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57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources

57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources
Over time I’ve found myself doing more and more foundational work for organizations looking to dip their toes into social media. One of the key elements of this work, in my opinion, is creating a social media policy that fits well with the organization’s goals, culture and risk tolerance. But where to start? As it happens, lots of organizations publish their social media guidelines online, ready for you to review and use yourself. Here are 57 61 great social media policy templates and resources to use when building your own. (thanks for the suggestions in the comments!) Social Media Policies and Guidelines Other Social Media Policy Resources

50 Awesome Online Lectures for Social Media Masters By Olivia Coleman Social media addicts and the developers, designers and business managers who run social media sites have totally revolutionized the way the rest of us get our news, network, promote our businesses, and connect with (and meet) friends. It has come a long way since it was first launched as a MySpace 2.0 for college students – now everyone from working professionals to high school students are getting in on the action.

Implement Social Media Guidelines, Now inShare1 Guest post by Dan Schawbel: Follow him on Twitter | Read his blog Source Technology has united our professional and personal identities into one. You are no longer just the financial analyst, doctor, lawyer or “social media guru” during work hours. Politique de médias sociaux versus stratégie de médias sociaux It can certainly be said that social media outlets are here to stay with Facebook now touted as the most popular activity on the Internet (one can guess what it pulled ahead of). Canadians contribute largely to this trend and are among the world’s most active users of social media. Like any communications medium, social media should be considered and approached in a manner appropriate to your organization. However, unlike traditional communication mediums, the reach, speed and integration required to do so is intensified.

Une charte d’usage pour les média sociaux La Social Media Policy est une tendance très américaine dont l’on commence à entendre parler de ce côté-ci de l’Atlantique. L’idée est très pragmatique : puisque l’usage des réseaux sociaux en entreprise pose des problèmes spécifiques, trouvons donc une solution spécifique. La Social Media Policy rappelle donc ainsi non seulement les règles d’usage des réseaux sociaux pour les collaborateurs de l’entreprise, mais elle les accompagne également grâce à des conseils pleins de bon sens. Pas tout à fait un document contractuel ni totalement un outil de sensibilisation, il s’agit donc réellement d’un nouvel outil dans la besace du RSSI (CSO) américain.

10 Ways to Change the World Through Social Media Citizen journalism, open government, status updates, community building, information sharing, crowdsourcing, and the election of a President. Editor's note: This is first guest post from Max Gladwell. Our children will inherit a world profoundly changed by the combination of technology and humanity that is social media.

Anatomy of a Social Media Policy “I need your help!” he wailed over the phone. “An employee of ours just posted a YouTube video with really negative comments about our company. 247 web usability guidelines Web usability guidelines Home page usability: 20 guidelines to evaluate the usability of home pages. Task orientation: 44 guidelines to evaluate how well a web site supports the users tasks. Navigation and IA: 29 guidelines to evaluate navigation and information architecture. Forms and data entry: 23 guidelines to evaluate forms and data entry. Understanding the Social Media ROI Cycle Jamie Turner is the chief content officer of the 60 Second Marketer, the online magazine for BKV Digital and Direct Response. He is also the co-author of How to Make Money with Social Media. He’ll be speaking about his Social Media ROI Cycle at the SXSW Conference in Austin on March 15. Not long ago, I wrote about how to calculate the ROI of your social media campaign, which generated a lot of interest from the social media community. The article outlined how businesses can use Customer Lifetime Value to calculate the return on their social media investment. After writing the article, I started analyzing how businesses go about setting up, launching and running their social media campaigns.

2011 Fortune Global 100 Social Media Study - The Burson-Marsteller Blog In a short time, social media has gone from an interesting emerging communications trend to a critical part of the media landscape, and companies are reacting to that change. Last year, our Global Social Media Check-up found that 79 percent of the largest 100 companies in the Fortune Global 500 index are using at least one of the most popular social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or corporate blog, but companies were mainly using these channels for one-way communication to broadcast corporate messages. This year, the study found that the Fortune Global 100 are now more likely to directly engage users on social media, and companies are increasingly “@” mentioning and retweeting on Twitter and allowing and answering posts on Facebook pages. This is a clear indication that companies are now putting resources behind social media monitoring and engagement in a way that they were not 12 months prior.

99 Essential Twitter Tools And Applications 99 Essential Twitter Tools And Applications Advertisement If you haven’t heard of Twitter1 by now, you must be living under a rock!