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Union of International Associations

Union of International Associations
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Global MindShift BigPictureSmallWorld: Home Revolt Against the Modern World | A depressing "then and now" picture blog Association belge de documentation - Belgische Vereniging voor Documentatie "L'information, c'est le pouvoir !" dit-on depuis de nombreuses années. Cette phrase est certainement toujours vraie mais l'information et les sources d'information ne cessent de grandir. Avoir l'information ne suffit plus, depuis longtemps ! Il faut avoir la bonne information, la plus fiable possible. Il faut aussi pouvoir en disposer au bon moment, quand on en a besoin. Ces dernières années ont vu se multiplier les chaînes de télévision et les radios, puis est venu Internet avec ses blogs, ses réseaux sociaux, Twitter, etc. faisant de tout un chacun des producteurs d'information. Plus que jamais les professionnels de l'information et de la documentation ont un rôle à jouer par leurs facultés à gérer ce flux incessant d'information, à valider les sources, à donner accès à cette information. Guy Delsaut, Président de l'ABD-BVD

Vision of Humanity Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health crowd sourced music video | Global Issues : social, political, economic and environmental issues that affect us all Global change Global change refers to planetary-scale changes in the Earth system. The system consists of the land, oceans, atmosphere, poles, life, the planet’s natural cycles and deep Earth processes. These constituent parts influence one another. The Earth system now includes human society, so global change also refers to large-scale changes in society.[1] More completely, the term “global change” encompasses: population, climate, the economy, resource use, energy development, transport, communication, land use and land cover, urbanization, globalization, atmospheric circulation, ocean circulation, the carbon cycle, the nitrogen cycle, the water cycle and other cycles, sea ice loss, sea-level rise, food webs, biological diversity, pollution, health, over fishing, and more.[2] History of global-change research[edit] IGBP, WCRP and a third programme, the International Human Dimensions Programme (IHDP, founded in 1996), spearheaded a landmark science conference held in Amsterdam in 2001. See also[edit]

Images in Cinder [Tutorials, Cinder] by @factoryfactory with images by @flight404 Written by Joshua Noble, with images by Robert Hodgin In this little tutorial we’re going to follow a path that starts with a file on the filesystem, say a PNG file, and ends with the image being drawn to the screen using OpenGL. // probably in your App's setup() method gl::Texture texture = loadImage( "image.jpg" ); // and in your App's draw() gl::draw( texture ); Even though that code simply loads and draws an image, there’s actually quite a lot going on behind the scenes. These two lines highlight one of the core characteristics of Cinder’s design: data, its I/O (Input/Output) and manipulation are carefully separated. Continuing this theme of the separation of responsibilities, we introduce the Surface class. Surface mySurface; // initialized elsewhere gl::Texture texture = gl::Texture( mySurface ); Surface The Surface comes in two varieties: an 8 bit unsigned integer and 32 bit floating point high dynamic range version. Surface mySurface( 640, 480, true ); // width, height, alpha?