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How to create a mood board

How to create a mood board
When trying to convey a design idea to win pitches and get an early sign-off, moods, feelings and visions can be difficult to communicate verbally. So designers will often use mood boards: a collection of textures, images and text related to a design theme as a reference point. Mood boards help others to 'get inside our heads' as they show what you're thinking and feeling about a creative idea and your intended vision for a piece of work. Get Adobe Creative Cloud now That said, mood boards can be a pain to create, with many hours spent trawling image galleries, websites, books and magazines looking for that perfect image to sum up your intended feel for the work at hand. 01. When putting together mood boards, it's easy (and therefore tempting) to just use Google Images. Real world inspiration such as this can be a very powerful 'convincer' when putting together a board for a client. 02. Real world inspiration is all around us. 03. 04. 05. It's a subliminal trick. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. Related:  design

20 documentaries every designer should watch — – User Experience Design 20 documentaries every designer should watch Some of the documentaries listed below are quite famous, some are completely unknown. More than teaching you anything about Design, these films teach something about people — how they behave, what motivates them and how they shape art and culture at the same time they are shaped by it. Objectified Helvetica Urbanized Design is One: Lella and Massimo Vignelli Gucci: The Director Indie Game Bill Cunningham New York Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry Exit Through the Gift Shop — Banksy The Waiting Room Jiro Dreams of Sushi The City Dark Pina Life in a Day Art & Copy Design & Thinking PressPausePlay Sign Painters Eames: The Architect and the Painter Making it

Moodboard Top 52 Social Media Platforms Every Marketer Should Know New Platforms Updated All the Time. In the free eBook we offer called 101 Digital Marketing Tools to Help Grow Your Business, we outline dozens of the top digital marketing tools available to people like you. What follows below is an outline of 52 (actually 57, but who is counting) of the top social media platforms from around the globe. Hopefully, you’ll find this list of some help. The list is broken into 3 categories — social media platforms that help you network (like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.); social media platforms that help you promote (like YouTube, blogs, etc.); and social media platforms that help you share (like Buffer, Hootsuite, etc.). Ready? Social Media Platforms that help you Network: Blab: Think of blab as Periscope or Meerkat, only better. Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook out of his dorm room for his fellow students at Harvard. Google+: The clean, simple interface makes connecting with friends, family and business associates a piece of cake. Do tell. Thanks!

Design & Thinking - a documentary on design thinking Olioboard Building Your Olioboard In order to begin work on your latest and undoubtedly greatest creation, simply click on the any of the create buttons found throughout Back to Top how do i add images to my olioboard? Images can be dragged from the items panel onto your Olioboard. how do i remove images from my olioboard? Images can be removed from the Olioboard by selecting the item you wish to delete and hitting the remove button in the toolbar or by selecting the item and hitting the delete button on your keyboard. i can't see all of my olioboard. is there any way to zoom in or zoom out? Click and drag the zoom slider down to zoom out, and up to zoom in how do i save my olioboard? If you are currently working on your olioboard and want to save it to work on at a later date, click on the ‘Save Draft’ button. A published board is a public board so if you want to keep your work private, just continue to use the save draft button. how can i change the way the image looks on the olioboard?

Making It Pictures “Making It” is a documentary film that explores the daily struggles of making a living, staying creative, and making it all up as we go along. The film focuses primarily on Eric Fortune, Andrew Bawidamann, and Brian Ewing discussing education, their business model, and the future of Illustration but ultimately asking, what does “Making It” mean to each artist? Andrew Bawidamann, Brian Ewing and Eric Fortune are three excellent artists who are in the middle of their careers. This stage of their journey is the toughest because they’re on the edge of success, “Making IT”. I believe many people in the world can relate to this. The filmmakers goal was to make a film that had universal message. This could have easily been a fluff piece about how cool or successful these artists are. However, our goal was also to inspire. The documentary also features interviews with artists and industry giants such as: Adam Hughes, Tara McPherson , Becky Cloonan, Jon Foster, Greg Manchess, C.F.

BRAINNN! #6: L'inspiration visuelle dont vous avez besoin pour vos créations digitales. « Inspiré de notre veille quotidienne et du travail chez nos clients, nous souhaitons vous partager notre vison du design et vous transmettre notre passion pour la créativité. » ILLUSTRATION DE LA SEMAINE I Blog Vachement Design by Adrien Quillet IDENTITÉ DE MARQUE I Retrouvez tous les meilleurs style guides SITE WEB I Exemples de la 3D tactile TYPOGRAPHIE I Tobias Hall, maître du lettrage ROBOTS I Les 10 robots les plus cool de l’Innorobo 2016 SITE WEB I Une navigation rappelant efficacement une interface VR 360° INTERVIEWS I Talking with the pros : collection d’interviews de créatifs SITE WEB I Découvrez différentes expériences de visites virtuelles OBJET CONNECTÉ I Dot, le premier smartwatch braille pour les personnes ayant une déficience visuelle SITE WEB I 20 Grands exemples de site Web Gamification BOTS I L’arrivée des bots sur Messenger ART I Eduardo Kobra street artiste SITE WEB I 5 sites e-commerce OBJET CONNECTÉ I Fixo : entre tablette et domotique INFOGRAPHIE I A propos de Google bisoUX

Villemot Archives - The Wry Home About 13 years ago, my husband and I were celebrating a certain birthday I won’t share with you when we saw this poster in the window of a small shop. The brilliant green color and bird hat on this wonderful woman stopped both of us. The store was Galerie Documents at 53 rue de Seine. We walked in and spoke to the charming owner, and left with this lady tucked under our arm. Poster illustrated by Rene Gruau The artist, Rene Gruau, was a renowned fashion illustrator who became one of the best known and favorite artists of the haute couture world during the 1940s and 50s. Two lipstick ads by Rene Gruau on either end Gruau’s artwork is recognized internationally in some of France and Italy’s most prestigious art museums, including the Louvre. Bernard Villemot is another French graphic artist we discovered along the way. We love how colorful and fun his images are, and they can be very reasonable if you want to decorate your walls with something different. Villemot in our office the wry home

Impression livre dos carré collé, imprimer brochure dos carré collé, romans, poèmes, biographies, guides, thèses Impression de livre en dos carré collé pour de l'auto-édition : romans, nouvelles, poèmes, biographies, guides, thèses...en petite série. Calculez le devis en ligne. Impression de livre sous 4 jours et livré en 24/48h par transporteur. Imprimer une Brochure ou un livre dos carré collé à la demande. Caractèristique technique : Nous proposons une impression sur papier bouffant ou 80g/90g blanc de qualité, une couverture en couleur ou Noir & Blanc sur papier 300 g avec une reliure en dos carré collé PUR haut de gamme et une finition complétée par 4 rainages de couverture. Système de calcul de l'épaisseur du dos de votre brochure : ((nb de page couverture ÷ 2) x épaisseur d'une feuille) + ((nb de page intérieur ÷ 2) x épaisseur d'une feuille) = taille du dos en millimètres Epaisseur d'une feuille en millimètre (1 feuille = 2 pages 1 en recto et 1 en verso) Papier Bouffant 80 g 1,95 main = 0,156 mm Papier Offset 90 g = 0,110 mm Papier 135 g Satimat = 0,113 mm Papier 170 g Satimat = 0,146 mm

What's The Greatest Logo Of All Time? | Co.Design | business + design A logo is meant to be a brand's most enduring symbol, a graphic totem that distills a company's essence down into a single graphical mark that is beautiful, flexible, and memorable. Crafting such a deceptively simple symbol is a massive undertaking, so it's no surprise that the majority of the world's logos are so disposable. But when a logo achieves those lofty goals? It's the design equivalent of what Robert Frost once wrote about great poetry: You never get over it. Of course, what's immortal for one person might be boring to another, and that goes double for designers, who tend to be opinionated on the subject. The ones that, as Frost might say, they just can't get over. I ❤ NY: "An N.Y.C. landmark in and of itself" Designed by Milton Glaser for the New York State Department of Commerce, this classic mark has fronted T-shirts and bumper stickers since 1977. That's why Min Lew and Thierry Brunfant, partners at Base, give it their vote for the greatest of all time.