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FamilyFun (Disney)

FamilyFun (Disney)

Embroidered Buttons The Japanese craft books are filled with wonderful embroidery projects and these buttons are a great example. So why not make a quick and simple embroidered button? Here is an easy method I used to make my button: 1. Choose a shank button that will be large enough for your embroidered design. ABC, I Believe Christian Homeschool Curriculum-Bible Study for Kids and home school Are you and your children tired of the same old routine? Are you tired of paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork? Put a little excitement into your school day with these fun and creative ideas. You will find included in each Bible lesson:

How To: Not Your Ordinary Book Light. How To: Not Your Ordinary Book Light. Friends have regularly recommended books as being particularly illuminating, but I admit that after opening them I was as in the dark as ever. Since I’m not one to let a good metaphor go unmolested (and because design schools seem to constantly create designers who’s job it is to make ugly lamps) I made this. Holder for Charging Cell Phone (made from lotion bottle) My husband and I both have cell phones. And both of us have phone chargers. And that means lots of obnoxious cords. You never know when one of us may be moving phone cords around, to give our phones an extra charge while we’re chatting away……… or trying to charge our phones up before running errands or something.

Zip-up Earbuds » LauPre I love to have my music with me everywhere I go, but I hate the tangled mess my wires become when I toss them in my bag or pocket. Last night I whipped up a fun and functional solution by adding a zipper to my earbuds. This project took me around an hour to do (perfect for catching up on some t.v. from The supplies are few; basic sewing supplies, a pair of headphones, and a nice long zipper. Sharpie Markers Official Blog Groovy, Baby CRAFTY GIRL SCOUTS AND ’60′S HIPPIES have known about it forever, but using Sharpie markers to tie dye clothing and other items has remained pretty much under wraps. Now you can uncover the secrets and learn how to create some of the most brilliant designs in the boldest and brightest colors with Sharpie markers.

….aaaand we’re back - Kitty Baby Love Getting things started again It’s been a while… about 9 months actually. Life presented some life changing directions to take and I took them! teddy bear from pipe leaner & polymer clY How To Create A Furry Teddy Bear With Pipe Cleaner And Polymer Clay Bend, Twist and Create Creating Miniature Furries By Combining Polymer Clay With Pipe Cleaner Creating A Hundred Furry Miniatures As Gifts, For All My Young Students Half Size Miniature Furries.....The World's Smallest Delphi Forum: Half Size Miniature Furries...The World's Smallest CITY-O-Clay Forum: Miniature Furries How To Create A Prehistoric Furry Mammoth Using Polymer Clay And Pipe Cleaner Decorative Furry Ball Combined WithPolymer Clay And Pipe Cleaner ToCreate, Learn, Play and Gift Encouraging Young Students In Play Clay Enrichment Class Rewarding Them With Handmade Gifts MINI AD-VENTUREMaking miniatures combining polymer clay with color balls, poms poms to pipe cleaners Back Home | Email

Drink Can Tinwork Tinwork Embossed tinwork is sometimes used to decorate rustic style photo or mirror frames, or just to make decorative items such as Christmas tree decorations. The metal used is usually thicker (tinplate) and is normally worked with hammered tools - I wanted to try to get a similar effect, but with a bit less effort. The Most Popular ArticleOn Atomic Shrimp No, really! I created this page towards the end of October 2008. Anthro-Inspired Book Stack Necklace - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS One of my favorite bloggers posted about this necklace available on Anthropologie's website a few months back. It was retailing for something like $165. I figured it would be pretty easy to diy. So I did.

flax & twine: Day 3: Sparkle Headbands - a diy headband tutorial Theses headbands I want to keep for myself. Really, I can’t decide which I like better the beads or the rhinestones. I know Allie won’t want to take them off. Who doesn’t love the idea of diamonds glittering in your hair? The technique for the floss wrapping I used in the wands in my costume course on Craftsy. But, I just adore the added bling.

Project: Wooden Salt Cellar By Mark Frauenfelder A couple of years ago I whittled a wooden spoon as a thank-you gift for our family friend Valerie, who was my daughter’s elementary school art teacher. Valerie appreciated it so much that my wife asked me to make another wooden gift for Valerie’s upcoming birthday. I thought about it for a while and decided that a salt cellar would not tax my meager skills. For a PDF of this project, visit the build page on Make: Projects. Materials & Tools Wooden branch, about 3″ in diameter Workbench Saw Drill with bits Dremel tool Sandpaper Snap-blade utility knife Beeswax

No-Sew Book Cover for your eReader or Tablet This is the most important and time consuming part of the project. Seriously. I spent 15 minutes making the cover, and two days picking out the book.