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European Corporate Governance Institute

European Corporate Governance Institute

links+Corporate Governance We’ve scoured the Internet for sites on corporate governance and related subjects. While often the newest and most frequently visited links can be found on the blogroll, we have too many to list down that side of the page. Please recommend additional links (only those with substantial corporate governance content) and let us know if you find dead links listed below (contact: James McRitchie). If you’d like to add a link from your site to ours, please link-to-us. Accounting/Auditing Antitrust Antitrust Law Back to the top Audit Committees Benefits/Compensation Blogs & Blog-Like Boards and Officers Board and Compliance Software Books Business (General) Career Advisors Compliance Corporate Compliance Insights Consulting & Search Corporate Governance Centers Back to the top Corporate Governance Networks/Resources Employee Ownership Ethics Financial Resources Glossary of Corporate Governance Terms Government Individual Investors Initial Public Offerings We’ve only found one model we can recommend: Investigators Labor

The Brussels Journal International Corporate Governance Network - ICGN Corporate Governance | improving accountability through democratic corporate governance since 1995Corporate Governance The problem with Private International Law Code of Judicial Ethics - Macedonia Taking the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia as a point of departure, and in order to uphold the judicial branch as an autonomous and independent, and to determine the content and extent of rights and responsibilities of the judicial office and to facilitate in molding the personality of a judge - members of the Macedonian Judges' Association are binding themselves that in their work they shall be guided by: The Code of Judicial Ethics 1. The Code of Judicial Ethics is comprised of the most significant principles by which judges shall be guided when performing the judicial office based on the Constitution, statutes and ratified international treaties. 2. - Basic freedoms and rights of the individual and citizen set forth in the Constitution and recognized by the international law. - The rule of law. - Humanism, social justice and solidarity. - The legal protection of property. - The freedom of the market and entrepreneurship. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 12. 13.

International Corporate Governance Network - ICGN The seven Pillars of Wisdoms in Private Home - Monitoring Commissie Corporate Governance Corporate governance OECD Home › Corporate governance Regional Programmes Corporate Governance in Asia The Asian Roundtable on Corporate Governance and the Asia Network on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises serve as regional forums for exchanging experiences and advancing the reform agenda on corporate governance. Books Supervision and Enforcement in Corporate Governance This review analyses the supervision and enforcement of rules and practices relating to related party transactions, takeover bids and shareholder meetings. Focus Corporate governance lessons from the financial crisis The financial crisis revealed severe shortcomings in corporate governance. OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises Access information about all aspects of the Guidelines and their implementation, including the Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct, the proactive agenda and the database of specific instances.