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Virtual Manipulatives!

Virtual Manipulatives!

Number Pieces, by the Math Learning Center 5 K-12 Ed Tech Trends for 2012 Trends | Features 5 K-12 Ed Tech Trends for 2012 As the new year begins, education technology experts look at what's ahead for learners and educators. By D.A. In 2012 education technology will see an increased focus on individualization--from personalized learning environments to digital textbooks designed to connect students to the resources that work best for them. "There are a few trends worth watching this next year," said Karen Cator, the United States Department of Education's (ED) director of technology. Personalized Learning Environments"I'm really excited about the opportunity to personalize learning environments--to make learning more efficient and effective because it's more personal and it's more closely related to who your are as a learner," said Cator. Companies like Kaplan and Sylvan provide a number of online tutoring options to supplement learning. "It's a very interesting trend right now," said Ganis.

Tiny Fractions Education - iBooks Textbooks for iPad Geoboard, by The Math Learning Center Technology in Schools Faces Questions on Value Jim Wilson/The New York Times Students using an interactive whiteboard, part of an ambitious technology plan in the Kyrene School District in Arizona. To hear from more experts, and to share your own predictions for the future of technology in the classroom, visit the Bits blog. Jim Wilson/The New York Times Molly Siegel and Christian Dedman, both 7, worked together with a laptop during a class in the Kyrene School District in Arizona. In this technology-centric classroom, students are bent over laptops, some blogging or building Facebook pages from the perspective of Shakespeare’s characters. The class, and the Kyrene School District as a whole, offer what some see as a utopian vision of education’s future. The digital push here aims to go far beyond gadgets to transform the very nature of the classroom, turning the teacher into a guide instead of a lecturer, wandering among students who learn at their own pace on Internet-connected devices. “This is such a dynamic class,” Ms.

Teaching Number Lines Evaluation Reports--Policy and Program Studies Services Early Implementation of State Differentiated Accountability Plans Under the No Child Left Behind Act (2012) describes how nine states implemented their differentiated accountability plans through January 2010, based on interviews and reviews of state documents. The differentiated accountability pilot was established by the Department to allow states to waive certain accountability requirements by varying the intensity and types of interventions provided in Title I schools identified for improvement. The Department approved differentiated accountability waivers for Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, and Ohio in July 2008 and for Arkansas, Louisiana, and New York in January 2009. Key findings include: Eight of the nine participating states determined school improvement status based on both the percentage of AYP indicators the school had met and the number of years the school had been in school improvement. Full Report: PDF (893KB)Results in Brief: MS Word (64KB)

Motion Math: Zoom 100 Free Online Lectures that Will Make You a Better Teacher 100 Free Online Lectures that Will Make You a Better Teacher Great teachers know that learning doesn’t stop as soon as you graduate from college. Teachers learn from their experience, from their colleagues, from their students, and any number of other resources. If you are a teacher looking for ways to expand your knowledge base, here are 100 free lectures you can watch to help facilitate some of that learning. Creative Learning Environments Find out how these creative learning environments have inspired teachers and students alike. Ken Robinson, (TEDTalks) – Do schools today kill creativity?. Technology The following videos demonstrate ways to use technology in the classroom and offer tips, lessons, and information. Rights Management and Educational Repositories. Information for New Teachers New teachers will love these videos that offer previews to teaching, helpful hints, and even a little humor. The Teachers TV ITE Lectures – What Kind of Teacher Will You Be?. Information for All Teachers

Math Fact Master: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division QuizSnack | Online survey software, web poll & questionnaire tool IXL Math Practice Shapes – 3D Geometry Learning