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50 Tiny And Adorable DIY Stocking Stuffers

50 Tiny And Adorable DIY Stocking Stuffers

How to Quickly Repair A Broken Zipper | Make It Or Fix It Yourself! I put on these jeans and the zipper broke. In the above picture, the zipper slider came off the zipper track. So, I had to do a quick fix to get the slider back on track. It seems that it should just slide back on to the tape part, but trust me, it’s an impossible task. Plus, I know that to replace the zipper entirely would take awhile. So, here’s a quick tutorial on fixing this broken zipper and getting it back on track. First, you have to get the zipper slider back on track. Slide the zipper slider all the way down. You’ll notice that there is an opening when zipped. Using a needle and thread, you will make a temporary stop for the zipper slider. Now, you have a temporary fix until you can have your zipper replaced. Have you had to do a quick fix for a garment mishap? Google+ About Sharon I'm a stay-at-home mom who's always trying to figure out how to decrease our monthly expenses.

DIY Leather Pouch Contributor post by Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth What do you give to someone who already has everything? A DIY leather pouch made just by you for all of their little somethings. I'll teach you how to modify a craft store leather bag kit to make this project modern, well made, and cost effective while still being the work of your hands. Materials: Scissors A 3/4" silver rivet In case the term "belt bag" threw you off a little, don't fret! Next, remove the snap that would normally be used for the belt loop, and replace it with a simple silver rivet for aesthetic purposes. For the sides, lay the leather pieces rough side facing rough side, and align the outer punched holes. As long as you're sewing as tightly as you can through the aligned punched holes, then you're sides will form correctly even if they pucker a bit at first (see top photo). Finish it up with clasping hardware by inserting the screw through the inside of the pouch, and then twisting the clasp onto it from the outside.

Articles: Instagram Coasters — By Hayley Decker — Foam Magazine Articles As our iPhone libraries begin to overflow, we're always on the search for practical, tangible uses for our Instagram snaps. Spruce up your place or dish these D.I.Y. coasters out to your friends to remind you all of your latest outdoor adventure/ music festival outing/ seafaring weekend. Or the newest FOAM cover of course. What You'll Need:-4-inch round, flat cork pieces -Modge Podge glue -Card stock paper -Instagram print-outs -Foam or felt mounting dots How To Make Them: 1. 2. 3. 4. Bottoms up!

small world land: Day 23 -Mini Cuckoo Clock I absolutely love cuckoo clocks, and have been dying to get one for our house for years! I love all the hand-carved details in the house, the little woodland animals, the kitschy German landscapes and of course, that fact that a birds comes out of a little door to say "cuckoo!". So like many things I have yet to get, I will make a very tiny version for a dollhouse and wait patiently for the day, I get a real one in my own house! Get your block of wood, and cut a card-stock roof, and triangle for support. Glue the triangle to the roof, and then the roof to the house. I drew all the details on card-stock, added color with color pencil and glued the little pieces onto the house shape. Then I used a thin jewelry chain, and a stick pin, to add those little acorns and the pendulum. I attached them with super glue. You can hang this tiny cuckoo clock inside your dollhouse and it will instantly be much cozier. This time of year, this would make a really cute ornament too, just attach some ribbon!

How To Make Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots How to Make a Personal Fire Pit For Cheap! My name is Karen and I haven’t lit anything on fire in 5 months. I’m sure I deserve some sort of a chip or something for that. You see … I’m a bit of a pyromaniac. Technically I’m not a *real* pyromaniac I guess. I mean, I only light things on fire that should be lit on fire. We light fires in the fireplace every night here in old Casa de Karen from October until March. 6 face cords every year go flying up that chimney. So what’s a pretend pyromaniac girl like me to do in September? The Answer … The Personal Fire Pit. Here we gooooooo … Materials you Need cheap glass frames – $4 small rocks – $2 any kind of metal mesh – $2 any metal planter with a lip (edge) on it – $8 (on sale) Step #1 – Making a Glass Box You need to make a glass box. Do two sides first and hold them in place somehow until they dry. Position them so your final side will be easy to silicone. Run another bead of silicone and place your last piece of glass. When you’re placing your glass, try to be a bit careful about it. P.S. 1.

DIY GIFT IDEA | Gold Gilded Geode Ring The holiday season is my favorite time of the year! To celebrate, I will be dedicating all my DIY's for the month of December to the holidays, including a few gift giving ideas. I always love gifting handmade jewelry, and when I saw this inspiration I knew what my first holiday DIY would be. Materials: - geode (here or here) - ring blank (here) - liquid gilding (here) - e6000 adhesive - paintbrush Steps: 1. DIY Floral Sunglasses We always claim to see the world through rose colored glasses . . . but how about rose trimmed glasses? In honor of the widespread floral trend and our love of Dolce & Gabbana‘s Baroque-inspired fall collection, we’re DIYing a pair of outrageously fabulous sunglasses using the same charming little ceramic roses from a recent tutorial. These will surely be a pair of shades you won’t go unnoticed in this summer! You’ll need:a pair of sunglassesa variety of ceramic roses and flowersdisposable container or popsicle sticka handful of toothpicksE6000 Start by squeezing a small amount of E6000 into a disposable container or onto a wooden popsicle stick. Press the flower firmly onto the outer corner of the sunglasses. Add a few small flowers down the right side of the glasses. Repeat on the other side and allow to dry for a couple of hours. Your floral shades are ready to wear! (top image via, rest of images by HonestlyWTF)

small world land Follow I often hang a strand of Tibetan Prayer flags on my back porch. They are made of untreated cotton, block-printed with prayers and images.They weather in the sun and wind so they start out as vivid primary-colored flags and wind up shredded and faded. I have always believed that the flags are supposed to be directing good vibes to my home: peace, kindness, strength, and wisdom. But I am digressing. First you need to download the flag template. After you have ironed on the flags you are ready to cut them out. Now you can glue them onto thread or embroidery floss or onto a toothpick if you want the vertical kind. I built a simple triangular stand out of balsa wood. Now you are ready to display your flags.

Nasty Gal Blog DIY and cyber-minimalist rarely walk on the same side of the street, let alone share the road at all. This is what makes Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics a true standout: She’s not only the only one doing what she’s doing, she’s the best one at it anyway. Her sensibility is clear and unwavering, weaving fantasy out of black-and white industrial starkness. She whipped up a special creation just for us: a shoulder bag/clutch made out of two VHS video cases. Instructions: For this project you’ll need to take a trip to a hardware store and your mom’s attic. Materials: -Two VHS video cases (I used frosted ones) -A pair of tiny bolts and nuts -Drill -Copper parts used to attach pipes to a wall -A strap from one of your other bags Step One: Start off by ripping the plastic from the video cases. Step Two: Drill two holes in the middle of the two cases with a small metal drill. Step Three: Step Four: Add a bag strap with clasps or sew on your own.