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Icelandic Modern Media Initiative

Icelandic Modern Media Initiative
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Global Investigative Journalism Network Le blog iPhone » Skype 2.0 permet les appels en 3G Comme il l'avait annoncé, l'éditeur du logiciel de voix sur IP Skype a mis à jour son application iPhone en version 2.0. Principale nouveauté : la possibilité de passer des appels Skype à l'aide d'une connexion 3G. Jusqu'ici, il fallait impérativement être connecté en WiFi pour profiter des communications voix. Skype 2.0 pour iPhone, proposé sous la forme d'une mise à jour gratuite sur l'App Store, comble donc une des principales lacunes de cette application. Il ne faudra toutefois pas oublier que les appels en voix sur IP ne sont pas forcément acceptés dans le cadre de votre forfait téléphonique. Jusqu'ici, il était possible de passer des appels Skype en 3G, mais il fallait pour cela avoir opéré le jailbreak de son terminal.

”A new WikiLeaks” revolts against Assange - The pressure on WikiLeaks is increasing. reveals that several key figures behind the website that publishes anonymous submissions and leaks of sensitive governmental, corporate, organizational or religious documents have resigned in protest against the controversial leader Julian Assange only to launch a new service for the so-called whistleblowers. The goal: to leak sensitive information to the public. The new project, “Openleaks,” has been under way for some time and will be launched Monday. “Our long term goal is to build a strong, transparent platform to support whistleblowers--both in terms of technology and politics--while at the same time encouraging others to start similar projects,” says a colleague wishing to remain anonymous. ”As a short-term goal, this is about completing the technical infrastructure and ensuring that the organization continues to be democratically governed by all its members, rather than limited to one group or individual.” Translation: Majsan Boström.

Le Grand Soir International Modern Media Institute International Modern Media Institute The International Modern Media Institute (IMMI) is an international institution developing havens for freedom of information, speech, and expression. It creates supportive and attractive jurisdiction for the publication of investigative journalism[1] and other threatened online media. It succeeded the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative in January 2011. History[edit] The proposal passed on 16 June was not a piece of final legislation. After WikiLeaks exposed the loan book of Kaupthing Bank, one of the largest news channels, RUV, was injuncted from displaying the news story. The IMMI board has released a report of the legislation on April 16, 2012.[11] It details the status of various proposals that make up IMMI and their progress. Elements of the law[edit] The proposal included Support and endorsements[edit] References[edit] External links[edit]

Indicting the US Government for crimes against humanity – unsealing the evidence It is opportune that only a couple of weeks after three-times human rights awardee Bradley Manning presented his case against the US Government for war crimes committed in Iraq and Afghanistan, details have been released (see video trailer above) of a 15 month investigation by the Guardian and the BBC into torture centres in Iraq, coordinated by US Special Forces commander, James Steele, and former US General Petraeus. Add in evidence of system-wide torture and massacres in Iraq and Afghanistan as compiled by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (see below) with additional evidence from a number of other sources (also below) and what we have is much more than a dossier but an indictment – unsealed and without need for a grand jury – that could form the basis of charges raised against the US Administration either in the World Court or – deliciously turning the tables – at the military tribunal of Bradley Manning. The game is afoot! Note 1. Note 2. Note 3. Note 4. Note 5. Note 6. A. B.

Declaration of open government imminent - Government 2.0 Taskfor The Federal Government will soon act on one of the Government 2.0 Taskforce's central recommendation in declaring an open government, according to Labour Senator, Kate Lundy. Speaking at the Gov 2.0 Expo in Washington D.C. this week, Lundy said the Special Minister of State, Senator Joe Ludwig, and Minister for Finance and Deregulation, Lindsay Tanner, would soon announce the declaration of open government on behalf of the Australian Government. Spokespeople for both Ludwig and Tanner were unable to confirm a date for the declaration. The Engage: Getting on with Government 2.0 report released by the Government 2.0 Taskforce in December last year stated that a declaration of open government at the highest level was "integral to the Government’s objectives including public sector reform, innovation and using the national investment in broadband to achieve an informed, connected and democratic community". According to the report, the declaration would ensure that:

MasterCard, Visa shut down electronic donations to WikiLeaks | Raw Story By Stephen C. WebsterTuesday, December 7, 2010 11:30 EDT EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Mobile payments firm Xipwire, Inc. steps up to aid WikiLeaks The Philadelphia, PA-based mobile payments firm Xipwire, Inc. said Tuesday that it would act as an intermediary for WikiLeaks after the world’s largest credit card providers halted all electronic donations to the non-profit media outlet. “We do think people should be able to make their own decisions as to who they donate to,” Xipwire co-founder Sibyl Lindsay told Raw Story during a Tuesday afternoon telephone interview. The company has set up a page where WikiLeaks supporters can donate, saying it will waive all related fees. “Our motivation is really simple,” Xipwire founder Sharif Aleandre explained in an email. Lindsay added that WikiLeaks supporters would be able to donate either via their website, or via text message if they have a Xipwire account. An earlier report follows… Greenwald: ‘What’s really going on here is a war over control of the Internet’

Iceland aims to become a legal safe haven for journalists | Media Umbrellas don't work in Iceland. When rain sweeps the small, volcanic island, which lies just beneath the Arctic Circle, the water assaults you from all directions. Icelanders equip themselves with hoods and waterproof clothing, shunning the accessories that keep people dry in tamer climates. But when it comes to the media, the concept of an umbrella is becoming increasingly Icelandic. Over the past couple of years a group of journalists, freedom of information campaigners and political activists living in Iceland have been working on turning this idea into reality. The concept crystallised when John Barlow, an American cyberlibertarian, met members of the group at an Icelandic Digital Freedoms Society conference in 2008. Barlow suggested that Iceland become the equivalent of an offshore tax haven – instead of assisting tax avoidance, it would offer the positive endeavour of protecting investigative journalism against litigation. Media freedom The inspiration for IMMI is global. Defiance

Tracking James Steele, the alleged coordinator of Iraqi torture centres: US War Crimes Tribunal investigation #1 James Steele today We have tracked down the man identified by The Guardian and the BBC who they alleged supervised death squads and torture squads, first in El Salvador, then Iraq (under General Petraeus). James Steele, named in the joint Guardian/BBC investigation, lives in Texas and operates as a counter-insurgency consultant. Significantly he styles himself as ‘Counsellor to US Ambassador for Iraqi Security Forces’. In other words, though not officially employed by the US military he is acting in a private capacity, offering the same services he coordinated when on active service in Iraq. Below, are the knowns, unknowns and known unknowns of Steele. Note: Between now and June and the commencement of the Tribunal of the US Government for War Crimes (which the media is myopically reporting as the Trial of Bradley Manning, the person responsible for reporting these war crimes) we will be providing further details of these crimes and who the perpetrators are. A. B. C.

Le secrétariat d’Etat à l’économie numérique va t-il disparaitre Peut être vous souvenez-vous, il y a quelques mois, des questions que je me posais sur le rôle de Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet au sein de son secrétariat d’Etat à l’économie numérique, c’était certes un peu violent, mais l’histoire me donne raison et c’est loin de me faire plaisir. La conjoncture actuelle m’invite à revenir sur le bilan de NKM (ca va être rapide) et sur le devenir de son secrétariat d’Etat qu’elle chercherait actuellement à quitter, et ça aussi on va tenter de comprendre pourquoi. Commençons par le bilan : craintes confirmées, NKM a brillé par son absence systématique de tous les débats sur lesquels les internautes attendaient de sa part des propositions concrètes pour endiguer les ardeurs d’une frange minoritaire du Parlement qui compte mettre Internet sous le coup de lois martiales comme HADOPI ou LOPPSI. Du coup, c’est sur Hack45 qu’un bon coup de pied dans le cocotier a été donné initialement. Les rumeurs font état d’une volonté de NKM de quitter ce poste.

Wikileaks Cyberwar Timeline WikiLeaks cyber war revenge attack on UK Government website alert - Daily Mail Dec 14, 2010 4:37 AM Washington PostWikiLeaks cyber war revenge attack on UK Government website alertDaily MailThey are expected to strike if Britain tries to extradite WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange. In Sweden he faces rape charges, and the US is pushing for him to ...The Supporters of WikiLeaks Start to Stop Cyber WarBreaking Story (press release)'Prepare for all-out cyber war'IndependentWikiLeaks: Hackers plot all-out cyber war with UKIrish IndependentAtlanta Journal Constitution (blog) -Washington Post -The Associated Pressall 1,426 news articles » WikiLeaks Cyber War Dec 14, 2010 3:33 AM Aisha Khalid / Elizabeth Lee, Urdu VOA News Computer hackers used to be mostly sophisticated criminals, high tech spies or new media pranksters. WikiLeaks Pioneer of Cyberwar - Stock Bling Dec 14, 2010 2:26 AM WikiLeaks actions: An act of cyberwar? Dec 13, 2010 4:51 PM WikiLeaks actions: An act of cyberwar? Dec 13, 2010 10:52 AM

The Iraqi Wolf Brigade & ‘Frago 234′: US War Crimes Tribunal investigation #2 The Wolf Brigade together with order Frago 234 (see below) was first exposed over two years ago when Wikileaks began to publish material provided by whistleblower Bradley Manning. This article merely pulls together that material, given that in less than three months time a trial will commence. The Wolf Brigade – an Iraqi death squad, set up by US Special Forces coordinator James Steele – was the subject of a recent Guardian/BBC investigation: the full 50 minute video of this investigation is provided below. A Wolf Brigade raid at close quarters is shown above. Note 1. Note 2. The Wolf Brigade The US advisor to the Wolf Brigade from the time of its formation until April 2005 was James J. Recruitment to the Wolf Brigade was organised by the US-installed interim government, headed by Iyad Allawi during 2004. Needless to say, the operations of the Wolf Brigade were in contravention of the Geneva Convention. Torture and Frago 234 Torture during the Iraq War was subject to Frago 234. See also