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Mila's Daydreams

Mila's Daydreams
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Roderik Henderson - Photography Sleeping baby becomes web hit after artist mother sketches him in hilarious poses using her iPhone By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 16:20 GMT, 3 December 2012 | Updated: 16:54 GMT, 3 December 2012 Peacefully sleeping this baby has no idea that his mother is using him as her muse. Vincent Enersen has yet to learn to talk and walk but his mother Adele, from Helsinki in Finland, has already made him an internet star by interpreting his dreams using photos of him asleep taken on an iPhone coupled with quirky sketches. After taking a photo of Vincent asleep Adele then draws a sketch around the image of the dozing youngster of the scene she thinks he is dreaming about. Hey Mr DJ: In this sketch photo artist Adele Enersen suggests that baby son vincent is dreaming about being a DJ, working the decks wearing a pair of headphones The adorable photo sketches have proved to be a big hit after Ms Enersen began posting them on her blog. Among the dreams she has depicted is a scene showing Vincent wearing a big pair of headphones behind a set of decks.

| Cyril Bitton Photography Мобильный LiveInternet Удивительные сны детей... | Katya_Anciferova - Дневник Katya_Anciferova | Это цитата сообщения sherilaОригинальное сообщение Удивительные сны детей... Adele Enersen прославилась в сети благодаря своему необычному хобби. [596x434] Adele Enersen живет и работает ИТ-специалистом в Хельсинки, Финляндия. [597x439] [596x437] [602x423] [598x415] [605x464] [601x453] [599x428] [602x421] [595x435] [600x414] [599x450] [601x420] [552x350] [552x350] [552x350] [552x350] [373x480] Une mère prend des photographies magiques de ses deux enfants dans leur ferme Ces merveilleuses photographies de la Russe Elena Shumilova nous plongent dans un beau monde qui tourne autour de deux garçons et quelques uns de leurs animaux. Le rendu est magnifique les couleurs, l'émotion, les paysages laissent sans voix. Nous vous suggérons de vous détendre, vous installer confortablement avec une tasse de thé pour parcourir cette belle collection de photographies !

Home | Rossall School Maryvonne Lepage : "Ce n'est pas parce que Camille a disparu que le journalisme doit s'arrêter" | Voir visa pour l'image 2014 Un livre en hommage à Camille Lepage est paru à l’occasion de Visa pour l’image. ©Amandine Lefèvre Camille Lepage a perdu la vie il y a un peu moins de quatre mois alors qu’elle couvrait le conflit en Centrafrique. Un hommage et un livre la mettent à l’honneur à Visa pour l’image. De passage au festival, sa mère, Maryvonne Lepage, estime sa visite indispensable pour soutenir les jeunes photographes et poursuivre l’œuvre de Camille. Un recueil de photos de Camille (Lepage) sort à l’occasion du festival dans le but de financer un prix à son nom. Beaucoup d’émotion. C’était important pour vous d’être présente à Perpignan ? C’est normal que je sois là en la mémoire de Camille. Quel genre de photographe était Camille ? Elle avait du tempérament. Comment avez-vous réagi à l’annonce de son départ pour le Sud Soudan ? On en a discuté. Si c’était à refaire, la soutiendriez-vous de la même manière ? Bien sûr. Evidemment. Quel souvenir gardez-vous de votre fille ? Malik KEBOUR et Amandine LEFÈVRE

Love English: Meet the new me Summer camp. This year, I am teaching in Spain and I find that children here avoid to use English in class, this activity aims to encourage learners use English, and keep using English till the end of the camp. We are going to create a new 'English identity' for the English classes. Once students enter the classroom , and the 'English Zone', they have a new name, and English is the 'only language spoken'. Ask them now to question you, and answering if you were that person. Inspired by Cambridge 'Pairwork and Groupwork, multi-level photocopiable activities for teenagers'

Putting the Mud in 'Macbeth' Kenneth Branagh and Rob Ashford’s production of “Macbeth,” premièring in the U.S. on June 5th at the Park Avenue Armory after a sold-out run in Manchester, begins with an epic, visceral battle scene that takes place on a dirt stage: rain pours forth from the heavens, thunder rocks the air, swords clash and sparks fly, actors bellow, mud spatters. “I was given a note by the director yesterday,” Jim Leaver said, on the morning before previews began last week. Leaver is the production manager, and he was kneeling in the cavernous fifty-five-thousand-square-foot Drill Hall where the play is staged, running a handful of dirt through his fingers as the tech team tested out the speaker system. He cleared his throat and raised his voice to be heard over the sound of brandished swords, cracks of lightning, and “Star Wars”-esque bloops echoing around him. “He said it wasn’t ‘puddly’ enough.’ ” In Manchester, less for authenticity’s sake than for logistics, the components came from Scotland.

News in Pictures The property in Kember Street, Islington, is described as a “fully furnished… modern studio apartment [which] comes complete and fully self contained” with “neutral deco and laminated floorboards throughout.” Though no dimensions are included in the advertised details, there appears to be barely enough room to open the front door fully or walk around the bed. Despite a rent of £170 a week – which works out at £737 a calendar month – it was snapped up within 16 hours of being advertised yesterday. Digs: The exterior of the tiny flat in Islington A spokesman from estate agents Relocate Me said his company had received about 20 phone calls and a larger number of emails since the property launched on the wesbite. “We had a fair bit of interest I would say. He said the flat was owned by a local landlord, and included a separate toilet and shower area. Potential residents were told they would be within walking distance of Kings Cross station and the Angel Islington.