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Living Well Spending Less™ — The adventure of finding the Good Life on a budget

Living Well Spending Less™ — The adventure of finding the Good Life on a budget

3 Dinosaurs - 3 Dinosaurs creative jewish mom I'm quite sure how that happened, but Purim is in another week plus a few days, and so it is surely time to get crafting for Purim, right? Okay, truthfully I have been crafting, just not stuff that I can share with you at the moment, or have yet to photograph, which is usually the case, phew! I tried to photograph something quickly before the sun went down, but since the project wasn't quite finished I think I'll share it with you in its entirety tomorrow. In the mean time I realized there may have been some projects that I did last year and hadn't shared, and yes, sure enough, I now present to you my quick soda bottle clown craft! Yes it is true, we have made soda bottle clowns in the past, or rather my daughter made soda bottle clown gift boxes, that were recycled. I made this to give on Shushan Purim (the day celebrated in cities that were once ancient walled cities, like Jerusalem and Akko) since in our town we give a few mishloach manot on that day as well.

A Slob Comes Clean — Reality-Based Cleaning and Organizing Kids Crafts | Scout Crafts, Free Printables, Recycled Crafts, and Discount Craft Supplies from - Helping parents help their kids succeed at school The Invention Box I love watching kids invent and create. The other day, I heard LOTS of silly giggles coming from downstairs and I just had to share with you what the kids had created. Let me start by saying, we have a box full of odds and ends that are all fair game for kids to create with. If the kids are looking to build something, The Invention Box is their first stop. If you are wondering what this wonderful sled like contraption is built from, well so am I;) From what I can tell, they used some large cardboard tubes, plastic coated wire, slats from a old window blind and LOTS of Vikings Duct tape. The kids wanted to create something that would roll/slide down our indoor wrestling mat that they had stacked on top of the dresser. If you don’t already, I would totally encourage you to start a simple Inventions Box. If you find something interesting laying around the house that does not serve a purpose anymore; throw it in the box! My kids also have full access to tape, glue, staples, string etc.

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