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Scholar Universe - Database of scholar profiles for published academic faculty, medical researchers and scientific experts

Scholar Universe - Database of scholar profiles for published academic faculty, medical researchers and scientific experts
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WorldWideScience Hunch Pageflakes Loading ... Error area 875 Free Online Courses from Top Universities Get 1,300 free online courses from the world's leading universities -- Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more. You can download these audio & video courses (often from iTunes, YouTube, or university web sites) straight to your computer or mp3 player. Over 45,000 hours of free audio & video lectures, await you now. Humanities & Social Sciences Art & Art History Courses Classics Courses Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (Syllabus) - Free iTunes Video - Free Online Video - David O'Connor, Notre DameAncient Greece: City and Society - Free iTunes Audio - La Trobe University, AustraliaAncient Greece: Myth, Art & War - Free iTunes Audio - Dr Gillian Shepherd, La Trobe University - AustraliaAncient Greek History - Free Online Course - Donald Kagan, YaleAncient Israel - Free Online Course - Daniel Fleming, NYUAncient Philosophy - Free Online Audio - David Ebrey, UC BerkeleyAncient Wisdom and Modern Love (Syllabus) - Free iTunes Video - Free Online Video - David O'Connor, Notre Dame

Google Scholar Libera l'informazione online L'informazione obbiettiva e completa è un diritto umano. Più è ampia la conoscenza dei cittadini in una democrazia, più attive e responsabili potranno essere le loro scelte. Solo attraverso un'informazione corretta e trasparente i cittadini saranno ben informati e potranno scegliere e controllare l'operato (e le promesse) dei loro governanti. Tuttavia alcune nazioni vogliono limitare la conoscenza dei cittadini, bloccando l'accesso a determinati tipi di fonti e la divulgazione di informazioni scomode (chi ha promesso un certo provvedimento, chi è stato arrestato, come ha operato un certo funzionario...). Le principali forme di manipolazione e sottrazione dell'informazione sono la censura e la propaganda. La prima si basa sul divieto o l'impedimento di accesso a precise notizie, la seconda sulla diffusione di un pensiero prefabbricato, con il quale indirizzare e condizionare l'opinione pubblica. PeaceReporter diffonde i suoi contenuti in forma cartacea e via Internet.

The Anthropology of Hackers - Gabriella Coleman - Technology Editor's Note: Pasty kids with greasy hair typing on command lines. Dark villains of the networked world. Security magicians with odd political beliefs. We have a lot of ideas about who hackers are, but very few people have actually tried to seriously investigate the anthropology of one of the more fascinating social groups to emerge at the end of the 20th century. NYU's Gabriella Coleman studies their culture, an odd brew of faith in freedom of information and traditional liberalism, along with a generous salt-and-peppering of nerdiness and counterculturalism. A "hacker" is a technologist with a love for computing and a "hack" is a clever technical solution arrived through a non-obvious means. Since 2007, I have taught an undergraduate class on computer hackers at New York University where I am Assistant Professor in the Department of Media, Culture and Communication. Week One: Introductions and the MIT Hackers Week Two: The Craft and Liberalism of Hacking Week Three: Phreaking A lot.

Page d'accueil LARA Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) What Is a MOOC? A massive open online course (MOOC) is a model for delivering learning content online to any person who wants to take a course, with no limit on attendance. This updated ELI 7 Things You Should Know About MOOCs II (June 2013) provides additional key facts about MOOCs. A short video about MOOCs and the connected age. MOOC Resources How Students Engage with a Remedial English Writing MOOC: A Case Study in Learning Analytics with Big Data, ELI Brief, March 2015. Previous Events EDUCAUSE Sprint 2013, July 30–August 1. Looking for more sessions on MOOCs? MOOCs of Interest Current/Future State of Higher Education 2012. MOOC Providers

Typologie des moteurs et outils de recherche Remarque préalable : Il existe de nombreuses typologies possibles des moteurs de recherche, selon toutes sortes de critères. Chaque moteur relève de plusieurs catégories, les critères sont évidemment étroitement imbriqués et présents simultanément. Et il est donc vain de chercher à dresser une typologie complète et définitive, sur des "objets" aussi mouvants et hybrides que les moteurs de recherche.[1] La typologie proposée ici est donc très limitée, partielle et cherche seulement à faire ressortir quelques grands critères, permettant une exploration et une comparaison cohérente d’un certain nombre d'outils. Nous avons choisi plusieurs critères permettant une approche différenciée des moteurs : - l'offre des ressources : quelle est la nature du contenu des ressources collectées ? - la présentation des résultats : les résultats sont-ils présentés de manière linéaire, visuelle, cartographique, orale, etc. ? 1/ Typologie selon l’offre de ressources 2/ Moteurs de recherche en temps réel

URL Toolbox: 90+ URL Shortening Services We know what you're thinking. That many? Yes, we were surprised, too, but decided to plough through the seemingly endless supply of URL shorteners and put them all in one place. You'll never have to use more than a handful, but now at least you know what your choices are. a2n - An URL Shortening Service that can shorten up to 100 long URLs in one go. AZQQ - A simple URL Shortening Service with a Google like interface. - Create customized URLs of your long URLs. - This service allows you to password-protect and customized your URLs. CanURL - Another simple URL Shortening Service. C-O.IN - This is an URL redirection service with which you can redirect your long URLs to customized short domain names. - Yet another simple service to create short URLs. Cuturls - This is a light service with a similar interface like that of AZQQ. Doiop - Write your own keyword to use when shortening a long URL with Doiop. DwarfURL - Password-protect the URL you created.

100 Incredible Open Courses for the Ultimate Tech Geek - Online Courses While colleges can be a great place to build up your knowledge of technologies of all kinds, real world experience and free learning resources on the web can do a pretty good job of showing you the ropes as well. Here are 100 free resources to help you hone your techie skills and learn more about the ever-changing world of technology. Computer Science and Engineering These courses offer you a chance to learn about everything from electrical engineering to the basics of computer science. Data and Processing in Computers: Learn just how computers and software work in this free course. Computer Security There isn’t much point in having an awesome tech setup if it’s at risk of being destroyed by hackers or digital ne’er-do-wells. Cryptography and Cryptanalysis: This course will introduce students to public-key encryption, digital signatures, pseudo-random number generation, and basic protocols. Programming Check out these courses to learn the basics of several different programming languages.

COS Scholar Universe™ brings a world of research and scholarship to one easily searchable database. With 2 million profiles, it helps researchers and academics connect with colleagues with shared interests while expanding their networks to include previously unknown people working in related fields or in other areas of the world by macopa Oct 11

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