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Gold Gilded Geode Ring

Gold Gilded Geode Ring
The holiday season is my favorite time of the year! To celebrate, I will be dedicating all my DIY's for the month of December to the holidays, including a few gift giving ideas. I always love gifting handmade jewelry, and when I saw this inspiration I knew what my first holiday DIY would be. I love how luxe look! It's a great update to a DIY favorite. Here is how to make a gold gilded geode ring for yourself and loved ones. Materials: - geode (here or here) - ring blank (here) - liquid gilding (here) - e6000 adhesive - paintbrush Steps: 1. Related:  BEAUTIFUL BEADY THINGS :-)

DIY Leather Pouch Contributor post by Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth What do you give to someone who already has everything? A DIY leather pouch made just by you for all of their little somethings. I'll teach you how to modify a craft store leather bag kit to make this project modern, well made, and cost effective while still being the work of your hands. Materials: Scissors A 3/4" silver rivet In case the term "belt bag" threw you off a little, don't fret! Next, remove the snap that would normally be used for the belt loop, and replace it with a simple silver rivet for aesthetic purposes. For the sides, lay the leather pieces rough side facing rough side, and align the outer punched holes. As long as you're sewing as tightly as you can through the aligned punched holes, then you're sides will form correctly even if they pucker a bit at first (see top photo). Finish it up with clasping hardware by inserting the screw through the inside of the pouch, and then twisting the clasp onto it from the outside.

DIY Woven Chain Bracelet Chain link bracelets, with colorful threads woven through them, have been popping up here and there. We adore Aurèlie Bidermann‘s Do Brazil bracelets and thought it was about time we graduate to the ultimate “grown-up” friendship bracelet. With a curb chain bracelet and some embroidery thread, we’ll teach you how to make your own woven chain bracelet. And one for your bestie too, of course. You’ll need:a curb link braceletembroidery threadtwo bobby pinsa pair of scissors Cut 2 sets of 15 strands of embroidery thread, with each strand measuring four times the length of the bracelet. Lay the second color (blue) over the first color (coral). Repeat the steps until you reach the end of the bracelet. (top images from here and here, rest of images by Honestly…WTF) Making Your Own Cabochon Jewelry & a Giveaway! - The Happier Homemaker Last year while my husband was deployed I opened an Etsy shop selling jewelry. It ended up being a fairly short-lived endeavor….making jewelry in quantity was too labor-intensive for me with the three littles at home. (I can blog while nursing a baby, not so much with making jewelry!) Here are some of my favorite things I made for my shop: I love these little resin flowers-known as cabochons. I have found the best source of cabochons flowers, ring bases, and hair pin bases to be Etsy. Pick Your Plum also has great deals on jewelry making supplies quite often. I have purchased my necklace chains and bases at my local craft store or Walmart-they have large selections and you can use a coupon at the craft stores to make it even cheaper. Now that you have your supplies it is too easy! Okay, so now you’re all set to make your own cabochon jewelry but here’s the best part! To Enter (Mandatory): Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite type of jewelry is. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

38 Best DIY Food Gifts crafty, easy, stylish jewelry I’m so excited to tell you about this new collection of easy to assemble jewelry. It’s called Styled by Tori Spelling and no, it’s not sold in high-end boutiques and upscale department stores – it’s available in major craft and hobby stores. That’s right – these collections; Boho, Glam, Noir, and Glitz by Styled by Tori Spelling are so easy to create, you don’t have to be a jewelry crafter or a a crafter at all. The idea is simple. The pieces above are from the Glitz and Boho collections that I received to try out. You can also make matching earrings. For a dramatic look, showcase a bold pendant on a necklace top and bottom. You can also make bracelets. For this piece I used four bracelets and also added the leaves from a pendant dangler. Note: [crafty confession]: to add the leaves, I did use pliers since I was using the pendant differently than it was intended for. Another project a little outside of the box, I used this adorable owl pendant to make a bookmark. Thanks for visiting. Carolyn

DIY: Curb Chain Ring While browsing important web sites the other day, I stumbled upon some pictures of Gwen Stefani and fell in love with a curb chain ring she had on. Long story short I decided to make my own version and recycle some broken rings while at it. Inspiration My DIY version Now, if you can handle a torch and silver you can make a similar version with silver curb chain and some solder. If not then this is a much better way for you to create this style. You will need: - plain rings (I used some broken adjustable rings I had laying around) - curb chain (best if the width is the same or larger than the rings) - E6000 glue - pliers - toothpick and an old ring box cushion or a piece of styrofoam You can use brand new or recycle old rings. Start by wearing the ring you will use. Continue by placing your ring on a piece of styrofoam or an old ring box cushion to keep it stable while working on it. Apply a little amount of glue on the toothpick and spread it along the top of the ring. Mix it up and enjoy! xoxo

DIY Christmas Giftables: Earphone Cord Keepers with Printable Packaging This Christmas season I've been trying to branch out to crafting not just jewelry but into other things that more people would like to have - today I made this earphone cord keeper with free printable packaging to share with you. It's easy, takes up less than an hour of your time and would be a cute stocking stuffer for your techie friend or an accessory for you! :) What do you need: Bamboo stick / really thin dowel Cutter Sandpaper First, knead your clay and flatten it - then cut out your shape. Next, use your sandpaper and dab on the clay until you get the texture of a gingerbread man. Add your details using a contrasting polymer clay color - here I was trying to imitate icing. Next, poke your hole - after a few tries I realized the sharper end of the bamboo stick would produce a cleaner hole. Poke two more holes and make two more sets of parallel lines connected to them. Yay, I'm almost done my Christmas list.

Crystal Picot Bracelet copyright 2008-2015 Deborah Roberti For the exact beads used in the photo above, click here to go to the Gallery of Color Suggestions and scroll down. MATERIALS (for a 7-inch bracelet, not including clasp) • 3 yards waxed Nymo or C-Lon thread, size D, or 6 lb. FireLine • About 220 size 11/0 seed beads • About 60 size 4mm beads (can be any size 4mm bead type—bicone crystals, fire-polished beads, round beads, glass pearls, etc.) • About 15 size 6mm beads (can be any size 6mm bead type—bicone crystals, fire-polished beads, round beads, glass pearls, etc.) • clasp Step 1: Thread your needle with 3 yards of Nymo, C-Lon or Fireline. String a seed bead, a 6mm bead, a seed bead, a 4mm bead, three seed beads and a 4mm bead. Leaving about a 10-inch tail for attaching the clasp, tie the beads together in a circle with a double knot: Step 2: Go back up through the seed bead and the 6mm bead that you added in the last step (highlighted in RED): Step 5: String three seed beads.

Handmade Vintage Button Ring Tutorial with Step by Step Photos - Good Morning! Today I thought it would be fun to bring you a tutorial on how to create a wire wrapped ring using a button from the Genuine Vintage Button Tin as the focal piece. In addition to the button you will also need: Ring MandrelNylon Hammer (or rawhide – non marring hammer)Wire SnipsChain Nose Pliers18 Gauge Artistic Wire® By Beadalon in Gun Metal Bronze Supplies needed for an assortment of rings Begin by cutting a 20" length of wire. Place the center of the button onto the ring mandrel one full size larger than you need for the finished ring size. Wrap the wire around the top and bottom of the button the mandrel so that you have four wraps around the mandrel. Pull the ends of the wire perpendicular to the mandrel and pull tightly to draw the wrapped sections to the center of the button. Begin to wrap the wires clockwise around the shank of the button. Again holding the wires perpendicular to the mandrel, remove the ring from the mandrel. Finished Vintage Button Wire Wrapped Ring