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Cardboard Box Doll Bed

Cardboard Box Doll Bed
28 Feb WOW – (from one of my absolute favorite parenting websites – Parents.Com) check out these amazing repurposing ideas for cardboard boxes, disposable plates, straws etc. I personally will try to do the doll bed and castle! Cardboard Box Shape Sorter Put together this smart cardboard shape sorter to help your toddler learn shapes and sizes. What you’ll need: 18x18x18-inch box, circle compass, ruler, pencil, cutting mat, X-Acto knife, adhesive contact paper, colored masking tape, hot-glue gun Make it: While box is flat, draw desired shapes on all six sides using a compass and/or ruler and pencil. Cardboard Box Doll Bed A crafted cardboard bed will give your child’s fave doll some serious slumber. What you’ll need: 17x11x11-inch box, scissors, paper, tape, pencil, crafts knife, cutting mat, hot-glue gun, pom-poms, large sequins Make it: While box is flat, cut off the four top flaps. Cardboard Box Castle Cut notches along the top of an extra-large box to make a cardboard castle. Like this: Related:  Variable Size Paper & Cardboard Doll FurnitureMake Cardboard Things For The KidsBrico +

Doll Shoe Holder Doll Shoe Holder Keep your 18" doll shoes in a cute shoe organizer you can make to match your room. You need: Instructions: Cut a cereal box down to three 2" pieces. Paint the insides. DIY Pop-Up Cardboard Desk Written by Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte for Building Blocks. Here’s the perfect desk for your early learner as you both prepare for back to school. With a few cardboard boxes and other basic supplies, you can assemble this workspace in less than 30 minutes. What really sets it apart are the superfun essentials and accessories we picked up from Pottery Barn Kids : the perfect chair, a giant xylophone, a mailbox and more. Why cardboard boxes? You Will Need: Two 20-by-24-inch cardboard boxes for the main desk One 14-by-14-inch cardboard box for the milk crate file cabinet Two 6-by-6-inch cardboard boxes for the storage cubbies One milk crate for the file cabinet Eight binder clips (in the colors of your choice, to hold the cubbies together) One roll of duct tape in the color of your choice (optional) Step 1: Assemble the main desk using the two 20-by-24-inch boxes. Step 2: Stack the two smaller boxes on top of the 14-by-14-inch box. Step 4: Decorate your new workstation!

Construire des meubles en carton - fabrication meuble en carton Galerie 2 dumeuble en carton Cette deuxième galerie avec plus de cinq cent autres réalisations plus ou moins rangées par thèmes, faites par nos élèves qui sont venus à l'atelier pour apprendre a construire un meuble carton ou même plusieurs avec les excellentes méthodes Schmulb. Chaises, fauteuils, tables, commodes, buffets, un véritable régal pour les yeux avec des courbes toutes plus harmonieuses les unes que les autres. Cliquez ici pour accéder aux gabarits gratuits pour faire du meuble en carton Mobilier réalisés avec les méthodes Schmulb série2. Il y a plus de 500 différents meubles à voir sur cette galerie. Vous n'avez pas trouvé le meuble que vous avez fait lors de votre initiation à l'atelier? Fabriquer un meuble en carton : la vidéo Lancez-vous dans la création d’une table basse en carton, grâce aux conseils de Fificartoon, la spécialiste du meuble en carton. Vous pouvez retrouver ses créations sur son site et vous initiez avec son ouvrage : "L’atelier de Fificartoon" aux éditions de Saxe. L’acheter sur Matériel nécessaire - une vingtaine de planches de carton (brun) à double cannelure et une planche de carton gris - des fournitures scolaires basiques : crayon, gomme, règle graduée, feutres... - un mètre ruban pour prendre les mesures - du kraft gommé et une éponge humide - une râpe à bois, une cale à poncer - une scie sauteuse - un tapis de coupe et un cutter - un pistolet à colle chaude - de la colle à bois, de la colle à papier peint et du vitrificateur (pour parquet) - un rouleau de carton Dessin et découpe Pour réaliser les plateaux de table, munissez-vous de 4 planches que vous allez assembler entre elles, grâce à du papier kraft, pour qu’elles ne forment qu’un. Mise en volume Montage de la table Décoration

The Houser House: DIY Monogrammed Tervis Okay, so this post is a tad overdue. It was meant for the start of the summer, but I just needed that extra push to get it finished and published ;) So, my go-to gift is a monogrammed Tervis. (just FYI, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Tervis.... #1 that needs to change #2 it's a brand of plastic? acrylic? It truly depends on the person as to what type I give. And for "gift" I have used them many many semesters as teacher's gifts for Harper's teachers, just fun birthday gifts for friends, babysitters, the nursery workers at church, baby shower hostesses, etc etc etc. I especially love to fill them up with things to make the gifting more fun. But anyway, I thought I would share this EASY EASY EASY diy with you. Here's what you need-a silhouette or cutting machine -Your preferred Tervis-outdoor waterproof vinyl-transfer square A few side notes: Tervis---- you can use ANY type of cup for this. Vinyl ---- I use vinyl that I order from Expressions Vinyl online.

Diy Barbie Bed My girls and I really enjoyed making this little bed for their doll house, it went together really quickly and Is it just me or is it stinkin adorable!?!! I love the way it turned out and we made it in about 15 min. Barbie really likes the way it turned out too... she's such a pampered princess! We went around the whole thing with a bit of tape to finish it off and cover all the cardboard and loose ends. Blurry picture of the stuffing And a pink pillow to match...I think I need to makeover my poor little bedroom next...probably not with zebra print though! Linking up Click on read more for the tutorial Tutorial Cover four pencils with your fancy duct tape. Cut our a piece of fabric about 1" bigger than your rice box or cereal box and tape it down along three edges. Tape your pencils onto the sides and cover all the ugliness with one strip of duct tape all the way around.

Fun With Boxes: Cardboard Crafts For Kids Buying toys is easy. Just hand over the money and you can take home anything your heart desires. Keeping a child entertained is harder. Toys don't last, but a healthy imagination can come up with a myriad of ways to use one simple box. The box can be as small as a tissue or Bandaid box, or as big as a shipping box for a kitchen stove. I played with a box when I was a child, and my kids did, too. Forget those name brand toys. *Thanks to GarrettWI for this great cardboard playhouse image at Flickr.

11 creations et meubles en cartons | CARTONRECUP Quels sont les objets et meubles que l’on peut créer avec du carton ? Les possibilités sont vraiment infinies , et je voulais le prouver avec cet article .J’ai contacté plusieurs cartonnistes pour leur demander de bien vouloir présenter une des plus belle pièce de leur collection .Certains sont plutôt des meubles design , et d’autres plus classiques .Mais la grande particularité de ces créations en carton et qu’elles ont été fabriquées par des cartonnistes passionnés. J’espère que vous apprécierez leur talent à leur juste valeur et que cela vous donnera également envie de vous lancer . Une table console Cette table console imitation bois a été réalisée avec la méthode des traverses entaillées et croisées combinée à la méthode de boîtage, nécessaire pour la réalisation des pieds, elle est réalisée en deux parties jointes en boîtage et assemblées avec des traverses entaillées, les explications pour la réalisation de cette table console sont détaillées dans mon livre numérique tome 2. Maxime

valdes Luise: maison en carton jun 22, 2010 luise valdes: cardboard house image: luise valdes artist luise valdes collected a lot of unwanted cardboard boxes for his latest installation ‘casa de karton’ or cardboard house. the project is a life-size recreation of valdes’ apartment using cardboard tape and lots of white paint. all the objects in the apartment are made from old boxes that have been cut-out and assembled into the form with a sketch-like outline for smaller details. all the boxes are whitewashed to give the space a surreal quality of a drawing that has come to life. image: luise valdes via street level nate archer I designboom

diy projects One thing I love about our new house is that we actually have a fireplace mantle! This is exciting since our old house had a mantel-less fireplace, which I always felt was a sad looking sight once Christmas time rolled around each year. So the fact that I can now do amazing things like hang stockings and garland makes me beyond happy :) I wanted a somewhat simple garland for the fireplace and something that added a little hint of Christmas cheer without being too loud. Not sure if that even makes sense but half of the decorating thoughts in my head don't make sense. This turned out exactly like I visioned (almost never happens) and I love the little sparkle it gives my living room. What you will need:1 large block of white Sculpey polymer clay Gold glitterSmall star cookie cutter (I found mine at Hobby Lobby in the clay section) String Clay roller Hot glue gun Small bowl Start by conditioning your clay so that is is pliable. Use the cookie cutter to cut out all of your stars.

~Sofa Tutorial~ Part 1 By Rajendora Want a custom designed sofa for your dolls? Why not make it yourself? Those incredibly beautiful carved sofas for dolls are wonderful, and expensive. This is a simple sofa for beginners that will hold about 40 pounds of dolls without sagging for years. Print out the instructions and read them carefully, until you can picture yourself doing each step. Skill level: If you’re comfortable with a jig-saw, hammer and nails, and a nail gun, you’re good for this project. Materials from the Hardware store: A sheet of 1/4 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft. A 3/4 or 1 inch square dowel, usually they come in 36 inch long lengths. The cutting diagram with the measurements on it Wood pieces 3/4 to 1 inch long Wire Nails; the type with a head so it won’t pop through the wood. Heavy duty staple gun and 5/16 or 8mm staples. Elmer’s Carpenter’s Glue (reeks of vinegar, but it’s awesome strong and water wash up) Sand paper, about 120 grit, comes in a few sheets per package. Elmer’s Wood Filler ‘Max’. A pencil A.

5 Cereal Box Projects To Make For Toddlers Don’t throw out those cereal boxes! At least not until you’ve seen all the fun things that you and your little one can do with them! Cereal Box Maze You will need: Recycled cereal box Plastic drinking straws White craft glue Scissors Kix cereal Shape Matching Game you will need: Back or front of a recycled cereal box Felt Self adhesive magnetic sheet Scissors Marker Draw shapes onto the cardboard. Note: The magnets are just to help keep the pieces from falling off of the board continuously. Cereal Tube Drop You will need: Recycled cereal box 1 sheet felt 1 cardboard paper towel tube 1 sheet construction paper Glue stick Scissors Kix cereal Cut the front off of a cereal box. Yarn Loom You will need: Front of a recycled cereal box Scissors Yarn Tape Cut 9 slits at the bottom of the cereal box and 9 at the top. Show children how to weave the yarn through the loom, alternating over and under. Cut a square in the front of the cereal box.

ma boîte à trėsors Petit tour dans l’Univers du carton… | * Magicarton * Pour le moment j’ai trop peu de temps pour développer des beaux articles comme j’aime le faire. Vous m’en voyez désolée … Donc ce lundi, je continue a vous faire une (toute petite) revue du web côté carton en espérant un jour (proche! En faisant un petit travail de recherche pour ma prochaine petite collaboration avec la p’tite bulle, je suis tombée sur ces tabourets en carton, que je n’avais encore jamais croisé… En carton « plié » , les prix me paraissent chers mais jusqu’à présent j’ai toujours eu du mal à fixer des prix… La sympathique maison d’édition « les contemplatives » qui propose cette boutique n’indique pas qui est derrière cette création, c’est dommage je trouve . Petite mise à jour du 29/09/2012 : Silvia, une lectrice m’a donné la réponse : « le Tabouret en carton est l »œuvre » de Emilie Lapeyre ( » Merci ! Tabouret en carton Crédits : Joe de joetsescartons Joe et ses cartons vous dit tout sur son blog! Crédits: Zu4ki

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