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Halcyon News | Forsaken World Jay is Games - Free Online Browser Games, Mobile Games, Indie Games and Casual Game reviews, walkthroughs, room escape games, point and click games, puzzle games and more! Builds – Shaiya Germany Wiki Aus Shaiya Germany Wiki Auf dieser Seite findet ihr die Standard Verteilung der Status Punkte. Mit dieser Verteilung kommt jeder am Anfang leicht in der Welt von Shaiya.DE zurecht. Natürlich findet ihr hier nur Beispiele. Hier findet ihr nur Normal und Harten Spielmodus. Kämpfer | Krieger Normaler Modus +3 STR, +1 ABW, +1 GES +3 STR, +2 GES +4 STR, +1 GES +5 STR (Zuletzt noch 25 oder mehr GES) Harter Modus +4 STR, +1 ABW, +2 GES +5 STR, +2 GES +2 STR, +1 ABW, +4 GES (Solo GES & pvp build) +2 STR, +3 ABW, +2 GES (Solo aoe & party aoe) +1 STR, +1 GES, +5 GLÜ Ultimative Modus +6 STR, +3 GES (DD-AOE & DD) +5 STR, +2 GES, +2 ABW (Dmg-Tank) Verteidiger | Wächter +1 STR, +3 ABW, +1 WIS +5 ABW +3 ABW, +2 STR mit Basis GES von 15 +7 ABW +5 ABW, +2 WIS +5 ABW, +2 STR mit 20 GES (Battle Tank) +5 ABW, +2 STR mit 50+ GES (Skirmish Tank) +1 STR, +4 ABW, +4 GES (Porno Tank ) Bogenschütze | Jäger Ultimativ Modus 7glü, 2ges bis lvl 30, dann nurnoch glü Waldläufer | Attentäter Ultimativer Modus Priester | Orakel

Photo Album Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Free-to-Play MMO. Sign up for beta! Display Name is invalid. Your Display Name cannot be the same as your Account Name. Someone else has already registered that Display Name. Please choose a new one. E-mail Address is invalid. E-mail Address fields do not match. © 2014 Hasbro, Inc. Due to the nature of game development, information and content found on this website may not be representative of the gameplay experience.

Healer Healers are one of the basic roles available in DCUO. This role generally focuses on keeping the team alive by healing other group members and preventing damage with group shields. Healers have the ability to heal and buff their team mates with high levels of restoration and power. All healing powers specialize in different healing methods and it is therefore preferred that Raids and Operations have two different healing powers. The symbol that represents a healer is a Heart. In PVP Healers have a disadvantage against Controllers and DPS but have an advantage to Ice, Rage, Earth and Fire Tanks. In order to acquire the Healing Role, you must select either Nature, Sorcery, Electricity or Celestial as your power set. All bonuses from Weapon Skill Trees stack, regardless of what weapon type is currently equipped. In order of importance for stats are: Restoration Edit Critical Healing Chance The chance to perform a critical heal.Base Critical Healing Chance is 5%. Critical Healing Magnitude Edit

Chrome Games | Top 15 Google Chrome Games (Chrome Web Store) Google’s Chrome browser isn’t all business; it can be used to play hundreds of free Chrome games thanks to the Chrome web store. There are Google Chrome games for everyone at the Google Chrome web store from nearly every genre, including casual, puzzle, role-playing, strategy, action and platform type games. Just like any app store or market, sorting through the huge list of titles on the Chrome web store can be a bit daunting, because with so many choices available it can be difficult to simply choose. The Google Chrome games may be free, but it’s easy to waste plenty of precious gameplay time trying out games that are not fun, or just plain suck. We’ve made it easier to choose by playing a few games, wasting some time and narrowing the choice down to a list of the Top 15 Google Chrome games available on the Chrome web store. All games on this list can be played directly via the Google Chrome web browser using WebGL (Java based technology). Angry Birds Chrome Games #15 – WarTime

Kapi Regnum (Kapi3.5) - the medieval economy simulation! Shaiya Deutsch