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El Poder de la Palabra

El Poder de la Palabra

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Moscow Metro Photos - Moscow Subway - Moscow Underground - Moskau U-Bahn - Metro de Moscou Begun in the 1930's, the Stalin-era underground was the USSR's largest civilian construction project, with stations built as "people's palaces." Employing outstanding architects and artists, it still looks amazing after all those years. The early stations form an eclectic blend of Baroque, Classicism, Soviet Realism, quasi-religious iconography with idealizations of historical characters and their victories, sports, industry, agriculture, very much warfare past and present, the brighter future just ahead, and the heroically laboring working class with inclusion of the various Soviet ethnicities. Oh, and... the Revolution! The art includes bas-reliefs, friezes, marble and bronze statues, stained-glass windows and countless mosaics made with glass, marble and granite in good Byzantine fashion. Do check out the sky-themed mosaics by Alexander Deineka at the Art Deco styled Mayakovskaya station. A printed book is available for $25 plus postage:

Libros gratuitos para aprender idiomas del “Foreign Service Institute” Un recurso gratuito imprescindible para el aprendizaje de idiomas, que imperdonablemente no teníamos en nuestra base de datos, es la siguiente página del “Foreign Service Institute” (del gobierno estadounidense): Se trata de cursos gratuitos en dominio público desarrollados por el mencionado Foreign Service Institute, con textos (manuales escaneados desde el formato original) y audios. Dichos cursos fueron ideados para los empleados del gobierno en el extranjero, desde finales de la II guerra mundial (de ahí que el material sea antiguo). Tags: idiomas Strategy Bank Activating Prior Knowledge is important because it helps students make connections to the new information they will be learning. By tapping into what students already know, teachers can assist students with the learning process. Here are some strategies that can start students thinking about what they already know about a topic: KWL Charts Brainstorming Picture Books Anticipation Guide Bloom Ball Activity Cloze Procedure Text Impressions Websites on Activating Prior Knowledge: MorningStar’s Home Education News Video about Activating Prior Knowledge

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El Poder de la Palabra es una web dedicada a la prosa poética. En ella encontrará fragmentos de textos literarios, así como la biografía e imágenes de sus autores. Para acompañarle en la lectura podrá ver también... obras de arte, imágenes de edificios, composiciones clásicas, bandas sonoras y una selección de los más importantes premios literarios, artísticos y culturales by macopa Jan 29