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Free Energy Devices: Yes They Are Real

Free Energy Devices: Yes They Are Real
Who is benefiting from suppressing scientific research? Whose power and wealth is threatened by access to clean and free energy? Who has the desire to create a system where so few have so much, and so many have so little? It’s become extremely obvious, especially within the past few years, that Earth’s dependence on fossil fuels is not needed at all. Yet we continue to create war, destroy the environment and harm mother Earth so we can continue using the same old techniques that generate trillions of dollars for those at the top of the energy industry. Corporate media continues to push the idea that we are in an energy crisis, that we are approaching a severe problem due to a lack of resources. These concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories all over the world, yet never see the light of day. The Research These concepts are currently being discussed at The Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference. The Casimir Effect is a proven example of free energy that cannot be debunked. Related:  energyGreen Energy

Free Energy: Searl Effect Generator On December 4th, we released an article that began to explore the realness behind Free Energy devices. For those of you who haven’t yet read the article and the videos associated with it you can do so by clicking HERE. In this article however, we are going to take a closer look at a particular free energy device known as the Searl Effect Generator -which from this point onwards I will refer to as the SEG. The SEG like all supposed free energy devices carries the capability to run on its own without any external input. Originally discovered in 1946 by John Roy Robert Searl the SEG captures kinetic energy that is generated by natural changes in ambient temperature. Science Lingo Breakdown (just incase you needed it as a reminder like I did) Kinetic Energy – The energy that comes as a result of motion Ambient Temperature – Temperature in a room or surrounding an object Sources:

Eugene Mallove's Open Letter to the World New Energy Foundation, Inc. (A nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation) P.O. Box 2816, Concord, NH 03302-2816 Phone: 603-485-4700 Fax: 603-485-4710 Universal Appeal for Support for New Energy Science and Technology TO ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD who have open-minded curiosity, good will, good judgment, and imagination. To Scientists and Engineers, Philanthropists, Environmentalists, Energy Developers, High Technology Investors, Healthcare Professionals, Journalists, Artists, Writers, Business People, Entertainers, and Political Leaders. Dear Friend: Here are some thoughts by wise thinkers—background for this urgent appeal for your consideration and support of research and development of radically new forms of energy. “The exception tests the rule.” Richard P. Percy W. American Nobel Laureate in Physics (1988) Leon M. Please attend to this appeal. “I have had fifty years of experience in nuclear physics and I know what’s possible and what’s not! Category 1. Category 2.

The Rodin Coil: Is It The Greatest Discovery of All Time? Free energy is easily one of the hottest topics in the world within alternative news. While mainstream news continues to ignore the growing interest around the subject, alternative news outlets are providing new information about the inventions, science, mathematics and suppression of free energy technologies. We even covered the subject in our new documentary The Collective Evolution III: The Shift The trouble with the advancement of free energy as it stands now lies in a couple clear areas. 1. However, these hang ups are not stopping the spread of information surrounding not only the science but also the reality of these devices. “They say mathematics is the language of god, but until now nobody has been speaking god’s language”. As stated by Marko Rodin and his volunteers, the Rodin Coil has the ability to completely transform our world given what it is capable of. Practical Implications Of This Technology More Free Energy Research Sources:

Free Energy Reality - The SEG | Last updated on March 1, 2012 at 4:11 am EDT by in5d Alternative News * Visit in5D Connection where you can find your soul mate or join one of our amazing groups. EVERYONE is welcome! by Gregg Prescott, While governments and countries fight over the petro dollar, the solution for all energy concerns is closer to coming to fruition every day. John Searl is one of the leaders of the new free energy movement. According to Jason Verbelli, “This will replace the grid. You'd still use the same wall sockets in your home, but you wouldn't have to pay anyone for the power and you will never have black outs. The only difference in your home's system is that you'd have to reverse the polarity of your wall sockets to receive the inverse signal put out by the SEG. The more you used it, the more it would put out negative ions which promote healing. The utility companies can monitor their meters all they wanted. About the Author:

Eugene Mallove Killed Eminent New Energy Scientist Dr. Eugene Mallove Killed Dear friends, This email brings some sad news. Dr. MIT Chief Science Writer, Dr. I was the Chief Science Writer at the MIT news office when the cold fusion story out of Utah broke on March 23, 1989. I can't help but wonder if Dr. With very best wishes, Fred Burks for Note: For incredibly revealing excerpts from major media articles on exciting new energy technologies, click here. From: Sterling D. To: Free Energy Updates Newsletter ; Free Energy egroup ; free-energy egroup Sent: Saturday, May 15, 2004 1:23 PM Subject: [FE_updates] Eugene Mallove Killed in Property Dispute Standard bearer of the Cold Fusion torch, editor of Infinite Energy magazine. Dr. It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Gene Mallove, who was killed on May 14, 2004 apparently due to some sort of involvement with a property dispute. Gene is survived by his wife Joanne, son Ethan and daughter Kim.

The perovskite lightbulb moment for solar power | Technology | The Observer The worst part of my job as a materials scientist is going to conferences. They are often turgid affairs conducted in the ballrooms of hotels so identical to one another that you can't tell whether you are in Singapore or Manchester. The same speakers are there, for the most part droning on about the same thing they droned on about at the last conference. I should know, I am one of them. But occasionally, just occasionally, someone says something so radically new that it causes you sit up and actually listen. This was the scene at the Materials Research Society conference in Boston last December, where a breakthrough in perovskite solar cells was announced. If we could capture approximately 1% of the sunlight falling on to the British Isles and turn it into electricity we would meet our current energy demands. Silicon is a poor conductor of electricity because all of its four outer electrons are bound up in the chemical bonds holding the crystal together.

Can Andrea Rossi's Infinite-Energy Black Box Power The World--Or Just Scam It? On January 14, 2011, a 61-year-old Italian inventor named Andrea Rossi staged a spectacular demonstration. In a warehouse in Bologna, he switched on a strange contraption that looked like a leg of lamb wrapped in aluminum foil. He called it the "E-Cat," short for "energy catalyzer." Here, Rossi claimed, was a machine that harnessed a previously unknown type of nuclear reaction—a machine that could produce nearly infinite energy cheaply and with no radioactive by-products. A handpicked audience of 40 journalists and scientists watched Rossi's E-Cat gurgle steam for an hour. Despite the rebuff, three weeks later Celani presented observations of Rossi's "black box," as he called it, at a special session of the 16th International Conference on Cold Fusion. If it were true, Rossi's invention would be a miracle—the boundless energy source that physicists have been pursuing since the dawn of the nuclear age. The machine would put the oil companies out of business.

Suppressed Energy Segment 3 (40 min): Lecture and principles with Andrew Michrowski and Tom Bearden. Andru Michrowski and Tom E. Bearden discuss how these AntiGravity effects are achieved People that were associated with John Hutchison have been ridiculed, had objects stolen, and have lost jobs. All because they do not want to believe the truth - We have been lied to by our own Government!!! A good friend of John Hutchisons that has come forward is Tom Bearden. Tom E. Andru Michrowski shows how these effects are achievd and how scalers are created "The effect was created by two Tesla coils on the diagonal corners of a plastic plate" says Mich. The splintering of metals happen in fraction of a second. Panel of experts Andru Michrowski and Tom E. Michrowski and Berdon talk about how the Max Plank institute in Germany have created new metals and alloys never before seen by man. Dr. To have a repulsion of mass, you must create a reveal of time (i.e.. negative time). A very interesting and unique video.

Wilson Solar Grill for outdoor cooking - National Green Living A group of MIT students have been working on a solar grill that uses a Fresnel lens and solar energy to melt down a container of Lithium Nitrate, which is like a battery storing thermal energy for 25 hours. The heat created at temperatures above 450 degrees Fahrenheit is used for convection cooking outdoors. The MIT students are Derek Allen Ham, Eric Uva, and Theodora Vardouli. The project is part of their Innovation Teams, or iTeams, multi-disciplinary course taught by Fiona Murray at Sloan School in May 2011. The study is to do an entrepreneurial survey of product interest and business model plan for solar grill manufacture and distribution, both in third world countries like Nigeria and the U.S. where it might be an easier sell. There should be no more concern about the danger from the lithium battery since it is a sealed system and device would have to be severely dismantled for the chemicals to become an issue.

Free-Energy Devices, zero-point energy, and water as fuel Hi John, It's even worse than that. There has been a very deliberate suppression of overunity systems (i.e., COP>1.0, using excess free energy taken from the vacuum) since 1892, when J. Lorentz "borrowed" some previous work by Lorenz (without the "t") and used it to deliberately symmetrize the Heaviside equations so the new EE technology being set up to be taught in the universities would not ever contain free energy and overunity COP systems. In short, the High Cabal had electrical engineering itself deliberately mutilated and crippled just prior to its very birth. So we do not even teach or apply Heaviside's original vastly reduced subset of Maxwell's theory, much less Maxwell's original theory! This deliberate mutilation and crippling of electrical engineering is the real and single cause of the world energy crisis, of our dependence on oil, and of much of the pollution of our biosphere in the electric power-producing processes and energy processes. Best wishes, Tom Bearden John

IBM Solar Collector Magnifies Sun By 2000X – These Could Provide Power To The Entire Planet A team at IBM recently developed what they call a High Concentration Photo Voltaic Thermal (HCPVT) system that is capable of concentrating the power of 2,000 suns, they are even claiming to be able to concentrate energy safely up to 5,000X, that’s huge. The process of trapping the sunlight produces water that can be used to produce filtered drinkable water, or used for other things like air conditioning etc. Scientists envision that the HCPVT system could provide sustainable energy and fresh water to communities all around the world. “Each 1cmX1cm chip can convert 200-250 watts, on average, over a typical eight-hour day in a sunny region. The heat is absorbed into hundreds of tiny solar cells called photovoltaic chips. According to Greenpeace, this technology can establish itself as the third largest player in the sustainable power generation industry. A common problem with modern-day solar collectors is that they can only take in a minimal amount of energy. Related Topics: Free Energy

FREE ENERGY: WHAT THE GLOBAL ELITE DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW | Truth Survival L'ENERGIE LIBRE, ILLIMITEE ET NON POLLUANTE, DISPONIBLE POUR TOUS Imaginez un monde avec une énergie abondante, propre, peu coûteuse, les centrales nucléaires, de gaz, les puits de pétrole, les mines de charbon... ont été mises hors d'usages. Un type inhabituel de l'énergie rend tout cela possible. Elle ne vient pas du soleil, du vent, de la pluie ou des marées, ce n'est pas un combustible fossile ou nucléaire prit dans le sol ou par synthèse chimique. "Encore quelques générations qui passent, et nos machines seront conduites par la force obtenue à n'importe quel point dans l'univers... C'est une simple question de temps et les hommes réussiront à connecter leurs machines aux rouages mêmes de la nature." - Nikola Tesla En effet, il a été démontré que le vide contient une énorme quantité d'énergie, proche du zéro absolu (le point zéro), une énergie utilisable en abondance : L’énergie libre, ou énergie du vide (éther). C’est une source d’énergie renouvelable disponible gratuitement appelée aussi « énergie du point zéro ». Alors voilà : Viktor Schauberger R.