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38 Best DIY Food Gifts

38 Best DIY Food Gifts
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DIY Leather Pouch Contributor post by Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth What do you give to someone who already has everything? A DIY leather pouch made just by you for all of their little somethings. I'll teach you how to modify a craft store leather bag kit to make this project modern, well made, and cost effective while still being the work of your hands. Materials: Scissors A 3/4" silver rivet In case the term "belt bag" threw you off a little, don't fret! Next, remove the snap that would normally be used for the belt loop, and replace it with a simple silver rivet for aesthetic purposes. For the sides, lay the leather pieces rough side facing rough side, and align the outer punched holes. As long as you're sewing as tightly as you can through the aligned punched holes, then you're sides will form correctly even if they pucker a bit at first (see top photo). Finish it up with clasping hardware by inserting the screw through the inside of the pouch, and then twisting the clasp onto it from the outside.

healthy snacks by mail | get nature delivered Phoebe is an adult Who wants to join my sports team? We’re called the Sad News Bears, and I haven’t decided what sport we’ll go out for, but I’ve got a pretty good start on our mascot. I don’t even know where to begin with this you guys. Does it not astound you that these three depictions of Person Slipping on Wet Floor are so different? Are you not intrigued that at least several people have, as their job, drawn stick figure representations of humans in various stages of falling? A lot of things are great these days. Can we all just celebrate Gram for a minute? Apple Lavender Muffins Apple Lavender Muffins We planted two apple trees on our property here in Umbria a couple of years ago, and last year one tree yielded a few apples while the other tree didn’t produce any. This year they switched places, and the tree that didn’t yield any apples last year produced so many this year that I worried the poor little tree wouldn’t be able to stand upright for too long. We also trimmed our 50 lavender bushes this past week so I decided to combine the two flavors in these rustic apple muffins I made for our farmhouse guests. Buon Appetito! Apple Lavender Muffins Yield: Makes 12 MuffinsPrep Time: 20 minsCook Time: 25 minss Moist apple muffins with just a hint of lavender.

DIY GIFT IDEA | Gold Gilded Geode Ring The holiday season is my favorite time of the year! To celebrate, I will be dedicating all my DIY's for the month of December to the holidays, including a few gift giving ideas. I always love gifting handmade jewelry, and when I saw this inspiration I knew what my first holiday DIY would be. Materials: - geode (here or here) - ring blank (here) - liquid gilding (here) - e6000 adhesive - paintbrush Steps: 1. Top 11 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition There is a lot of misinformation circling around in mainstream nutrition. I have listed the worst examples in this article, but unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are the top 11 biggest lies, myths and misconceptions of mainstream nutrition. 1. There's one thing that nutrition professionals have had remarkable success with... and that is demonizing incredibly healthy foods. The worst example of that is eggs, which happen to contain a large amount of cholesterol and were therefore considered to increase the risk of heart disease. But recently it has been proven that the cholesterol in the diet doesn't really raise the cholesterol in blood. What we're left with is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. To top it all of, despite being a "high fat" food, eating eggs for breakfast is proven to cause significant weight loss compared to bagels for breakfast (4, 5). Bottom Line: Eggs do not cause heart disease and are among the most nutritious foods on the planet. 2.

Measure Your Pupillary Distance | Warby Parker Honeyed Pears in Puff Pastry Poaching fruit is one of my favorite things to do when cold weather arrives. It's so warming to stand over a boiling pot of fragrant spices and lose yourself in thought. When I made these, I couldn't help but daydream as I stirred; if I were a pear... I wouldn't want to spend my days on the shelf of a cold produce department. That sounds a little silly, but that's what I'd want... if I were a pear. The idea for these came from the Pepperidge Farm website. On a personal note, our Christmas tree is already up courtesy of Mr. Since poaching is a relatively easy task, I'll skip to some helpful tips for wrapping the pears in puff pastry. The poaching liquid has a high concentration of sugar, so your pears will be sticky. When you reach the top, tuck in the end piece of pastry behind the last spiral. 4 small pears 1 sheet of ready made puff pastry dough, thawed 4 cups water 2 cups sugar 1 cup honey 1/2 lemon 1 vanilla bean, seeded with hull reserved 3 sticks of cinnamon 6-8 whole cloves

DIY: Arrowhead Earrings Trial 1 Whew. After four days without power, thank God it has been restored. So what have I been doing during my down time? Painting, painting, crafting a tiny bit and painting some more. What did I craft? What do you need: A paint stick/stirrer Nail polish/ acrylic paint Small chain Earring hooks Jewelry Pliers Sandpaper (Yes, a paint stick. Measure out 2 1.25" across the paint stick, then cut them up. After cutting those pieces up, measure about 0.25" from the top of the box. Cut it up like so. Sand the edges and both sides of your wood. Drill holes for your jump rings. The earrings should look like this now. Paint your earrings - I always use nail polish to paint small objects because they're cheaper, I have more nail polish color varieties than I have paint and I like the finish. Add your jump rings, chain and earring hooks. And there you have it, your very own arrowhead earrings. What do you guys think of this easy craft?