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Goalscape - goal management software tool

Goalscape Enterprise (private cloud and corporate server installation) is now available! For more information please contact It forces me to make hard choices and makes me concentrate on what I really must do.” John McKenna – Commercial Director, OC Group “I found it so compatible with the way I work that I immediately bought it.”Konstantin Prokopiu – Senior Technical Architect, Adobe Systems GmbHRead more testimonials Do the right thing with Goalscape

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Five Nice Ajax Event Calendars Last week I needed to find a robust Ajax Event Calendar, similar to iCal or Google Calendar. After hours of searching, I realized this was more difficult than it should have been. It appears a number of Ajax event calendars were prototyped in 2005-2007 but never matured. Goalscape Blog As a professional sailor I desperately wanted compete at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. I had already done quite well and had won a few national regattas; but had not had much success at top level. The Olympics is a serious challenge and I was no likely candidate. But I just loved sailing the exciting new boat that had been chosen for the next Games; and I was fanatically determined to sail against the world’s best sailors on one of the most beautiful stretches of water anywhere: Sydney Harbor. So I set out on the journey with my sailing partner, neither of us having any idea what a roller-coaster ride it would be. The challenge before us was complex.

Outliner View of very basic outline with graphics. Notepad view in Ecco Pro. Outliners are typically used for computer programming, collecting or organizing ideas, as personal information management or for project management. Mind mappers and wikis are related types of software. Five reasons to use MindGenius on your projects MindGenius software provides a better user experience for data capture, categorization, and export activities than other mind mapping tools, according to IT project expert Dr. Andrew Makar. I am frequently asked, "What is the best mind mapping project management tool?" There are a lot of great mind mapping tools on the market, including Mindjet MindManager, MatchWare's MindView, and MindMeister, but when pressed to choose a favorite, I'd have to say MindGenius.

Axosoft Creates Visual Project Management with OnTime Version 10 - Axosoft SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Axosoft, the company behind the leading project management software for software developers, released version 10 of its OnTime software today, featuring a drag-and-drop Planning Board that makes managing tasks simple and visual. The new feature, called the Scrum Planning Board, illustrates each task, requirement, defect, and incident in the system as a card. At a glance, these cards show what stage the item is in, who it is assigned to, how much time has been worked and how much time is remaining. The cards can be picked up and moved to subsequent workflow stages as the item progresses, and each "move" can trigger custom e-mail alerts to the project manager or team member, notifying them of status updates. "Version 10 has completely changed the game for not only software development teams, but also for any business who manages multiple projects," said Hamid Shojaee, CEO & founder of Axosoft. More information about OnTime version 10 can be found at

SmartQ: Visual Project-Management That Conforms to You When it comes to project management, most web apps offer the same basic features: a group of to-do lists, some kind of messaging board, a few gigs of file storage, shared document-editing, a calendar of some sort, and if you’re lucky, a set of reports. But what most don’t offer is the ability to develop a project-management workflow that conforms to the way your team already works, and without this customization, you lose precious time trying to get everybody up to speed on the new way of doing things. In my experience, that ramp-up time usually results in project members abandoning the app and reverting to project management by email. Enter SmartQ. Overview SmartQ provides a visual representation of your workflow

Web annotation A web annotation is an online annotation associated with a web resource, typically a web page. With a Web annotation system, a user can add, modify or remove information from a Web resource without modifying the resource itself. The annotations can be thought of as a layer on top of the existing resource, and this annotation layer is usually visible to other users who share the same annotation system. In such cases, the web annotation tool is a type of social software tool. For Web-based text annotation systems, see Text annotation. People, Projects and Architecture » Blog Archive » Visualize People on Projects Part II Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519) 'The eye, the window of the soul is the principal means by which the central sense can most completely sense and abundantly appreciate the infinite works of nature In Part I of this series on visualizations we developed a compelling reason how success is related to our people. To summarize: Success is related to peoples connections to each other, not only their connections but the critical core connections, the quality of those connections and the ownership of those connections. In the second part we are going to delve deeper into the current technology for visualizing information. The purpose of this Part II blog post is to evaluate current visualization and interaction techniques. Dynamic Interactive Visualization will allow us to abstract the information, effectively analyze data and make decisions.

DOWNLOAD How To Use Evernote: The Missing Manual Table Of Contents §1 – What Is Evernote? §2 – An Overview Of The Desktop App §3 – An Overview Of The Smartphone Apps §4 – Tips, Tricks & Hacks §5 – Evernote Add-Ons / Plugins Comparing Open Source Agile Project Management Tools Comparing Open Source Agile Project Management Tools There are many project management tools designed to support Agile methodologies such as Scrum and eXtreme Programming (XP), including several open source options. This article compares the most compelling open source options on the following criteria:

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