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Fleet Routing Optimization

Fleet Routing Optimization
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Geocontext Wiki What’s Ahead in Transportation Forecasting? By Robert Byrne Tags: Logistics I.T., Transportation Management Transportation forecasts enable planners to shift from reacting to orders to proactively managing capacity. By synchronizing transport forecasts with manufacturing and distribution plans, your entire company can respond to the same demand signals. Q: Why isn’t transportation planned with the same level of rigor as finished goods? BYRNE: Transportation cannot be planned with the same level of rigor as finished goods because transportation management systems rely on one piece of information— current orders— to schedule shipments. Q: What are the requirements for a transportation forecasting solution? BYRNE: A successful transportation forecasting solution must generate a forecast that is not only tied to the corporate demand plan, but also provides the granularity required by transportation— for example, mode, protection class, carrier, etc. Q: What are the benefits of transportation forecasting?

Profiler – create a topographic profile Import file (KML, KMZ, GPX) loaded layer and topographic profile of the route. Sometimes, some files do not automatically create a profile! Zoom: 15Counter markers: 2Status: REQUEST_DENIEDАzimuth: 73°Mouse px: ...Lat./Lon.: ...Center point: -25.343780041796837, 131.03412500000002Center point location: ... How to make a topographic profile? Reset Find your area of interest on the map Select the cursor min. 2 points (max. 300) Ready – site profile will be generated in seconds Embed the chart on your site Copy and save the link to the chart Add the route to the map Program Geocontext-Profiler allows you to make topographic profiles anywhere on Earth in the seabed and ocean floor. Within the program, you can find some advanced options that allow you to create a profile along the road, bicycle and pedestrian paths, and measuring the slope angle. Geocontext-Profiler on your website? Video: GEOCONTEXT-GISGoogle Maps JS API V3 – and

My Research Blog Fleet Software & GPS Tracking Software Home > Fleet Director Platform Fleet Director’s award-winning fleet management and GPS fleet tracking software solution provides much more than location management. Teletrac’s integrated fleet automation and GPS platform utilizes tracking data to help reduce company costs and promote safety, compliance and productivity. Smart fleet management depends on a crucial factor: customized and functional data. Fleet Director’s highly customizable GPS vehicle tracking and fleet monitoring solution maintains continuous location, directional and speed information. Vehicle Maintenance— Fleet Vehicle Performance Data in Real-Time Users can also proactively manage their fleet vehicles through Fleet Director’s integration into OEM systems—allowing direct visibility over major statistics and fault codes. Safety and Compliance—Minimizing Risk to Ensure Fleet Security Fleet Director’s comprehensive safety and compliance features help safeguard fleets from avoidable risk. Fleet Director Features

Karte - Google Docs-Hilfe Verwenden Sie das Map-Gadget zum Hinzufügen interaktiver Karten zu Ihren Tabellen. Gehen Sie dazu wie folgt vor: Geben Sie in einer Spalte Ihrer Tabelle die Adresse, die Sie auf einer Karte darstellen möchten, ein. Wenn Sie beim Klicken auf einen Ort auf der Karte eine Kurzinfo darstellen möchten, fügen Sie die Kurzinfo in eine benachbarte Spalte ein. Markieren Sie die Zellen, in die Sie in Schritt 1 Daten eingegeben haben. Gehen Sie auf Einfügen > Gadget. Wenn Sie die Daten, die sich auf die Karte in Ihrer Tabelle beziehen, ändern, wird die Karte automatisch aktualisiert. In Aktion sehen Eigene Version erhalten

Google Geo Developers Blog Real-time, predictive systems offer alternatives | Technology content from Fleet Owner Magazine There's a reason traffic and weather go together on virtually every local radio and television news program — historical trends for both tell us what to expect in general, but actual current conditions can change quickly and unpredictably with unpleasant results if we don't keep an eye on them. Direct experience tells you whether you need a jacket or raincoat to go to work. Just stick your head out the bedroom window. Traffic reporting, however, is still in the horse-and-buggy days compared to the high-tech tools we use to monitor, predict and disseminate weather information. Getting wet because the weatherman blew a forecast may be uncomfortable, but usually you dry out with little or no ill effect. The underlying causes of traffic congestion can only be addressed by concerted government and economic efforts to devise effective, long-term solutions that involve some tough decisions about infrastructure investment and road-capacity rationing.