it’s available from the Play Store too! Intercepter-NG is a very powerful Android packet sniffing App which can sniff both wired and wireless traffic, steal cookies, view usernames/passwords, URL of sites visited and much, much more! This post will outline some of the features and act as a basic Intercepter-ng tutorial. It also has a feature similar to Wireshark where you can collect packets sent over the network for analysis later. When you are connected to a WiFi network you scan the entire network and it will show you all the users on that network, both wired and WiFi. The first screen will let you scan for all clients on the network, both wired and wireless and let you select the users whose traffic you want to sniff. Then head over to the settings tab which is the cog symbol. Cookies tab. Now there are two other tabs, the shark fin and the image tabs. Download this powerful Android Sniffer here.