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A deficiency of dietary omega-3 may explain depressive behaviors [ Print | E-mail | Share ] [ Close Window ] Contact: Séverine Ciancia INSERM (Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale) Roasted Tomato and Tomatillo Salsa - Happyolks » Happyolks Rick Bayless knows salsa. Alice Waters calls him a “brilliant teacher with an inexhaustible curiosity about authentic Mexican cooking.” I couldn’t agree more. Looking for another way to use up the piles of tomatoes I have around the kitchen, I turned to In The Green Kitchen (techniques to learn by heart), where Bayless describes the simple and delicious way to serve up heirlooms and tomatillos. I combined the two, added some mango, and served it on everything from salad, cumin roasted garbanzo beans, and zucchini noodles. Some of you might be thinking, wait – what’s a tomatillo again?

Amazon Discount Finder: Find hidden 75%-off deals & more Amazon is the biggest name in online shopping. While some may gnash their teeth because they think the company's tax structure means it's avoiding paying its fair share of the UK tax bill, for many it's simply the web's one-stop convenience store and the first place they look. Our rulebook for the giant e-tailer has 16 top tricks to help you slash prices, including the Amazon Discount Finder Tool (above), which instantly finds secret 75%+ off bargains on electronics, cameras, clothes, TVs and more.

Codex Alimentarius Loves Toxic Fluoride, Part 1 In the previous article, I wrote about the global implications of Codex Alimentarius. I discussed in some detail the oppressive standards recommended by BfR, which have largely been included in the Codex Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements. However, there is one more provision included in the risk assessment process that even many critics of Codex are unaware of. This is the goal to not only treat nutrients as toxins, but treat toxins as nutrients. At first, this is not readily apparent. A closer look at the risk assessment provided by BfR provides one with a glimmer of what might one day be a completely Orwellian policy toward vitamins, minerals, and toxins.

Picture 5195 « Gallery 412 « Valentine’s Day Recipes Your Budget Will Fall in Love With “Let’s go out for Valentine’s Day.” Famous last words. Dining out on the day of romance is likely to make you and your beloved victims of overpriced, ordinary food, tied up in the rip-off ribbon of a prix fixe. That's why we thrifty lovebirds prefer to stay home and make our own romantic feast. And, rather than try to spend as much on homemade aphrodisiacs as we would have at the overpriced French bistro, we’ve decided to stick with heartwarming, stomach-filling favorites from the ultimate cuisine of frugal amore: Italian. First, billowy ricotta is dressed with truffles and sweet honey.

Wal-Mart Waits With Carrefour as India Wins Instant Gain: Retail Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) and Carrefour SA (CA) waited seven years for access to India’s $400 billion retail market. They may have to wait almost as long to make a profit in the world’s second most populous nation. Expensive real estate, a warehouse shortage and congested roads will force foreign retailers to spend about 20 billion rupees ($382 million) on supply systems, said Anand Ramanathan, associate director at KPMG Advisory Services in India. India on Nov. 24 said it will allow overseas companies to invest up to 51 percent in retail stores selling more than one brand. The decision, which ends at least seven years of debate, may benefit local merchants, such as Pantaloon Retail India Ltd. The Spiraling Upwards Test Welcome to your dizzying life! You know how you've been feeling like you've been going in circles? Well, you have! But you've also been going in straight lines at the same time. Which means that you've really been going in spirals! Yep, spirals... Organic Consumers Association: What a difference a day makes Imagine my surprise, after promoting this organization on my site, recommending it to so many others and believing this group would be instrumental in the fight against oppressive government regulations and unnecessary legislation that will cause undue hardship on organic farmers, ranchers and anyone devoted to natural food and traditional farming and ranching…..I find this alert from OCA calling the efforts to stop these egregious bills from being passed “internet myths”. (See Alert below) It is apparent NO ONE at OCA has actually read the bills or realizes that the “food Safety” bills are nothing less than pieces of an overall plan. This capitulation on the part of OCA occurred less than 24 hours after the Ag committee hearings that occurred yesterday regarding the intents of these bills. What a difference a day makes!