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50 Tiny And Adorable DIY Stocking Stuffers

50 Tiny And Adorable DIY Stocking Stuffers

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DIY Leather Pouch Contributor post by Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth What do you give to someone who already has everything? A DIY leather pouch made just by you for all of their little somethings. I'll teach you how to modify a craft store leather bag kit to make this project modern, well made, and cost effective while still being the work of your hands. 17 Things You Can Watch Instead of the Super Bowl Even though 111.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the Super Bowl last year, not everyone is interested in the super-hyped spectacle. If you're in that camp, don't worry—we've got 17 alternatives for you. 1. Puppy Bowl // Animal Planet Giving new meaning to “beast mode,” the ever-popular Puppy Bowl is now in its 11th season. It seems to get bigger, better, and crazier every year—this year, goats will be serving as cheerleaders.

Food Gift Ideas This is the time of year when I am in the kitchen baking as much as possible. Not only does it warm up the house, but there’s nothing better than the smell of fresh baked goods! Don’t you agree? I also love to bake and take sweet treats to neighbors and friends nearby. In fact, every year my mom and sisters and SILs get together to bake goodies, swap treats and make cookie plates to deliver to friends.

Arty Crafty 15 ways to tap into your inner muse “Muse” is a word bandied about by artists, song-writers, poets, deep thinkers and other lovers of creative pursuits. But what does the word mean, where did the concept come from, and how the heck does it help you get creative? Tap into your inner muse with these tips. Continue reading Make your own power perfume with this easy recipe Articles: Instagram Coasters — By Hayley Decker — Foam Magazine Articles As our iPhone libraries begin to overflow, we're always on the search for practical, tangible uses for our Instagram snaps. Spruce up your place or dish these D.I.Y. coasters out to your friends to remind you all of your latest outdoor adventure/ music festival outing/ seafaring weekend. Or the newest FOAM cover of course. What You'll Need:-4-inch round, flat cork pieces -Modge Podge glue -Card stock paper -Instagram print-outs -Foam or felt mounting dots

Gold Gilded Geode Ring The holiday season is my favorite time of the year! To celebrate, I will be dedicating all my DIY's for the month of December to the holidays, including a few gift giving ideas. I always love gifting handmade jewelry, and when I saw this inspiration I knew what my first holiday DIY would be. 16 DIY Gift Ideas For Your Pets Everyone needs to spoil their furry friends once in a while and what better way to do this than make them a special homemade gift. We have collected our favorite DIY pet gift ideas to get you inspired. 1. How To Make Cute Pet ID Tags - Make your pet some cute and stylish pet ID tags. Make sure your pet is the the coolest four legged creature on the block with these ultra hip pet tags. 2.

DIY GLITTER BOOTS 26th November 2011 Ok so most of you know that I’ve been obsessing over glitter this season. The Miu Miu AW11 show clearly got to me! In this project I’ll show you how to make a pair of glitter finished boots, so that you too can get some glittery goodness in your life. DIY Floral Sunglasses We always claim to see the world through rose colored glasses . . . but how about rose trimmed glasses? In honor of the widespread floral trend and our love of Dolce & Gabbana‘s Baroque-inspired fall collection, we’re DIYing a pair of outrageously fabulous sunglasses using the same charming little ceramic roses from a recent tutorial. These will surely be a pair of shades you won’t go unnoticed in this summer!

DIY Christmas Giftables: Earphone Cord Keepers with Printable Packaging This Christmas season I've been trying to branch out to crafting not just jewelry but into other things that more people would like to have - today I made this earphone cord keeper with free printable packaging to share with you. It's easy, takes up less than an hour of your time and would be a cute stocking stuffer for your techie friend or an accessory for you! :) What do you need: