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The 5 Best Alternatives To YouTube Teachers Should Know About

Arguably, YouTube is one of the greatest resources when it comes to video marketing as well as providing educational content for the numerous students pursuing media-related courses. It is essential to appreciate the fact that having a wide selection of resources in the classroom boosts the learning culture in the classroom. Besides, having various alternatives brings forth a variety of platforms through which video marketing objectives can be achieved. See Also: The 100 Best Video Sites For Educators YouTube marketing is particularly popular in today’s modern world where technology has completely revolutionized how things are done. If you are a video marketer, taking time to imagine how difficult popularizing your video would be without YouTube is enough to create a business-dwindling scenario. School Tube There is no doubt that YouTube is extremely popular, a major reason why it is largely used for sharing media content. Teacher Tube Academic Earth How Stuff Works Social Networks Related:  Tech Tools

3 Ways One School Is Integrating Technology Source: GeekLover As we look ahead to 2013, educators are developing ways for their schools to adapt in our rapidly-changing technological world to ensure the best skill sets and success for their students. Beaver Country Day School , a leading, independent school for grades 6-12 just outside of Boston, lists the top 3 ways the school utilizes technology to improve student learning experiences: Screen time has its perks. In a 1:1 laptop environment for all students and teachers, web 2.0 skills and related computer projects are integrated throughout daily curriculum and across all subjects. Trained teachers, called “Technology Integration Specialists,” guide teachers to de-emphasize the specialization of computer technology and improve students’ collaboration, analytical and research skills. Remove the Facebook firewall. Teach for the future.

7 Little-Known Tech Tools Teachers Should Try Out There are hundreds of thousands of apps, tools, and websites that teachers could learn from. But, well, teachers don’t have that kinda time. In fact, the lack of time is a big issue when it comes to education technology integration. Handing off an iPad to a teacher and saying ‘there now you have an iPad, go revolutionize learning!’ is how most districts still approach integration. So in an effort to boil down the most effective (even if they’re not the most popular) education technology tools, many people like myself test out and recommend just a small fraction of the many offerings out there. Since we’ve established that teachers are short on time but not on resources, these kind of articles are great for a connected educator on the go. Most of the tools are not very well-known or at least not overly used and talked about.

Zeitgeist 2012 – Google 2012 was a year of big moments, from global games to historical elections and everything in between. With this site, we've analyzed over one trillion queries to showcase what the world searched for. How We Did This We studied an aggregation of over one trillion searches (or queries) that people typed into Google Search this year.

3 Alternative Ways To Pay For A College Education Paying for college seems overwhelming and stressful when you’re getting started. College tuition is one the rise each year it seems. There are ways to pay for college without you having to pay out-of-pocket. Some of the ways to pay will have to be repaid after you graduate while others will not. If you wish to go to college there is a way to pay for it and get the degree you are after. One way to go to school is with a scholarship. Another way to pay for school is with a grant from your state or with federal aid. One final way you can look into is getting a private student loan. 7 Technology Tools Every Educator Should Use A big part of my job as technology teacher is IT coordinator, which means I must keep up with tech ed widgets and tools so I know what to recommend to the teachers at my school. I have a robust PLN that constantly shares what they are using in their classrooms, programs like PowToon, Dipity, Tikatok, Yacapaca, Glittertools, Chart Gizmo, Noteflight--you get the idea. Still, there are more than any one teacher can test properly. In a perfect world, here’s how I determine which of these hundreds (thousands?) • I try it myself. • Next, I query my social networks. Here are a few ways to make sure we can find a nice balance between using and... Believe it or not, Halloween is just around the corner. Classroom activities to get kids excited about the future – like college or... Use these test prep teaching strategies that experienced teachers have... We look at some classroom management tips you can use to engage your... If a tool passes these two tests, I try it in class. BigHugeLabs Jing Nanoogo

How to Save Web Pages to your Google Drive 11 Dec 2012 You can save web pages, images, PDFs, and other web content to your Google Drive with a simple click. couch mode print story The Google Docs team has released a new Chrome add-on that will help you save full web pages to your Google Drive with a click. You can choose to save web pages as HTML files, as Google Documents or as .mht files where the entire page (including the CSS and JavaScript) is packed into a single web archive file that can later be viewed inside Internet Explorer (and also Firefox). This isn’t just limited to saving web page but works with other types of web content too. For instance, you can right-click any image on a web page and save it to your online Google Drive account. All files are saved in the root folder of Google Drive and there isn’t a way to change the default save location. You don’t however need the Google Drive app on your computer for this to work.

4 Educational Social Networks You're Not Yet Using We’ve heard about Learnist, Lore, Edmodo, and the many other educational social networks . But what else is out there? If you’re an early adopter or simply like being the ‘cool’ teacher in the lounge … then make sure you know about these relatively new offerings. There’s a pantload of other social networks out there and we do our best to showcase them when the time is right. eduClipper A take-off on Pinterest, eduClipper is one of the newest entries to the ‘educational social network’ foray and seems like a worthwhile place to pull in some hard-to-find information. TeachAde Similar to parts of Edutopia and the WordPress Buddypress plugin, TeachAde hosts a number of useful discussion groups and offers plenty of free education resources. Diipo Billed as an “education 2.0 social network for your class,” Diipo reminds me more of Edmodo and some Blackboard applications rather than Pinterest or your standard social network. Twiducate

4 Ways To Bring PowerPoint Presentations Online Every day in offices, schools and cafeterias all around the globe, zillions of PowerPoint presentations are built to present, convince, inform and sell. Most of these presentations are presented live to an audience and then… Then what? Most of the time, nothing. Whether a presentation is about a lesson, an idea, a product, a company, an analysis, a proposal or a curriculum, the benefits of sharing it to a much wider audience are tremendous. In case of presentations for which access need to be limited to a company, a school or a group of subscribers there are still valuable benefits in publishing the presentations online, even if behind a firewall or a paywall. However, if the benefits of publishing presentations online are so tremendous, why do many authors choose not to share their presentations online? The four strategies The second strategy is to record voice comments to the slides to build a talking presentation and share it online as a video or as a talking slide show. Conclusion

What You Need To Know About Google+ Communities If your Google+ experience has been hit and miss, its new answer to Facebook groups could get you back into it again. Communities has been designed to let like-minded Google+ users come together through common interests and considering the overall experience is rather fragmented, it's something that the site has needed. It's best to think of Communities as a cross between a group and a forum, acting as a message board and a place for discussion. Why You Should Invest Time Into It Social Search While it's still very early days, the potential for Communities to play a major part in social search is huge. Granted, LinkedIn and Facebook offer this as well, but their search functions tend to be hit and miss so Google+ may offer a viable alternative. It Gives Context To Your Opinions One of the criticisms aimed at Google+ was that you could post something, but you're not entirely sure who you're talking to or if it would get a response. It Could Potentially Bring Everyone Together . Categories

The Best Education Tools: A Crowdsourced Guide We showcase the best education tools which consist of a myriad of apps, tools, and other resources on a daily basis on Edudemic. It’s what we do. It’s fun, useful, and lets us help connect you with interesting new ways to do things. But what if you miss some posts because you’re off having a life, on vacation, or just don’t check Edudemic every minute of every day. That’s why we (Jeff and Katie) built “ The Best Education Tools For Teachers ” area of the site. How It Works First, head over to this page and then read through the introduction. To add to a list, just use the big pink ‘Add To List’ button and follow the instructions. If you want to just browse, no need to sign in. Now comes the fun part. So that’s about it. Click Here To View The Best Education Tools For Teachers

50 Education Technology Tools You Can Start Using Today 6 Time-Saving Writing Apps For Students 8.22K Views 0 Likes For anyone who has ever had to write a paper, you know that getting the ideas down when they come to you is important. These mobile apps will get you started and keep you going. 5 Useful iPhone Apps For Student Bloggers 19 Handy Google Tricks That You Weren’t Aware Of After covering everything that Google Search has to offer, you can easily forge that search only forms one small part of the Google behemoth. With so many different features and clients available, it’s very easy to use the basic features for each and leave it at that. However, if you delve a little deeper, there are many tricks hidden away that will help improve your experience. To help you out, here are a number of tips and tricks that you can use for four of Google’s more popular features: Gmail, Maps, Google Drive and Google News. Gmail Use Filtered Search Gmail’s search bar is very handy for finding that message you got months ago, but most people don’t realise how easy it is to access advanced search. Activate Starring Feature Sometimes you will come across important messages, but the only way you can mark them is with the yellow tab or star icon. Cut Down Text In Email Replies Keyboard Shortcuts Like all Google features, there are keyboard shortcuts that you can take advantage of.

5 iPhone Apps for Students With Disabilities Photo Credit: You may not realize it, but people with disabilities are also at a disadvantage when it comes to education. Studies show that 54 million Americans have disabilities. 28% of those with disabilities aged 25 and above barely even finished high school. More than 16 million people in America have a mental illness or a cognitive function problem while 3 million people have difficulty with speech communication, thus hindering them from learning independently. However, learning can be facilitated, even for people with disabilities, through the help of mobile devices like the iPhone. If you’re a parent of a disabled child or a teacher for disabled students, you can make learning more interesting for them with the help of these apps! ArtikPix One of the best learning methods for children is the use of pictures and graphics, one thing that modern technology such as the iPhone can now offer for free. In My Dreams ADHD Angel TapToTalk Learn Braille Alphabet

101 Recommended Educational Web Tools Classrooms are fundamentally changing right now. You may not see it or even feel like it’s happening anytime soon. But the simple amount of web tools out there designed to genuinely improve education is astounding. This presentation from Eric Schreefel at GoEdOnline is one of the most robust and useful lists around. 1.