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Digital cameras, all other cameras and everything photographic - Adorama Camera Store

Digital cameras, all other cameras and everything photographic - Adorama Camera Store

The Photojojo Store! - the Most Awesome Photo Gifts and Gear for Photographers Photovision Início Promoções Cabeça Mini Ball Head R$ 59,00 R$ 69,00 Monopé de mão para câmeras compactas, microfone, flashes e outros R$ 99,00 R$ 109,00 Slider Car Dolly para DSLR Camera / Filmadoras R$ 298,80 R$ 339,80 » todas as promoções Tags Submarina HD Ipod touch CMOS Vídeo HD Facebook Blog Mais vendidos » Todos os mais vendidos Fabricantes Página indisponível Lamentamos, mas o endereço que digitou não está mais disponível Para encontrar um produto, por favor escreva o nome no campo abaixo Início

Street Photography guide from "Stare. It is the way to educate your eye, and more. Stare, pry, listen eavesdrop. Die knowing something. Walker Evans (in a draft text to accompany the hidden camera subway photographs) The best thing about street photography: serendipity The best thing about street photography is that it is possible for the final viewer of a print to see more than the original photographer. Volume, Volume, Volume Garry Winogrand is famous for having exposed three rolls of Kodak TRI-X black and white film on the streets of New York City every day for his entire adult life. This is the kind of dedication that you need to bring to a street photography project if you hope to achieve greatness. Technique The classic technique for street photography consists of fitting a wide (20mm on a full-frame camera) or moderately wide-angle (35mm) lens to a camera, setting the ISO to a moderate high speed (400 or 800), and pre-focusing the lens. Gallery A few more from Mexico... a few from Sweden... and Germany... More

Stylish Camera Bags for Women Photographers ~ Veralana Photography Blog So you got a fun new DSLR for Christmas, and now you’re realizing that it’s a little more to tote around than the old pocket camera was. I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking for the right bags for me–things that don’t scream “I’m a camera bag, please steal me” during international travel, and that are a little feminine-looking–not your daddy’s camera bag. Kelly Moore I love the variety of color and design options available from Kelly Moore Bags. Epiphanie A great option for fashionable women’s camera bags is Epiphanie, designed by professional photographer Maile Wilson. Jill-e My first splurge of a camera bag was a brown suede medium-sized Jill-e bag. Emera “The *emera tote is designed for a DSLR a few lenses for when you’re running around town or vacationing and you don’t want to look like a tourist.” ShootSac Designed by photographer Jessica Clare, these bags are designed for photographers to carry extra lenses while shooting. Jo Totes Update 5/2010 Thanks everyone for the great comments.

Essential Kit for Photographers » Marta's Essential Kit for Photographers Welcome to our website. It was created to make the life of photo enthusiasts and pros easier and to help you (you are one of them right?) burst with creativity. Among our products you’ll find actions for Adobe Photoshop and presets for Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) and Lightroom. Samples Samples. Tutorials Web & video tutorials. Online Store Buy our actions & presets here. Your Shopping Cart Whoa there!This doesn't look right. More thingsyou might like! There’s nothing in your cart. Let us class up your goodies with Photojojo stickers and a colorful bow! a photo a day How to Price Portrait Photography? Jodie Otte's Advice | MCP Photoshop Actions and Tutorials Blog for Photographers You are here: Blog Home » Business Tips » How To Price Portrait Photography To Make Money How To Price Portrait Photography? Words of Advice from a Professional Photographer As a general observation, I am shocked at the low prices of a lot of portrait photographers – especially new photographers, and I hope this isn’t offensive to anyone, but what is more important than your photography, is your business skills when running a business. This industry is completely saturated with under priced photographers – many talented. Business sense, that’s what. Everyone asks – how should I price my portrait photography? Another thing – if you do not need the money right now because your spouse is the breadwinner, now is a GREAT TIME to build an exclusiveness about your business. The thing about running a business – you have to take emotions out of it. Do you have a reason for pricing the way you do? So how do you price? Ask yourself how much you want to make per year. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

InfiBeam: Gifts to India | Online Shopping India | Apparel, Books, Cameras, Watches, Mobiles Digital Learning Center <div class="wpthemeMessage" role="alert" wairole="alert"><img class="wpthemeMsgIcon wpthemeMsgIconError" src="" alt="Error" /><span class="wpthemeAltText">Error:</span><div class="wpthemeMessageBody">Javascript is disabled in this browser. This page requires Javascript. Modify your browser's settings to allow Javascript to execute. See your browser's documentation for specific instructions. Education & Inspiration Learn with Canon online, with educational articles and training videos at your fingertips. Workshops & Classes Learn with Canon in-person, with experiences that educate and inspire. Events Calendar Want to learn with Canon in-person?

Pricing Professional Wedding/Portrait Photography: Resources and Ideas First, I want to say thanks to the literally hundreds of people who contacted me about yesterday’s post, So You Call Yourself a Professional. I received more than 300 responses by email and hundreds more messages on Twitter. Only three were negative and surprisingly, two of those three were even civil. It’s clear that for every troll who’s out there trying to make a name for themselves by bashing someone with a big audience like me, there are 100 of you who like and appreciate what I do. I’ll continue to do it just for you. I think it’s noteworthy that people from other industries contacted me to say that they faced similar problems. Amongst the praise, several of you asked how you could break out of the bottom pricing tier, so today’s post is designed to help you do just that. I want to start by reminding you of a paragraph in the original post. “If you want to learn how to effectively, fairly, accurately and reasonably price your photography, there are lots of places to go for help.

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