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Removing Firefox Search Engines It's not the easiest thing in the world, but these directions should get you through it... (note: you can try the SearchPluginHacks Firefox plugin, which allows you to right-click (or control-click on a Mac) Search Engines to delete them, but as of 1/10/06, it's still a little buggy) Mac OS X - Linux - Windows Mac OS X For Firefox Version 1.5: In your Home directory, navigate to Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/ In the Profiles Folder, there should be a folder that ends in ".default". Inside that folder you should open a folder called "searchplugins". For Versions earlier than 1.5: Find the Firefox application (usually installed in your Applications folder) Control-click (or right-click) on the Firefox application, and choose 'Show Package Contents' from the contextual menu Navigate through to Contents/MacOS/searchplugins For all versions: In the 'searchplugins' folder, you'll see two files for each Firefox Search Engine you've added. Linux Windows

Official Google Mac Blog Google Photos Blog The advanced Google searches every student should know Google has amazing tools for finding school-worthy sources. Too bad most kids don’t know they exist “Did he seriously just ask that? How old is this guy?” “Of course I know how to use Google,” I have been told by every student to whom I have asked the question. “Really? The truth is that every student can use Google on some level. If you watch your students use Google you will probably observe that most begin their search by simply typing the title of the assignment verbatim into Google (i.e., Iranian Hostage Crisis). After their results pop up, most students will look only at the first screen of results, believing that those top hits contain everything they will need to complete their assignment. But what happens when a meaningful search requires more thinking than simply typing in the assignment? Next page: Expert Google search strategies

5 Weeks To a Better Web Site Free Online Course - Free Online Course Having your own Web site is a fun way to keep friends and family up to date on what's going on in your life. It can also be a good way to vent anger or remember special events in your life. This free online course will help you learn how you can create your own Web site. The course outline for this free online course is listed below. This free online course is offered via email one week at a time to make it easy to follow along with. There is also a link, on the right, to the forum where you can post the address of the Web site you are working on when reading this free online course and questions you may have about the free online course. You may want to bookmark this page for easy access the free online course . At the end of the free online course you will receive an award to place on your site stating that you have finished this free online course. 5 Weeks to a Better Web Site 101 Free Online Course Outline

Google Chrome Blog Google Apps update alerts The advanced Google searches every student should know The internet presents our students with the significant challenge of learning how to access and synthesize massive amounts of information from all over the world. To manage overwhelming amounts of information, it is critical to learn how to design searches that take you past the first page of results. The quality of information can lead to a over simplification of an issue or lead to a much deeper understanding of the nuances of a topic. In today’s global economy, global empathy is one of the most critical skills we must teach our students. The irony of having access to thousands of channels of information is that many of our students seem satisfied when they find the most visually accessible version of the truth. Let’s take a look at a detailed example assignment, “the Iranian Hostage Crisis.” When I challenge students to redesign their search to yield sources from Iran, they usually add the words “Iranian sources” into the search bar. This is where Wikipedia can be quite useful.