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A nonprofit organization that makes the Web safer through the prevention, mitigation, and remediation of badware websites.

A nonprofit organization that makes the Web safer through the prevention, mitigation, and remediation of badware websites.

Über Malware und gehackte Websites - Webmaster-Tools-Hilfe Was ist Malware? Wenn Ihre Website infiziert wurde, ist dies im Allgemeinen auf eine Sicherheitslücke zurückzuführen, die es dem Hacker ermöglicht hat, die Kontrolle über Ihre Website zu übernehmen. Der Hacker kann den Content der Website ändern, um beispielsweise Spam hinzuzufügen, oder der Website zusätzliche Seiten hinzufügen. Der Begriff "Malware" beschreibt alle Arten bösartiger Software, die entwickelt wurde, um einen Computer oder ein Netzwerk zu beschädigen. In äußerst seltenen Fällen kann es bis zu einem Tag dauern, bis Malware-Warnungen und Links zum Antragsformular für die Malware-Überprüfung in den Webmaster-Tools angezeigt werden, nachdem Ihre Suche in den Suchergebnissen gekennzeichnet wurde. Wie kann ich feststellen, ob meine Website infiziert ist? Ob Ihre Website als Website identifiziert wurde, die Malware, eine Art schädlicher Software oder Badware, enthält oder verbreitet, erfahren Sie auf der Webmaster-Tools-Startseite. Weitere Informationen

Six Tips to Protect Your Search Privacy | Electronic Frontier Fo By Peter Eckersley, Seth Schoen, Kevin Bankston, and Derek Slater. Google, MSN Search, Yahoo!, AOL, and most other search engines collect and store records of your search queries. If these records are revealed to others, they can be embarrassing or even cause great harm. Would you want strangers to see searches that reference your online reading habits, medical history, finances, sexual orientation, or political affiliation? Recent events highlight the danger that search logs pose. Disclosures like AOL's are not the only threats to your privacy. Search companies should limit data retention and make their logging practices more transparent to the public,4 while Congress ought to clarify and strengthen privacy protections for search data. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has developed the following search privacy tips. 1. Don't search for your name, address, credit card number, social security number, or other personal information. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Conclusion September 2006

Notas, faturas e finanças – Receba mais rápido Você recebe o que você cobra. FastBill ajuda a emitir boletos e notas fiscais e criar faturas e propostas comerciais com poucos cliques. Ele demora apenas alguns segundos e economiza tempo para as coisas mais importantes. E, caso o pagamento esteja atrasado, não hesite em usar um dos nossos modelos de lembretes, cancelamentos ou notas de crédito. Lidar com a papelada chata não poderia ser mais fácil. Faça com que suas faturas e propostas aparentem mais profissionais e personalize-as como quiser. É chato esperar por pagamentos se seus clientes não pagam na data. Pare de Copiar e Colar faturas e despesas que são iguais todos os meses. Fique de olho na sua liquidez! Envie suas faturas com apenas um único clique. Regra empresarial nº 1: Conheça os seus números! Existem várias maneiras de acrescentar e tirar os seus dados do FastBill.

HighTechDad Blog - A blog about gadgets, software, hardware, technology, reviews, fix-its, how-to's, consumer electronics, solutions and parenting "hacks" - High Tech Dad Browser Defender™ | PC Tools - Kostenlose Sicherheit im Internet Überprüfung auf Malware anfordern - Webmaster-Tools-Hilfe Sobald Sie sicher sind, dass Ihre Website frei von infiziertem Code und Content ist, können Sie eine Überprüfung auf Malware beantragen. So fordern Sie eine Überprüfung auf Malware an: Klicken Sie auf der Startseite von Webmaster-Tools auf die gewünschte Website. Die Überprüfung auf Malware ist für Websites gedacht, die bereits mit schädlicher Software infiziert wurden. Die automatischen Systeme von Google scannen Ihre Website. Falls Sie Ihre Website bereinigt haben, die Warnung nach ein paar Tagen jedoch immer noch aktiv ist, haben Sie vielleicht noch nicht den gesamten problematischen Content auf Ihrer Website gefunden und entfernt. In äußerst seltenen Fällen kann es bis zu einem Tag dauern, bis Malware-Warnungen und Links zum Antragsformular für die Malware-Überprüfung in den Webmaster-Tools angezeigt werden, nachdem Ihre Suche in den Suchergebnissen gekennzeichnet wurde.

The Future of Reputation View Professor Solove speaking about The Future of Reputation at Google, Inc. (Mountainview, CA) on YouTube: Click here to view the video on YouTube in a larger size. Professor Solove also spoke about The Future of Reputation at Google, Inc.' CSPAN -- The Communicators, Interview with Daniel Solove (Feb. 2, 2008) (watch on YouTube) January 2009: Italian Translation published. October 2008: A paperback edition of The Future of Reputation is now available. September 2008: Korean translation published. The following are interviews and stories mentioning the book. Newsweek -- Jessica Bennett, At Long Last, A Small Justice (Feb. 5, 2010) Il Recensore (Italy) -- Marianna Del Curto, "No Privacy" in Internet? Chronicle of Higher Education -- Jeffrey Young, They're Back, and They're Bad: Campus-Wide Gossip Websites (August 31, 2009) CNN -- John Sutter, The Coming-Out Stories of Anonymous Bloggers (August 21, 2009) SF Chronicle -- Bernadette Tansey, The Business Bookshelf (Mar. 1, 2009) KMOX (radio, St.

Foundation Icon Fonts settings heart star plus minus checkmark remove mail calendar page tools globe cloud error right-arrow left-arrow up-arrow down-arrow trash add-doc edit lock unlock refresh paper-clip video photo graph idea mic cart address-book compass flag location clock folder inbox website smiley search phone General Enclosed Set Social Set thumb-up thumb-down facebook twitter pinterest github path linkedin dribbble stumble-upon behance reddit google-plus youtube vimeo clickr slideshare picassa skype instagram foursquare delicious chat torso tumblr video-chat digg wordpress Accessibility Set wheelchair speaker fontsize eject view-mode eyeball asl person question adult child glasses cc blind braille iphone-home w3c css key hearing-impaired male female network guidedog universal-access elevator How These Were Built Here at ZURB, we’re always trying to think of new ways to innovate on our processes and methods. How to Use Them We've made it super easy for you to get going with these icons! Merge in the Styles

27 Twitter Tools To Help You Find And Manage Followers This is my first Twitter related article, I am using Twitter a lot lately so it is really unforgivable not even have one article related to Twitter. Now I am starting to correct this mistake and here comes list with 27 Twitter tools, which will help You find more followers, manage them, find who doesn’t follow You back, who stops following, statistics and much, much more. As Your first added follower on this list You should follow @1stwebdesigner, if You want design related tweet links. Besides the tools you definitely could use guide how to tweet and build your followers as well, right? Check out our only Twitter tweeting guide 2012 you will need for your success on Twitter! 1.FriendOrFollow Who are you following that’s not following you back? 2. Find new followers based on Your inputted keyword. 3. Twitterless tells you who stops following you and graphs your follower history over time, making this info available in a variety of useful views. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.Twimailer 12. 13. 14. 15.

PhishTank | Join the fight against phishing Richtlinien für Webmaster - Webmaster-Tools-Hilfe Wenn Sie die unten stehenden Allgemeinen Richtlinien von Google einhalten, können wir Ihre Website leichter finden, indexieren und platzieren. Wir empfehlen Ihnen dringend, auch die Qualitätsrichtlinien weiter unten zu beachten. In diesen Richtlinien werden einige der unerlaubten Verfahren beschrieben, die zur endgültigen Entfernung einer Website aus dem Google-Index oder zu einer sonstigen Beeinträchtigung durch automatische oder manuelle Spammaßnahmen führen können. Von Spammaßnahmen betroffene Websites werden möglicherweise nicht mehr in den Suchergebnissen auf oder auf einer Partnerwebsite von Google angezeigt. Allgemeine Richtlinien Stellen Sie sicher, dass alle Seiten auf der Website über einen Link von einer anderen auffindbaren Seite erreicht werden können. Google beim Finden der Website unterstützen Erstellen Sie eine hilfreiche, informative Website und verfassen Sie Seiten, die den Inhalt klar und eindeutig beschreiben. Qualitätsrichtlinien Grundprinzipien

Veritate et Virtute: Online Safety: Let us be safe, at home, onl This is a continuation of the expansion on the daily tweets I shared via my Twitter account, @BurgessCT, during National CyberSecurity Awareness Month (#NCSAM - October 2009). If you’re reading this blog, you and your family are connected to the internet; your entrée to the internet is via a laptop, desktop PC, smart-phone, or other such devices and you have one, two maybe three separate service providers. Your connected devices allow you and your family the opportunity to literally bring the world to your doorstep. And we want the world to come to our door via the internet – as the internet brings to us knowledge, enhances our ability to communicate, provides us opportunities to share and collaborate with others and of course enables us to conduct commerce and be entertained. So let’s begin to close those virtual doors and keep out the uninvited. In closing, the online world enabled by the internet is wondrous place. Thank you for your time.

Phonebook O Truecaller oferece uma experiência que vai além das limitações dos aplicativos de agenda de telefones atuais, para que as pessoas possam ter acesso a informações corretas, pessoas e empresas que precisam contatar. O Truecaller começou ajudando as pessoas a gerenciar as informações de contato nos seus telefones, pesquisar números de contatos, identificar ligações recebidas e bloquear ligações indesejadas. Baixar Pesquise além da sua lista de contatos Sugestões Histórico Contatos Busque nos seus contatos como uma agenda de telefones normal, mas também busque números e nomes além dos seus contatos existentes com a nossa busca extensiva de mais de 1 bilhão de resultados. ID de chamadas ao vivo Veja quem está ligando Ajude a manter o seu acessório mais pessoal, o seu celular, seguro sabendo instantaneamente quem está ligando antes de atender. Bloqueio Bloqueie ligações que você não deseja receber

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