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A Short History of the Gif

A Short History of the Gif
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Loop the Loop Loop the Loop Technology A brief history of the GIF Screengrab from, March 2013 If an annual award for the ‘hottest digital image format online’ existed, this year’s winner would be the Graphics Interchange Format or gif: an eight-bit, 256-colour bitmap picture file that can composite a series of stills into an infinitely loopable, silent moving image. The GIF’s pop-cultural tipping point came in 2012. Created in 1987 by the digital communications company CompuServe, the GIF was originally designed for speedy transfer across pre-World Wide Web Internet networks. By the early 2000s, web users turned to design templates, and gifs were shunned as signifiers of amateurishness. In the latter part of the decade, the success of YouTube (which was founded in 2005) pushed GIFs into the background. Broadly speaking, frame-capture GIFs fall into three categories: Schadenfreude, emotive and abstract. Each of these examples is based upon the loop’s paralytic power.

Mr. Div And His Fantastical Geometric GIFs [Gallery] Matthew DiVito, known on tumblr as Mr. Div, is a motion graphics designer whose experiments with making super short animations in Cinema 4D led him to that format of formats, the future (and, oddly, the past) of film, video, and photography—the almighty GIF. What started off just for kicks turned into a little bit of a tumblr phenomenon, encouraging Div to create a couple of new ones a week. Now there are tons of ‘em, and we’re pretty certain they’re getting better and better. Check out some of our favorites below. eclipse the_eye twist triduo typeA cage expand temple spherify rough seas liquid cube @ImYourKid

# RED EN CORTOS 2014 El cine se vive colectivamente. Y no solo se vive, sino que crece y evoluciona de forma colectiva. Este proyecto nace con la intención de aunar la creación artística y cultural individual con la actividad comunitaria en las diferentes regiones de Latinoamérica, aglutinando ambas concepciones bajo el concepto de RED offline, entendido como sistema capaz de originar el intercambio de experiencias entre diferentes culturas, y el de RED online, herramienta de intercambio de información basado en las nuevas tecnologías que posibilitan la total horizontalidad de participación, la interacción y el intercambio cultural. El término horizontalidad e igualdad de oportunidades cobra más vida que nunca. El poder de una red con 25 años de experiencia comunitaria. La calidad del contenido importa. Bienvenido a la red offline y online de creación audiovisual más extendida de toda Latinoamérica. Se pone a disposición de todos los creadores latinoamericanos un portal donde poder participar de su pasión.

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GIF-Industrial Complex: An Inside Look One weekend afternoon in September, Mike Konczal sat down at his computer to research a blog post. Another miserable jobs report had restarted the debate about what, if anything, the Federal Reserve should do to help unemployed Americans find a job. Konczal, a Roosevelt Institute think tanker specializing in economics, wanted to write about it. But he knew he couldn’t do it the way the rest of the media had, a stultifying mix of acronyms and technical terms. “Even the people who wanted to learn about it could just not learn that way,” Konczal told me. He had an idea: You explain it with GIFs. GIFs, for the uninitiated, are animated image files that play from beginning to end, then snap back to the beginning and begin anew, ad infinitum. Konczal spent that weekend afternoon researching GIFs. What he assembled was an economic treatise unlike any other. Why GIFs, and why now? I couldn’t stop staring.

It's Alive! Banksy's Street Art Gets Animated We’ve seen Banksy’s famous graffiti come to life as real people re-enacted his scenes for photographer Nick Stern and now an artist by the name of ABVH has brought them to life in a different way. ABVH has created animated GIF versions of some of our favorite works by Banksy and they have been spreading through Tumblr like wild fire. What could be more entertaining than watching a mouse run on a wheel all day? If you’re on Tumblr, you can follow ABVH and get his newest animations right away. See Also MORE REAL LIFE BANKSY PHOTOS BY NICK STERN In his book, Wall & Piece, Banksy explained what a beautiful world it could be: Imagine a city where graffiti wasn’t illegal, a city where everybody drew whatever they liked. ↬ robotmafia

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Glitch, si no puedes repararlo, conviértelo en arte Publicado el 21 / 08 / 2012 Probablemente uno de los temas más controvertidos, luego de la política y la religión es “¿qué es y qué no es arte?” Y es que actualmente las formas de crear y transmitir información son tantas y tan variadas, que todos los conceptos que teníamos de arte o estética, finalmente se ven modificados o puestos en duda por la cultura moderna. ¿Recuerdan cuando de niños jugaban videojuegos, y de la nada la pantalla empezaba a revolverse con píxeles, figuras y colores que jamás pensaron que existieran? El error como metáfora de rebeldía Los seres humanos por definición, somos imperfectos. Multiplicidad de formatos Una de las principales ventajas del Glitch Art, es que absolutamente nada está exento del error, puede ser una imagen que carga de forma incorrecta en el navegador, puede ser un video de baja calidad con interferencias, puede ser un archivo de audio defectuoso, donde las voces se entremezclan y el sonido tenga baches. Éxito comercial Escrito por

Music Production, drugs to take advantage of? Some of the greatest most inventive electronic music was created and even performed on LSD. From 1965 to 1972, LSD had a greater influence (than any external force) on the music that is now considered classic. Electronic music from that era has yet to equaled and serves as the baseline for all of today's popular music. Example: Jimi Hendrix re-invented the electric guitar during this era, but only produced 3 original albums and died at 27. I seriously doubt that any rap artists will be remembered for any Hendrix-Like, ground-breaking creativity. The Moody Blues (Probably the fathers of progressive rock), often used the spoken word, but did not use erratic rhythms to drive their lyrics. "Be it sight, sound, the smell, the touch. I'm sure all on this Forum can see the hallucinogenic influence in this piece. I just remembered, the best rap, EVER, is found in Meredith Wilson's "The Music Man". Wilson worked on TMM for years, creating 40, but dumping some 20 songs from the score.

GLITCH: EL ERROR COMO ARTE EN EL MEDIO DIGITAL | 17 pulgadas - De geeks, para geeks. Glitch, por definición es un error o comportamiento inesperado en algún tipo de medio o contenido digital, ya sea software o hardware que por su naturaleza no afecta al funcionamiento normal de tal, y por lo tanto no se puede considerar bug. De esta manera, un glitch llega incluso a ser un acontecimiento anecdótico no intrusivo que se podría catalogar incluso de «característica adicional no esperada» como se hace referencia en la Wikipedia. Se ha creado una corriente paralela gracias a los glitch en el mundo de los videojuegos, en el que se explotan, graban y aprovechan para beneficio propio o por diversión este tipo de características «extra», pero en el caso que nos ocupa la cosa trasciende de ser una cosa anecdótica a ser el medio de la expresión artística más conceptual, el arte glitch. Por último, hay uno de esos otros campos en los que el arte Glitch tiene mucha presencia, y quizá sea uno de los más activos hoy en día, y no es otro que el de la música.

File Sharing Using Google - Intitle:”index.of” Searches - Custom PC Blog Download MP3s, Movies, and More with Custom Google Searches Lately a lot of people have been asking me what programs I use to download movies, mp3s and anything else I am looking for online. It’s always fun to see the look on their faces when I tell them “Google”. The way I do this is by using specialized search commands that look for specific file types, and strip unwanted results out of your search. Because Google is such a powerful search engine it spiders many directories and parts of severs that people are not even aware of. The basic command that you use is: intitle:”index.of” (IMPORTANT: Make sure the “I” in “intitle” is LOWERCASE. This commend specifies two very important things in a search. Now let’s look at some arguments that can be used with the search. Now if you wanted to get even more specific you could specify the title of the song or movie you are looking for. So you see how this can change up the search to return a lot of interesting results.

Glitch art | Hipnosia's Blog Desde hace unos años ha crecido de una manera muy importante en la red el interés por el Glitch Art, sobre todo en lo referente al tema de la destrucción de las imágenes pues exige un conocimiento y unos medios… Antonio Roberts. AlphabeNt, the book which I wrote the foreword for and spoke briefly about at GLI.TC/H 2112, is out now for either $30AUD or $70AUD (special edition) AlphabeNt: Experiments from A–Z presents the 26 characters of the Latin alphabet… GlitchSort es una aplicación realizada en Processing que usa distintos algoritmos de pixel-sorting (clasificación u ordenamiento de los píxeles) así como otros procedimientos para crear imágenes glitch. La aplicación tiene dos interfaces diferentes: Glitch y FFT. En la primera encontramos… This is my contribution to: GLI.TC/H 2112 [ DEC 6, 2112 - DEC 9, 2112 ] [ CHICAGO, IL ] Glitch 2012 bumper from hipnosia on Vimeo.