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you have been here sometime delight by design swissmiss Bloesem Bookazine – wir essen Ein Projekt von Büro Schramm für Gestaltung und Restaurant Margarete Die Idee zu „wir essen“ kam uns beim Essen. Es geht ums Kochen, Essen, Trinken und wie man sich dabei vergnügt und es geht nicht um Gastrokritik, Gesundheit, Weltanschauung oder Political Correctness. Entstanden sind eine Reihe Bookazines. Nach „Frankfurter Küchen“, „Frankfurter Küchen zwei“ und „Kochen mit Alkohol„ ist „wir essen“ ein weiteres kulinarisches Abenteuer mit Simon Horn. GestaltungBüro Schramm für Gestaltung Home Shopping Spy

Lobster and Swan VOID MATTERS So Vintage So Girly | Deco, cuisine et lifestyle ! Box Vox | BEACH Philippe Leger’s collection of WWII “Jerrycans” Not a lot is known about Vinzenz Grünvogel, the German inventor of the Wehrmacht kanister. (aka: the “Jerrycan”) Philippe Leger (whose Jerrycan collection is shown above) has two books on the subject of the containers. The first book was his 2008 Jerrycan, 70-Year Old and Still in Service. A lot has been written about the British efforts to reverse-engineer the can for themselves and America’s missed opportunity for developing their own version much earlier. Prior to its development, the fuel cans used in Germany were triangular. What is not widely known, is that two years later, in 1938, Grünvogel traveled to New York with Albano Müller (the head of Müller & Co.) One must presume (since Grünvogel was traveling with his employer) that this was a business trip. The passenger list of that voyage includes a number of figures who, like Vinzenz Grünvogel, would turn out to be historic in one way or another.