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La presse écrite en chine? - Forum Chine, chinois & Asie — Chine Informations Les médias chinois souffrent également de la concurrence, notamment depuis l'entrée de la Chine à l'OMC, et plus loin encore l'ouverture du marché chinois à l'étranger. Les journaux (écrit, tv, radio, net), ont du trouver des moyens d'accrocher leurs lecteurs/spectateurs/auditeurs/internautes. Les médias chinois vivent la concurrence comme en France à la différence que la population chinoise est plus dense et beaucoup plus sujette à lire des journaux, livres... Céline Tabou Revolution in South Asia Chroniques persanes DISSONANCE - ДИССОНАНС News in Nepal: Fast, Full & Factual Garden of Dreams An oasis in the midst of arid Kathmandu’s bustle, the Garden of Dreams, a neoclassical monument dedicated to intense beauty and vibrant aesthetics, truly lives up to its name. Originally built as the palace garden of late Field Marshal Kaiser (Keshar) Shumsher Rana’s Kaiser (Keshar) Mahal, it was named by Time magazine as one of the 24 must-visit places in the world in its Travel Special in 2013. This magnificent opus of natural allure, in the absence of an equally beautiful and managed counterpart, serves today as a common hangout for friends and families. Designed and constructed by Kishore Narsingh Rana and his brother Kumar Narsingh, the Garden of Dreams embodies Kaiser Shumsher’s personal, refined taste in architecture, especially the Edwardian style, landscape and beauty.

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