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Cooking With Almond Butter

BANANA AND DATE SCONES - Dairy and sugar free Amazon Discount Finder: Find hidden 75%-off deals & more Buying from Amazon's European sites rather than Amazon UK can be cheaper. Clever tool checks prices across Amazon's sites in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. (It also checks prices in the USA, but there you may need to pay customs, plus consumer rights vary.) The weakened pound means items might cost slightly more than they would have on Amazon EU sites, but there are still bargains to be had. The best deals tend to be on high-end electricals. Louise tweeted: "@MartinSLewis Saved nearly £100 on my new Dyson by buying it from Amazon in Germany. When is it worth it? As a rule of thumb, it can be worth buying from Amazon's EU sites if you'll save more than £10. Priceonline can be glitchy and didn't always display every result when we checked. Here are the key tips for buying from Europe: Translate the page.

Roasted Tomato and Tomatillo Salsa - Happyolks » Happyolks Rick Bayless knows salsa. Alice Waters calls him a “brilliant teacher with an inexhaustible curiosity about authentic Mexican cooking.” I couldn’t agree more. Some of you might be thinking, wait – what’s a tomatillo again? “Tomatillos earn their diminutive name by their petite size that varies from that of a cherry tomato to one of a small tomato. Roasted Tomatillo and Tomato Salsa Adapted from Rick Bayless, In the Green Kitchen (Waters) 3 large garlic cloves 4 ripe heirloom tomatoes 6-7 small tomatillos 1 medium sized sweet onion salt 2 limes 1 bunch of cilantro 1 mango Remove skins from tomatillos and give them a vigorous wash. Squeeze garlic out of the skins, and pour roasted mixture into a mortar or large bowl.

Wal-Mart Waits With Carrefour as India Wins Instant Gain: Retail Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) and Carrefour SA (CA) waited seven years for access to India’s $400 billion retail market. They may have to wait almost as long to make a profit in the world’s second most populous nation. Expensive real estate, a warehouse shortage and congested roads will force foreign retailers to spend about 20 billion rupees ($382 million) on supply systems, said Anand Ramanathan, associate director at KPMG Advisory Services in India. India on Nov. 24 said it will allow overseas companies to invest up to 51 percent in retail stores selling more than one brand. “It will take at least two to three to five years before we see the full impact of this change in policy,” said Saloni Nangia, senior vice president at Technopak Advisors Pvt. Head Start Shares of India’s three biggest retailers jumped in Mumbai trading on news about the changes. Possible Credit Boost Bharti Venture Less than $1 billion of Wal-Mart’s $422 billion sales last year came from India. Rising Overhead

Picture 5195 « Gallery 412 « Valentine’s Day Recipes Your Budget Will Fall in Love With | Food & Health “Let’s go out for Valentine’s Day.” Famous last words. Dining out on the day of romance is likely to make you and your beloved victims of overpriced, ordinary food, tied up in the rip-off ribbon of a prix fixe. That's why we thrifty lovebirds prefer to stay home and make our own romantic feast. First, billowy ricotta is dressed with truffles and sweet honey. Accompany dinner with a light red wine. View Slide Show Learn a new dish and a new technique when cooking linguine with braised escarole.

How Walmart Is Changing China - Magazine The world’s biggest corporation and the world’s most populous nation have launched a bold experiment in consumer behavior and environmental stewardship: to set green standards for 20,000 suppliers making several hundred thousand items sold to billions of shoppers worldwide. Will that effort take hold, or will it unravel in a recriminatory tangle of misguided expectations and broken promises? Susan Meiselas/Magnum Photos Beside the Fifth Ring Road, one of the superhighways encircling Beijing like concentric shock waves radiating outward from the epicenter of an earthquake, sits an enormous big-box installation, one of thousands now proliferating throughout China. Also see: A Map of Walmart in China From sea cucumbers in Dalian to upscale Sam's Clubs in Shanghai, Walmart stores vary from province to province. Stepping into the building’s vast, windowless interior, I have the sense of entering an oversize Fabergé egg. The Wager Consider the following: Breaking the “Bentonville Bubble” “Yeah.

Baked Asparagus Fries recipe Did you all have a good super bowl or puppy bowl? Madonna is scary, no? I’ve been seeing pictures of her from the Super Bowl, and it literally scares me. Nightmare scary. Baked Asparagus Fries with Three Dipping Sauces Makes 1 pound Directions: 1. celio