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Table of Contents ← Previous Demo: Responsive Audio Player Back to the Codrops Article Self-destruction The Hon. Francis Gillette, in a speech in Hartford, Conn., in 1871, said that there was "in Connecticut, on an average, one liquor shop to every forty voters, and three to every Christian church. In New London, report says, the young men are falling into drinking habits as never before. "The pulse of a person in health beats about seventy strokes a minute, and the ordinary term of life is about seventy years. "In New York, Mr. "Massachusetts is moving to build an asylum for her twenty-five thousand drunkards. "The same rate of fearful expenditure for intoxicating drinks extends across the ocean. From "The Funny Side of Physic" by A. Why we die But few of the human race die of old age. "Choked with passion" is no chimera; for passion often kills the unfortunate possessor of an irritable temper, sometimes suddenly. Let us see how long a man should live. The honeymoon Dr. A drawing joke

Suit Up or Die Magazine #1 13 Insanely Cool Resumes That Landed Interviews At Google And Other Top Jobs Studio Lin StudioLin Identity All Clients Kailash Atal I am Kailash Atal, B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (2009-2013). Currently I am venturing my time in getting acquainted to tools in the domain of Image Processing to re-explore the depths of reCAPTCHA for Indian Languages, developing programming skills, and academic research in OCR for Hindi language etc. I wish to take up academic research in subjects that lie at the intersection of Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Computer Vision. Leisurely, I opt for sketching, designing/painting t-shirts. Apart from cultural diversities, I also enjoy the aroma of sweat and shade of sports.

CUBE About » PARK & CUBE Born in Seoul, raised in Warsaw and now London based, Shini Park is a Graphic designer and writer behind the fashion blog, Park & Cube. The blog was launched in November 2008, consisting mainly of her photography and personal thoughts on topics ranging from fashion to food. Shini also is an ardent explorer of secret hideouts in London and fashion Fashion DIY projects. After graduating Central Saint Martins, Park now works as a web designer and photographer while running Park & Cube.

Abhinav Agarwal I am presently a PhD student in Electrical Engineering at California Institute of Technology. I completed my undergraduate degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati in 2013. I have research experience working as a sophomore summer research assistant at Korean Advanced Institute of Science & Technology(KAIST),South Korea.I have spent summer after my junior year working as a research assistant at University of British Columbia(UBC) as a Mitacs Globalink fellow.I am the recipient of the prestigious IEEE India Best Student Paper Award 2012. As a subpart of my bachelor's thesis working in the area of Biomedical Engineering our team comprising of four people had won the General Electric research award of million Indian rupees on winning the GE Edison Challenge 2012.

The Gold of The Andes Gundeep Singh Viagem Autonómica