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Most lives are lived by default

Most lives are lived by default
Jamie lives in a large city in the midwest. He’s a copywriter for an advertising firm, and he’s good at it. He’s also good at thinking of reasons why he ought to be happy with his life. He has health insurance, and now savings. A lot of his friends have neither. His girlfriend is pretty. On most of those Fridays, including this one, instead of taking the train back to his suburban side-by-side, he walks to a downtown pub to meet his friends. Jamie’s girlfriend Linda typically arrives on his third beer. There was never a day Jamie sat down and decided to be a copywriter living in the midwest. His friends are from his old job. Jamie isn’t unhappy. In two months he and Linda are going to Cuba for ten days. A few weeks ago I asked everyone reading to share their biggest problem in life in the comment section. The first thing is that everyone has considerable problems. Stay in the same city, but start hanging out with a completely different crowd, and life will change significantly. Related:  Moving forward6

Believing what we want to believe Human beings, thanks to culture and genetics, are inclined to be pessimistic, fearful, skeptical and believers in conspiracy theories. We also don't like change. The marketer (products, government, religion, whatever) that decides to trade in any of these glitches has a tremendous advantage. It's far easier to create fear than to soothe it, far easier to argue for a conspiracy than to prove that one doesn't exist. When we find ourselves rewarding our instincts instead of reality, we often make poor choices. Of course, sometimes there's a good reason to be afraid or to imagine that a secret conspiracy is at work. When confronted by a mass of facts and nothing but instinct or tribal confirmation on the other side, it might be worth revisiting why we choose to believe what we believe.

What you want is never a thing He definitely thought nobody was around, but the four of us could see his self-consciousness from across the lot even before he parked. He pulled up, popped the trunk, and left the engine running. He was about five feet tall. It took me a moment to realize that what we were watching unfold was the premeditated theft of quality dirt. “Who steals dirt?” The bearded man paused, then with a conspicuous absence of haste, placed the shovel in the trunk and slowly drove away as if nothing had happened, even though the trunk was still open. For a moment I felt an odd hit of guilt, because we had spoiled his plan. You could say that the pursuit of happiness ultimately drives everything we do, no matter how dumb those things are. At first thought it may be hard to believe that people can do terrible and self-destructive things in the name of happiness. And so people do the stupidest things in the pursuit of happiness. All we ever seek, and all we ever avoid are feelings. Photo by tsuacctnt

It's all who you know? 100 Self Growth Articles For Making Yourself Better The problem with the internet isn’t that there’s not enough information. The problem is to find it. There are incredible writers today who have written (probably) everything there is to know about living well. It would be shame not to share some of their best work with you. No need to read everything, pick topics that resonate the best with you. I apologize for a lot of specific advice being focused towards men, because, well, I can’t really speak for women when it comes to many topics. 1. When we are aware of our weaknesses or negative tendencies, we open the opportunity to work on them- Allan Lokos Everything negative in us limits the amount of possibilities that exist in our lives. Recommended book: The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle 2. I have never let my schooling interfere with my education- Mark Twain Formal education is becoming horribly outdated (and in some ways it already is). If I’d have to give one single tip when it comes to educating yourself, it’s “read books”. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Getting Things Done > Grade Point Average Zoinks! Thanks for all the love everyone! By popular demand, I've TeeSprung the quote -- all profits to We're a generation in debt. I had a world-class education at the University of Virginia. A year ago I sat on a panel at the White House* for a room full of deans from universities across the country. Paul Graham says the best founders are "relentlessly resourceful." I've been thinking about that day in D.C. ever since. Getting Things Done > Grade Point Average I'm an employer and I don't really care where you went to school or what your GPA was -- I want to know what you've done. This will not be on your course syllabus What are you passionate about? Writing code? (Wish you could write code? Love cats? Fired up about writing? We need more people - especially my fellow Millennials - doing things, learning things. Don't wait for permission to be awesome. *It was at this moment I realized I could've also called this post "From Waffle House to White House."

Saturday Web Surfing | All Things E Well hello, friends. Long time, no talk. I can’t really be sure where this past week went, but I know for sure I didn’t spend much time hanging around these parts. That shall change next week as I’m spending today (Saturday) cooking up bunches of new stuff. Woot, woot. Luckily, despite my lack of ability to create new things for the Internet, countless others have done so, and done WELL. Let’s jump right to the chase: I’ve been doing a bit of online dating these past two months. I found this to be quite witty and accurate. Why IS everyone getting naked? On Wednesday, I was riding the emotional roller coaster from hell all morning long for no real reason. If I had to name one thing I struggle with the most in life, it’s probably self-discipline. I just can’t get enough of blog posts like this one by Nicole on playing small. No matter what, you’re already good enough. Kenzie wrote a letter to new bloggers that made my heart full with blogging love.

How to hack the beliefs that are holding you back We all have beliefs that are holding us back. Sometimes we're aware of them, sometimes not. One entrepreneur I know, who shall remain nameless, admitted (after quite a lot of wine) that he has a block around sending invoices. He was perhaps exaggerating when he said that before he could send an invoice he had to down a bottle of wine and get drunk so he could hit the send button, but even so, it was clear that he had a serious block around asking people to pay him. As an entrepreneur, that's obviously a deadly flaw. Myself, I have - or used to have - similar blocks. Another would-be entrepreneur I spoke to recently was afraid to quit his job. Now, perhaps the beliefs holding you back are of a different nature, but even if the "money thing" or the "quitting thing" don't apply to you, don't disregard this article. So, if you're aware of such a belief and want to "fix" it, what can you do to hack your brain? 1. Three things will happen from this. This is an extremely effective method. 2. 3.

Personal Development Articles The Courage To Live Consciously - Rediscover the virtue of courage, and embrace the person you always wanted to be. Spirituality vs. Intelligence - Must we choose to embrace either spirituality or rationality but never both at the same time? Life After Death - What can an intelligent understanding of death teach you about how to live? Overcoming Procrastination - Overcome procrastination by applying these simple strategies to move yourself from hesitation to stress-free action. Do It Now - Learn the time management secrets I used to graduate college in only three semesters. Time Management - What is the real nature of effective time management, and how do you separate the important from the unimportant? Triple Your Personal Productivity - Calculate and optimize your personal efficiency ratio to dramatically increase your productive output while spending fewer hours at work. Cultivating Burning Desire - 8 ways to increase your drive and motivation to achieve your goals.

About failure guest post: stay as wacky as you want Reader's Note: For the next week and a half I will be on a business trip. While I'm gone, I have some fantastic guest posts scheduled for you to read and enjoy. I'll do my best to reply to comments in between meetings and I'm sure the authors of these guest posts will be happy to respond if possible. Today marks the 3rd month of Random Acts of Kick Arse (RAOKA), a group I'm very fortunate to be a part of.The group -- which includes Life, Laughs, and Lemmings, The Jungle of Life, Jane Be Nimble, Joy Rebel, and Operation NICE -- joins together every month to take part in committing random acts. Today's post was written by Armen Shirvanian, who writes about mindset, communication, relationships, and related topics over at his site, Timeless Information. One big thing that helps you to smoothly and positively head towards your desires is to keep on doing those quirky or atypical things you feel like doing. Society Wants Atypical Creations And Effortism Reading In A Tree Example