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Topaz Labs Photo plugins The Leading Technology Our software delivers results that other products can't. Rest easy and know that you're using the latest technology available. Works with Your Photo Editor Our plug-ins connect to software that you already own. Satisfaction Guaranteed We want you to be happy. Unlimited Support We're here to help out with whatever you need. Get Started Instantly After you purchase you can download and start using the software right away. Free Upgrades You never have to worry about us nickel and diming you. Bank Level Security We use SSL to transmit your credit card number and it's never stored on our servers.

Dynamic Photo-HDR Dynamic Photo-HDR is a next generation High Dynamic Range Photo Software with Anti- Ghosting, HDR Fusion and Color Matching. Buy Now Dynamic Photo HDR (Win) You will see the total discount when you add multiple products to your cart Home Friendly License Install on all of your home computers Overview Version 5.3.0 Works on all Windows from XP to Win8 Powerful alignment and deghosting tools for high-dynamic-range generation, six tone mappers, plus lots of postproduction adjustments make MediaChance's Dynamic Photo HDR a real winner for HDR imaging. 2008 Popular Photography Award for Outstanding Product Save up to 30% when you bundle Dynamic Photo HDR effects in your iPhone Get it now! Here is a typical situation: You see a fantastic high contrast scene and you take a picture. Human eyes are very adaptive and far more sensitive to intensity than a digital camera. Our software will give your photos the exact look and feel you like; from vivid natural looking images to painterly surrealistic art. Links

Dynamic Auto Painter, turn your family photos into painting This is not your ordinary photo-to-painting effect! Instead of changing the pixels of the photo itself, DAP uses the input image only as a guide to paint the scene with many different brushes and guided by real-world artists inspired techniques. We spent years of researching the technique of famous painters in order to be able to closely mimic their style of painting, something which has never been successfully done in an automatic computer painting program before. Looks like a real painting One thing that puts DAP above others is that the output images will look like a painting even in small size (for example resized on web or looking from a distance when printed). Dynamic Auto-Painter delivers brilliantly on its promise of real art in short order – and at an excellent price The new version is a fully mature professional software that adds many tools and presets for ultra realistic complex details and brushworks.

Photoshop: emob Add Custom Watermark to Images, Free. Protect Your Photos and Images - PicMarkr Auto FX Software : Photoshop Plug-in Filters Nik Software Nik Photography Cover Photo Selection – April 16, 2014© +Saurabh Paranjape This week's cover photo belongs to +Saurabh Paranjape. Saurabh is an amateur photographer based in Northern California. His fascination with the medium began almost a decade ago, when his parents gifted him a Canon film SLR. Today, photography is his refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life. He shoots primarily landscapes on a Canon 5d Mk II and a Fujifilm X100. This photo was shot on the shore of Napili Bay in Maui, Hawaii, in the dying twilight. Be sure to circle +Saurabh Paranjape on Google+ to see more of his work. If you would like to be considered, please follow these guidelines:- Post an image on your G+ page- Dimensions 2120 x 1192 pixel image (horizontal)- Mention the Nik product/s that you used - Add #nikcoverphoto in your description- Image should not be watermarked Thank you from the Nik Google+ Photos Team

HDR Darkroom 3 – Best HDR software with the ultimate ease-of-use | Everimaging HDR Darkroom Reviews "HDR Darkroom is a fast and inexpensive app for creating impressive landscape images" "HDR Darkroom would be a worthy addition to the toolbox of many enthusiasts who want to experiment with this technique. " "HDR Darkroom is designed to minimise the work in producing sophisticated looking HDR images. It makes the HDR imaging workflow easy." Our new HDR Styles give you more ways to be bold Choose from 16 HDR Styles to quickly and easily give yourself more editing options. Cutting-edge Local/Global Tone Mapping technology Using our Local/Global Tone Mapping technology, you will produce the most spectacular photo-realistic results in seconds. Ghost Reduction Technology If an object moves through the scene while you are taking multiple shots, our Ghost Reduction technology corrects the problem of "ghosting" when the images are combined. Alignment Technology Powerful Batch Processing

Illustrator vs Inkscape Inkscape at the Libre Graphics Meeting April 12, 2014 The Inkscape project mustered nine developers, translators and document writers for a productive meeting. As well as countless user interactions over the course of the five day event. This is what happened... Read more... Inkscape sponsoring LGM attendance March 2, 2014 Thanks to generous donations from users, the Inkscape Project is pleased to pay for five developers to attend the Libre Graphics Meeting, to be held in Leipzig in April.

The world in virtual reality, VR city maps.

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