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Multi-service image search Romance World - Chi's Sweet Home This is cute anime, Chi is so cute ^^I want a kitten like Chi ^__^ But every eps is so short, only like 3 min, and there are like 100 eps total. Chi's Sweet Home (チーズスイートホーム, chīzu suīto hōmu?) is a manga series written and illustrated by Konami Kanata. StoryA gray and white kitten with black stripes wanders away from her mother and siblings one day while enjoying a walk outside with her family. Character:Yamada family Chi (チー, Chii?) Voiced by: Satomi Kōrogi Youhei (ヨウヘイ, Youhei?) Voiced by: Etsuko Kozakura Dad (おとうさん, Otousan?) Voiced by: Hidenobu Kiuchi Mom (おかあさん, Okaasan?) Voiced by: Noriko Hidaka Manga The manga series is written and illustrated by Konami Kanata. Anime The anime series is directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara and produced by Madhouse, the first episode aired on 31 March 2008. Tags: animeCurrent Location: My home ^^Current Mood: calmCurrent Music: none

Image Links - /a/ Wiki Reverse Image Search Engines Edit IQDB - *booru board searcher. Use it for anime images. It's probably gonna be the first thing you should use for source. Also has a 3D option. SauceNAO - Pixiv image searcher. Ascii2D - Japanese 2D image searcher (read comments if you can. TinEye - General image searcher. Google - Drag-and-drop, keyword-entering magic. Doujin/Hentai Portals like and support file search, as seen in the right picture. Image Search Options is pretty nifty for reverse image searching too. *boorus Overbooru - Huge list of *boorus Danbooru (anime artwork) - The "original" *booru. Konachan (anime wallpapers) (high-res scans) - Used to be Gelbooru (anime artwork) Sankaku Channel (anime/manga/game images) e-shuushuu (anime/manga/game images) The Anime Gallery (anime images & wallpapers) Zerochan (anime images & wallpapers) Manga Drawing (anime/manga/game images) Nekobooru (anime/manga/game images) Wallpapers Drawfag Archives

Shinmanga : blog sur le manga et le japon How can I identify an anime using Reverse Image Search? - Anime & Manga Meta Stack Exchange Reverse Image search Larger Pictures It sometimes happens, you got a huge image or a image indicating several characters which you want to identify, in that case you will first need to crop the image for a search to work correctly Cropping the image First you will need to crop the image. For example we will use this picture from deviant art Now we want to find out who the top right character is, and from which anime he is. After cropping the image you should have a picture similar to this After having cropped the image you can follow almousawi's guide on how to reverse image search it.

Anime Theme - Windows Sidebar Gadget Gallery Windows Gadget is a new feature of Windows Vista and 7. The Vista version has a "Sidebar" which contains mini-applications (called "Gadgets") which are based on a combination of Script and HTML. They may be used to display information such as the system time, CPU/RAM usage and Internet-powered features such as RSS feeds, and to control external applications such as Windows Media Player. Gadgets can run "docked" in the sidebar or they can "float" anywhere on the desktop. Here you will find various original Anime-style gadgets for your desktop. Anime Clock 01 This is the first gadget I made :P It is a simple clock with cute Anime-style digits. (Full-size screenshots: Both docked and undocked "Anime Clock 01" showing on the deskop ) Anime Clock 02 This is an analog clock with CUSTOMIZABLE clock background and various settings! (Full-size screenshots: Normal (docked and undocked) | Clock pointers in Pink | Clock panel ON ) Installing a Gadget Simply click on the unzipped ".gadget" file. A: Yes.

Anime renders this is where your dreams cross-over DA! Desktop Anime [Welcome] links// What would any site be without links?! These are my favorites, varying interests in no particular order. There's also a great deal of linking buttons of varying degrees of quality that you can feel free to use ^_^; Those open in a popup window now. more buttons Kurai - writing Hearts of Ice - ranma fanfic Café Rockét - team rocket randomness The Tomb - pretty sm fanart & info Time Stranger - tons of anime sites Dokuja - writing I.C. ..back..

[Critique Manga] Pluto tome 4 Tezuka x Urasawa - Vie de Geek All your Anime needs Watch Anime Online | Watch Japanese Drama Online | One Piece Fansubs Group | Your Fast and Reliable Source. DramaWiki Anime-Source.Com Posted by : kevinchaosvs Posted on : 2010-07-15 Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba, a third and new anime adaptation of Mahou Sensei Negima, is a more faithful adaptation of its manga. It can hence be seen as an alternate continuity from the previous two series (the first being the 2005 version by Studio XEBEC and the second being the 2006 version by Studio SHAFT). As such, this OAD is recommended only to those who have been following the manga, rather than those who have only watched the anime series. With a huge cast like Negima's, it'll be too ambitious to hope to get all the characters to fit with their voice actress. On the whole, there is not much that can be said for Ala Alba since this release is more of in preparation for Sekai.