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Print Friendly & PDF » 20 Favorite Apps in 2011! Miss Kolis’ Room 5 Blog There are a ton of Apps we love in Room 5. But when I stopped to think of which Apps we used the most for instruction purposes this year, I came up with this list of 20. I am sure the kids would have a different list (scroll to the bottom of the list for some “kid choices”). Our 20 Most Favorite Apps for Instruction in 2011 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Oceanhouse Media has the Mercer Mayer books, Dr. Ruckus Media Group has a great variety of books read by celebrities like Meryl Streep! 5 Additional Apps My Kiddos Would Add to the List- Five Little Monkeys by Loeschware ($.99 ) is very cute, great for motivation, fun, and can be used for counting, colors, movement, vocabulary, and more! Thomas Game Pack ($2.99) is one of our favorites! tracks and put together the puzzles! Thomas and Friends: Day of the Diesels ($4.99) is great if you love Thomas! FirstWords: Animals ($1.99) is also a big favorite of ours!

Best Kids Apps | iPhone, iPad, Android | Toddlers, Educational, Games Loads of online phone apps for pet lovers | abc7 LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Want to find a sitter for your pet? There's an app for that. How about a Facebook-like page for dogs and cats? Yes, there are apps for that. Pets have become big business for handheld devices and smart phones. We found all kinds of new applications designed with pets in mind, some of them practical, some of them just plain fun. Lydia Best has a dog-walking and pet-sitting service. "There's an application called DogiDuty and that application lets me e-mail my clients directly after I've been to their house," said Best. Beth Blecherman is a tech expert and runs the site TechMama. "You can track where they peed or pooed, and if they've been walked or not, and also you can find an off-leash park to walk your dog," said Blecherman. Pet Phone and Pet Notebook help with tracking your pet's care and store veterinary data between visits. If there's an emergency? If you need to dial up discipline, there's Dog Clicker. "It helps with training your dog," said Blecherman. Tags:

I Education Apps Review - I Education Apps Review BOOKS TOOLBOX: 50+ Sites for Book Lovers Lulu, a book publishing site, is in the news this week. But there are many more sites for book reviews, self-publishing and exchange. Here are more than 50 of our favorites. Disclosure: Lulu currently has an ad campaign running on Mashable. Book Reviews - Search from thousands of books, buy them online and read excellent reviews. - Users can search and compare prices of new and old books from all major stores. - Users can share reviews of some of their favorite books with others. Titlez - Users can perform a comparative analysis of a book or group of books with other books in the market. - Users enter their favorite book and they are a recommended a new book based on analysis of the reading preferences of other registered users. Book Communities aNobii - A great way to create book listings, interact with people and express thoughts. - A site which connects book lovers, writers and resellers. Publishing Others

Teaching Large Classes with an iPad [Reprinted by author from] To this day I remain a big fan of the overhead projector. I truly believe it was more effective a tool for teaching than the projected Powerpoint slides will ever be. It's been downhill ever since,...until this semester. This semester I've purchased an iPad2 and a software application called SplashTop Remote Desktop. To reach this new level of teaching nirvana I have found at least two routes (so far): The first requires that I simply bring my laptop (as I always did anyway) to class along with whatever cables/dongles needed to connect the laptop to the projection system, and my iPad.The second does not require the laptop but does require an AppleTV + whatever it takes to connect that to the projector. In both cases you could use the resulting system to present with KeyNote® but that would be so 90's.

iPad Tutorial: How to quickly update multiple iPads to a new version of the iOS I’m indebted to my friend Fraser Speirs for this tip. You know how long it can take for the download and update of a single iPad or iPod touch. What if you have more than a few of these devices, perhaps dozens, that need updating to a new version of the iOS? Is there a way to save the time and bandwidth by skipping the download of the same iOS file (hundreds of MB) for each one? “It turns out that actually updating the iPad (or iPod touch) doesn’t take very long at all. You can also keep a copy on the one computer you use for syncing all the devices, assuming you’re making sets with identical configurations. “iTunes saves the update image in ~/Library/iTunes/iPad Software Updates.” For the iPod touch, this folder is ~/Library/iTunes/iPod Software Updates 1. “The slowest part of the process is downloading the updates for the apps (and there will be many of these in the coming weeks). You can find Fraser’s original post at:

Parents using smartphones to entertain bored kids Almost half of the top 100-selling iPhone apps are for preschool or elementary-aged children. More parents are handing their smartphones to their kids to keep them entertained Smartphones' designs -- touch screens and bright colors -- attract children Almost half of the top 100-selling iPhone apps are for preschool or elementary-aged kids Adults are taking advantage of the smartphone's ability to act as a learning tool (CNN) -- When Julie Sidder's daughters were younger, her diaper bag was filled with coloring books, crayons, storybooks and little games in case one of them became restless. Now that Sidder's kids are 4 and 7, the diaper bag is gone, but the need for entertainment -- especially in restaurants -- is not, which is why two-thirds of the apps on Sidder's iPhone are for her children. "People have always brought toys, or something to entertain their child, into restaurants and stores," says the mom, who lives in West Bloomfield, Michigan. "I'd love an iPhone," Orman said.

15 Ways To Use The New iPad In Classrooms A Useful Twitter Cheat Sheet 3.97K Views 0 Likes Think you're supposed to actually type a full 140 characters for each tweet? Not quite. That's just one of the many handy tips found in this useful Twitter Cheat Sheet. How To Use Vine In The Classroom 6.84K Views 0 Likes Students can quickly create their very own six-second videos for free.

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