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Cross-posted from the Google Enterprise blog. Editor's note: Hangouts On Air are live video chats, interviews, or performances that are broadcast to Google+. We’ll host these broadcasts from time to time on the Google Enterprise Google+ page to give you the inside scoop on our business and products. Last week, we hosted our first Hangout On Air from the Google Enterprise Google+ page with Jonathan Rochelle, Director of Product Management, Jeff Harris, Google Docs Product Manager, Teresa Wu, Google Docs Community Manager, and Eric Brunnett, Director of IT at Trump Hotel Collection. During the conversation, Jonathan Rochelle told us the story of how Google Docs, Google Drive and cloud collaboration came to be. What was once an experiment to bring desktop software to the web is now a collaboration and productivity platform used by millions of people in their personal lives and at businesses, universities, non-profits and government agencies around the world.

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Google Drive Blog: Edit images right in Google Slides and Drawings Google Slides and Drawings make it easy for you to tell a story and share your ideas. And a big part of storytelling is the images you use to bring a concept to life. Now it’s even easier to get those images just right, because Slides will let you crop, apply shape masks, and add borders to your images right within your presentation. Cropping To crop an image, select it and click on the crop image icon in the toolbar. Then drag the corners to your desired crop size and hit enter to make the crop. Applying masks To crop your image to a particular shape, apply a mask from the pull-down menu next to the crop icon.

Try these 5 undiscovered Google Drive tricks Google Drive and its attendant apps offer a wealth of tools to help you be more productive. Try these five for the biggest boost. Work offline Like it or not, there are times when you have to work without an Internet connection. Fortunately, Google Drive has an “offline” mode that lets you create, view, or edit documents in these situations. You’ll need the Chrome browser to activate the offline feature. 8 Great Free Templates to Make your Presentations more Engaging Creating PowerPoint presentations is not only about assembling data and sharing it into slides, the secret of presentations lies in the way this data is constructed and presented to the reader. The feel and look of a slideshow can either make it engaging and motivation-arousing or turn it into a dull and attention deterring piece of media. As teachers, our biggest challenge is to get students engaged and hold their attention as long as possible and the inclusion of presentations in our lessons could help us achieve this goal provided these presentations are well constructed with clourful and eye catching templates. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already shared with you 6 awesome free templates and today we are adding another 9 great free office themed templates that you can dowload and use on your PowerPoints.

Successful Prospecting Habits If your pipeline is full of affluent prospects, you can skip this month's column. If, however, you could use more affluent prospects and new affluent clients on a more consistent basis, you are going to want to read this carefully and take notes. Our research clearly states that affluent Americans are searching for a trusted “go-to” financial coordinator, but they do not know where to look or whom to trust. Their skepticism towards the marketing efforts of the financial services industry is at an all-time high. For those of you looking to expand a high-net-worth business, this is good news. The lack of satisfaction means there is demand for a sort of advising that is not currently in large supply.

Drive - How To... Google Drive Shortcuts View all the shortcuts in Google Drive by clicking these buttons while in drive... Previewing a Doc in your Google Drive Converting a Scanned Document Converting Uploaded Documents The Ultimate Social Network Job Searching Guide Sudy Bharadwaj is a co-founder and the CEO of Jackalope Jobs, a web-based platform that combines search, social networking, and the overall user’s experience to provide relevant job openings. Learn how Sudy and Jackalope Jobs obsess over job seekers by connecting with them on, LinkedIn and Twitter. A recent study by Right Management revealed that more than 46,000 individuals selected networking as the most effective way to find a new job — the fifth year in a row networking has topped the list.

9 Tips for Prospecting Success by Jacques Werth President, High Probability Selling Prospecting effectively is often the key difference between success and failure in sales. “Get me in front of them, and I can do the rest” is a commonly heard phrase from many salespeople, and prospecting is often seen as the most challenging part of the sales process. The ability to prospect efficiently, effectively and enjoyably will enable you to meet with prospects that need, want and can afford your products and services – now. When you meet with those kinds of prospects, your confidence will soar, and empower you to earn a consistently superior income. Learning Google Apps Learning Google Apps Learning how to use Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides & Forms Home › Baz Roberts – Learning Google Apps › Google Apps › Google Drive Google Drive — 2 Comments