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Successful Prospecting Habits If your pipeline is full of affluent prospects, you can skip this month's column. If, however, you could use more affluent prospects and new affluent clients on a more consistent basis, you are going to want to read this carefully and take notes. Our research clearly states that affluent Americans are searching for a trusted “go-to” financial coordinator, but they do not know where to look or whom to trust. For those of you looking to expand a high-net-worth business, this is good news. Obstacle Course Before I share these timeless prospecting success habits with you, let me first outline the most common reasons financial advisors don't have enough affluent prospects in their pipelines: Opportunity Blindness This is a failure to recognize the affluent prospecting opportunities presented by: client-based marketing, word-of-mouth influence, strategic alliances, centers-of-influence, affinity groups and family and friends. Lack of Planning Comfort Zone Social Self-Consciousness Planning Habits

Official Google Mac Blog Google Photos Blog High Probability Selling | 9 Tips for Prospecting Success by Jacques Werth President, High Probability Selling Prospecting effectively is often the key difference between success and failure in sales. “Get me in front of them, and I can do the rest” is a commonly heard phrase from many salespeople, and prospecting is often seen as the most challenging part of the sales process. The ability to prospect efficiently, effectively and enjoyably will enable you to meet with prospects that need, want and can afford your products and services – now. When you meet with those kinds of prospects, your confidence will soar, and empower you to earn a consistently superior income. Here’s how to find them: 9 Tips for Prospecting Success: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Effective telephone prospecting is one of the most productive ways to build up your sales volume, with very little up-front expense and a minimum of marketing expertise. If you want to learn the process and mindset of top producing salespeople, you want to learn more about High Probability Selling.

Google Chrome Blog Google Apps update alerts How To Fix Your Stuff - Fixing Computers Check Out Dean's "Technically Inclined" IT Blog Category: Fixing Computers Fix MagicJack Problems by Tweaking and Changing Your Proxy Settings The MagicJack has changed the game for people wanting cheap phone service. Tips on Testing Your Hard Drive For Problems One of the basic requirements of keeping your PC in good working order is to ensure that its hard drive doesn't have any problems. PC Repair Tips For When You Can't Uninstall AVG Today, one of the basics for any PC is a good antivirus. Is There Any Way To Fix A Defective Pixel? Does My Computer Need More Memory or RAM? A quick way to determine if your computer needs more memory (RAM) is to use the metrics in the Performance Tab of Task Manager. more... Windows Vista Repair Now that just about everyone knows how to use the XP Recovery Console Microsoft's newest OS does not contain one. How Can The CompactFlash Expansion Plus Improve My iPAQ? Why Do I Need an External Antenna for My PocketPC? What is the LAMP software platform?

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