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Vocabulary and Pronunciation - YouTube - Aurora

Vocabulary and Pronunciation - YouTube - Aurora
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AMES - Free teaching resource - Beach Safety 01Sep2012 This learning resource was developed through a partnership between the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) through the Diverse Australia Program, the NSW Adult Migrant English Service (NSW AMES) and Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA). It is designed to integrate beach safety training into English as a second language programs. The activities in the resource are aligned to learning outcomes in the Certificate II in Spoken and Written English (NSW AMES 2007). Copies of the resource can be made free of charge but NO changes must be made to the content. When using this resource teachers should: /media/105417/beach_safety.pdf /media/105462/beach_safety778.mp3 /media/105478/beach_safety779.mp3 /media/105494/beach_safety780.mp3 /media/105510/beach_safety781.mp3 /media/105526/beach_safety782.mp3 /media/105542/beach_safety783.mp3 /media/105558/beach_safety784.mp3 /media/105574/beach_safety785.mp3 /media/105590/beach_safety786.mp3 /media/105606/beach_safety787.mp3

How to Express and Accept an Apology in the English Language Leon Uris, an American novelist, once wrote that the ability of a person to atone has always been the most remarkable of human features. Indeed, expressing an apology - and accepting one - is an important aspect of human behaviour. We are expected to apologize when we have upset someone or caused them trouble in one way or another. The British like saying sorry a lot, even when an apology isn't really necessary or when they don't really mean it. Saying Sorry in English In English, there are several ways of apologizing. I'm sorry for being late. / I'm very sorry for being late. / I'm terribly sorry for being late. / I'm extremely sorry for being late. When you want to apologize for accidentally doing something, for example stepping on someone's foot or toes, you can say 'Sorry' or 'I beg your pardon'. He accidentally stepped on someone's toes. The expression 'I beg your pardon' is rather old-fashioned. A note: Speakers of American English will usually say 'Excuse me' in such situations.

AMEPinTASSIE - Internet Learning ​English on the InternetThese are quick links to some good internet sites for learning English.They are all free and you can use them at home if you have a computer. The following links are provided by the Tasmanian Polytechnic for the educational purposes of students enrolled in Migrant Education. The Tasmanian Polytechnic acknowledges the originators of these works.English Learning Listening and speaking - conversations EFL Classroom Lots of interactive Web 2.0 activities for all levels English Central Videos and speaking and pronunciation practice. My Australia Videos about migrants experiencing different parts of Australian culture. Easy to use spelling website with words froms lots of topics including: work, leisure, travel, dates and times, health, money, numeracy and Qwiki

Vocabulary Games, English Vocabulary Word Games AMES - Publications NSW AMES is the leading publisher of Australian language and literacy resources with approximately 100 titles on current release. The majority of titles are accompanied by DVD, audio CD and/or CD Rom. Selected titles are also available as online English courses. Free ESL teaching resources covering topics of health and safety for new arrivals are available for download. Please contact us to purchase CSWE sample assessment tasks Synonyms which are really needed . . . a list on 1 page List of Synonmys A collection of important synonyms grouped in categories: for teachers, writers and students of English alike. Important Synonyms - Popular words to use instead Common Synonyms — sorted by Category These lists also contain examples for the most common 100 words or so; however, the intention is not to replace a thesaurus. Within the categories the sorting is alphabetical. Exact Synonyms According to one definition (attributed to Leibniz) two expressions are synonymous if the substitution of one for the other does not change the "truth value" of a sentence in which the substitution is made. In practice, some words are called synonyms, just because they are used to describe the same "fact" in different parts of the world. English is rich in synonyms because during the centuries it adopted a variety of foreign languages - most notably French, German and Latin. Now, what does this mean? Popular Synonyms Lists (also Antonyms) Synomizer » Synonyms and Antonyms in 5 Languages

myfuture: Home English Vocabulary Learner guide to the Employability Skills Welcome to the learner guide to the Employability Skills This guide will help you to understand the Employability Skills: What they are How your course helps you to develop them How you write about them and talk about them at interview As you go through this information you will note that there are some activities to complete. You will see a number of icons to guide you These icons are for case studies.

12 Different Ways to Say “Cool” | Transparent Inglês Posted on 29. Jan, 2013 by Adir in Intermediário Download audio “This is awesome,” Cameron thought to himself as he looked from his balcony at the sick ocean view in front of him. Just one week ago he was living in a favella—in the ghetto—wondering if he would live until the end of the week. “This view is the shit!” It all started with that killer photo Cameron had taken. “Is this information legit? In the above story, you can see many different synonyms for the word “cool.” Although all the italicized words above are synonyms for “cool,” they have slightly different meanings and contexts. If speaking like a native is important to you, then you must learn these different ways to say “cool.” The following is an excerpt from the ebook 101 Words You’ll Never Learn in School that you can receive for FREE when you sign up for the Real Life English newsletter. The ebook also contains four more words for “cool” that are not mentioned in this article. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Download audio 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

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