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Giantfrog - The Studio of James Clyne - Concept Design, Art Direction, Production Design - oblivion universal 2011 vfx art director star trek into darkness Kyle Marshall One more plug for Jimmy Two Shoes before it premiere's here in Canada on Teletoon this Saturday at 7am!, maybe go to bed now, so you can rest up real good for the 7am Saturday mourning viewing. We had a talented crew directed by Jeff Barker (who also boarded one of the best episodes 'Masked Jackhammer') and Sean Scott, with designs by Josh Gay, Darren Ward, Dave Merritt, Dave Boudreau, Steve Harris and boards by Phil Lafrance, Jamie Leclaire, Helder Mendonca, Nick Cross, Riccardo Durante, Simon Paquette, Steve Stefanelli, Jose Pou, Jordan Voth, Mike Smukavic, Steve Whitehouse, Blayne Burnside, Ted Collyer and many more...........and animated by one of the best animation teams this side of the 49th! As shows are aired I'll start posting designs, and as a few have already aired on Disney XD, here be a few of them I did over a year ago now for the first couple episodes.

Joe Peterson Joe Peterson is currently working as a senior concept artist at Blizzard Entertainment in Southern California. Joe has worked on video game titles like Starcraft II, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade and Firefall. Link: All images used with permission by the artist. © Joe Peterson or their respective copyright holder.

Pin-up Art from The Pin-up Files [Marcus Gray Image Gallery] : A Marcus Gray (b.1971) "I want to express the experience of what it is for a woman to wear latex, feel aroused, feel sensual, dangerous and beautiful ... these women know the power of their sexuality and the profound effect it has over men." Born in 1971 in Glasgow, Scotland, Marcus Gray was brought up on a rich diet of Sci-fi TV, films and comics. Self taught, his first proper paintings were with the airbrush in commercial art and he also worked as a graphic designer for several years. A turning point came in 1992. Whilst browsing a bookshop, he discovered the work of Alphonse Mucha.

Understanding Wisdom and the Wheel - Wheel Wisdom is the ability to live in a chaotic world. It requires the "knowledge behind the knowledge," which means an understanding of the hardware of the mind, its structure, as opposed to the software - the particular languages, sciences, and religions which the mind creates. This is knowledge of Chaos, of the real world in which we all live, and how to find the hidden universal order, the fractal pattterns, which lie behind it. The order follows number and can be found by many methods that take you beyond yourself, including music. By understanding the knowledge behind the knowledge you can make sense beyond meaning. Making sense of everything for yourself allows you to make the appropriate choices in the chaotic world of chances, to self-evolve towards the infinite.

GALLERIES - Matte Painting Updates Last uploads Most viewed Elysium Artwork We've finally been cleared to show some of the work we produced for Elysium! So here are some of my favourite designs from the thousands we at Weta created. Fashion model robots: Twisted Metal Concept Art by Tyler West Concept artist Tyler West has released concept art he created for Twisted Metal. Tyler worked for more than a year collaborating remotely with David Jaffe and Eat Sleep Play. Co-designed all in-game vehicles and characters. Created storyboards for vehicle and character game mechanics. Link:

A little nouveau » Art I came accross these watch sculptures by Dominic Wilcox today, and I think they’re pretty much the most brilliant things ever made: “Adventures of a young vegetarian OR Pigs shall fly. “A small girl attempts to stop a butcher chopping up a pig by hanging on his arm while the pig floats away”. “The numbers and hands of a watch are swept away by a watch sweeper.” The Dracopedia Project Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Dracopedia Art Contest. I am overwhelmed by the imagination and creativity of the entries, especially the diversity of so many great dragon enthusiasts. I am very excited that we are able to bring together young artists from all over the world to share their ideas. Below you will find the galleries in each of the two categories.

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